Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee

Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee (PIM) is a Milwaukee, WI based paranormal phenomena investigative group. We conduct investigations in private homes and businesses that report paranormal activity, using the scientific method and various equipment in an attempt to separate the explainable from the unexplainable.

Founded in 2007, by lead investigator Noah Leigh, the Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee are southeastern Wisconsin’s most well-trusted and sought after group researching unexplained and supernatural occurrences. The group was formed with the intention to bring more rigor and science to the field of paranormal research, and it has done just that. With an almost obsessive attention to detail and controlled environments, the team has been able to provide a much more scientific approach for its clients.

Professional. Scientific. Free.

If you have questions about PIM, the paranormal in general, or if you would like PIM to investigate your home or business, please contact us and a member will get back to you with more information. PIM is now fully insured for the safety of PIM’s clients and members!

Meet Our Investigators

Bold claims of the paranormal require equally bold people to investigate them, and we have selected the best assortment of logical, scientifically minded people to become investigators with PIM. We only choose the best.

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Expedition 2018

In the summer of 2018 our band of investigators took to the road and went to four of the most purportedly haunted locations in america. Follow their journey across the country

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Upcoming Public Investigation

Edinburgh Manor

On September 22nd, the Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee will be hosting a public paranormal investigation of what is believed to be one of the most haunted buildings in the country, Edinburgh Manor.

Investigation Details