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Unknown Location: Female talking under music.
Unknown Location: Female scream.
Main Floor: 6:10pm, scream.
Bookroom: 6:50pm, Possible voice before Candice, or is it Candice?
Main Floor: Two sections, all women - Hello & She's not ???.
Furniture Room: Whisper in cubby.
Furniture Room: Whisper in cubby (edited).
Furniture Room: Voice near cubby again.
Furniture Room: Old woman.
Furniture Room: 9:27pm, After asked if lived there.
Furniture Room: 9:42pm, cat sound.
Furniture Room: 10:36pm, "Sounds like dog".
Furniture Room: 10:40pm, Sounds like two voices whispering after Barry speaks.
Attic: 10:50pm, Vicky and Karen, weird noise just before Karen talks.