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Abandoned! Complex
May 11th, 2013
Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee (PIM)

INVESTIGATORS: Noah, John, and Missy

ENVIRONMENTAL DATA - Time taken: 6:59 pm

Weather Outside: Windy and partly cloudy

Outside Temperature: 49.9 degrees

Wind Speed: 7.9 mph

Barometric Pressure: 29.10

Humidity: 49.9%

Moon Phase: 3% Full Waxing Crescent

Geomagnetic Field: Quiet

Solar X-rays: Active

Solar Wind Speed: 390.1 km/sec

Solar Wind Density: 1.5 protons/cm3

Radio Sun: 10.7 cm flux; 125 sfu

Planetary K-index Now: Kp=1; quiet

Planetary K-index 24hr Max: Kp=2; quiet

Interplanetary Magnetic Field Btotal: 3.4 nT

Interplanetary Magnetic Field Bz: 2.4 nT south

Sunspot: Yes; 149

Coronal Holes: Yes; 1


Noah, John and Missy arrived at Abandoned at 6:20 pm and met with the Paul Vance and his friend. Paul let the group in and showed them where they could set up base for the night. They also instructed the group to move their car to the back of the building where it would be easier to bring in their equipment. Noah was given a tour of the attraction while Missy and John stayed back to bring in the equipment and take record of the days weather conditions. Once Noah was done with his tour he said goodbye to Paul and he rejoined Missy and John.

They immediately started their control recorders while Noah informed Missy and John where and what the paranormal claims were throughout the building. They began forming a plan as to where equipment would be set up. The building is a haunted house attraction during the Halloween season and is set up like a maze with lots of tight turns and narrow hallways.

Before becoming Abandoned!, the building was a bar and nightclub. Some of the claims of activity were reported during that time. For that reason the group set out to find the location of the original bar area which is now the Tiki Room area. A camera and audio recorder along with a datalogger were set up in this area based on the claims during the buildings bar days. A bottle of alcohol, a cigar, and playing cards were used as trigger objects with hopes of enticing anyone who would have been attached to the place from during that time. Since the size and maze like set up of the place Missy took EMF and temperature readings during the setup of equipment.

Once equipment in the Tiki Room was placed the group then went back to base to gather the equipment needed for the Clown Room. Once that was set up the group went back to base to gather equipment for the Mirror area and Ambulance Room. The setup took a little extra time but at last at 9:35 pm all equipment was set up, started and it was time to start the investigation.


  • It is claimed that during the time that the attraction was a bar a female worker claimed to hear unusual noises and footsteps. She then said out loud "I know someone is here with me" to which she did not get any reply. As she was about to leave the juke box turned on and began to play a song with the words, "you are not alone."
  • A female worker of Abandoned! was walking through the attraction. She turned a corner and was then facing a mirror in which she claims to have seen a man standing in the next hallway. She looked around the corner to see if anyone was standing in that hallway but nobody was there.
  • Employees of the Attraction have claimed to hear footsteps, strange noises and get a "creepy feeling" from certain areas including the Clown Room and the Taxidermy Room.

START TIME: 9:35 pm


The first EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) session of the night began in the Tiki Room. This is the room where the original bar was located. John sat on one end of the room while Missy sat on the other with Noah sitting half way between them.

First Noah asked for 5 minutes of controlled silence to accustom themselves to the sounds of the room. The room itself was very quiet but the sounds of the freeway could be heard. At 9:44 pm Noah began the EVP session by introducing the group. The group asked many questions and attempted to communicate with anyone who would be willing. No evidence was captured during that time and at 9:59 pm it was decided to move on to another location.

Before leaving the Tiki Room the batteries in the video camera were changed. It was then decided to move on to the Clown Room.

END TIME: 9:59 pm

START TIME: 10:20 pm

LOCATION: Clown Room

Once the group arrived in the Clown Room they took a quick break and check all equipment to be sure everything was operating properly. John changed the battery in his camera and needed to get a new battery pack from base.

They then situated themselves again with John on one end and Missy on the other with Noah half way between them. At 10:20 pm the group was ready to begin the second EVP session of the night. They began with 5 minutes of controlled silence. This room was also very quiet but again the freeway traffic could be heard.

After a few minutes of questioning a pop noise was heard at 10:28 pm by everyone. The noise was loud but it was undetermined where it could have come from. Shortly after at 10:31 pm Missy and Noah heard a noise that sounded like something vibrating. They were unable to determine where the noise originated from. For the most part the room was silent and at 10:36 pm the group decided to move on to the Mirror Area.

END TIME: 10:36 pm

START TIME: 10:42 pm

LOCATION: Mirror Area

The group decided to try another EVP session in the Mirror Area where the employee had seen what she claims to have been an apparition in the mirror. The first thing they did was check the equipment to be certain everything was operating correctly.

They then checked over the mirror and discovered that it contained lots of dirt and dust. Noah then went down the hallway that the apparition was claimed to be standing in while Missy and John stood where the employee would have been. It was easy to see Noah but it would be hard for him to disappear quickly. If he would have been near the door where he could have disappeared quickly he would no longer be able to be seen in the mirror. PIM did not personally talk with the employee and therefore cannot be absolutely certain as to what she saw. The group was unable to replicate what we are told that she experienced.

At this point it was decided to begin another EVP session. Five minutes of controlled silence was observed. The freeway noise is very loud in this area of the building but otherwise the building itself was very quiet. During this EVP session no activity was experienced by any of the investigators and at 10:59 pm it was decided to take a break.

END TIME: 10:59 pm

START TIME: 12:28 am

LOCATION: Ambulance Room

The group took a break at base and let the cameras and audio equipment collect data. After some time they decided to try one last EVP session in the Ambulance Room. They first check the equipment to be certain everything was working properly. They then observed 5 minutes of controlled silence. The room was very quiet and dark. The group introduced themselves and conducted an EVP session. No activity was experienced during that time. It was then decided to end the investigation and began breaking down the equipment.

END TIME: 12:52 am




The claims of activity at this location were very interesting. Though it was a quiet night and no activity was captured via equipment the night of the investigation, it is the professional opinion of PIM that further research would need to be conducted before a final conclusion could be made about the paranormal activity at this particular location. PIM would like to have some more recent claims to try and investigate to have a better idea of what might be going on at the location. PIM would be very excited to return.

PIM would like to thank the owner Corey for inviting us to their property. PIM would be happy to come back to do a follow-up investigation at a later date.