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Private Business
May 7, 2011
Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee (PIM)

INVESTIGATORS: Noah, Karen, Mary, Mike "Gravy", along with 1 client


Noah, Karen and Mary arrived at the location around 7:00 pm. There was a slight miscommunication as to when the group was to arrive, so they waited until the clients arrived, which was around 7:15 and 7:30 pm, to open the location for them. Gravy would arrive around 7:40 pm.

After the group brought in their equipment and set it up in a side room, at 7:50 pm Mary went around and took baseline electromagnetic field (EMF) and temperature readings, Gravy took baseline photos and Karen went around and wrote down her sensitive impressions of the location. Noah stayed in the side room to talk with the clients about the equipment as well as the typical procedure the group uses for investigations.

Once the baselines were done, the group then started to set up video cameras throughout the location, and then placed voice recorders in areas with cameras and those without cameras.

At 9:35 pm once all the equipment was set up, the group sat down with the clients to go over Karen's impressions of the building, and to let them know they would be starting soon. One of the clients stayed to investigate with the group, while the others would leave for the rest of the night.

After sitting with the client who remained, the group went over the typical investigation protocol used for investigating. They then broke into two smaller groups and went to different levels as to not interfere with each other's investigation.


START TIME: 10:14 pm

Group 1: Noah, Karen, Client - 2nd Floor

Spreading out through the space, the client sat in their office, Noah was on top of the stairs and Karen was in the hallway half way between the client and Noah. The group sat in five minutes of silence to observe the normal noises of the building. The group then started an electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) session to see if they could contact the spirits Karen noticed earlier in the night.

During the session, the client stated they felt their ear getting really warm and then cold. Noah checked it with his EMF/temperature gauge to see if there was any abnormal temperature or EMF changes. No changes were noted.

Thinking it could have been caused by some type of high EMF from some of the electronics in the room, Noah suggested the client move to another part of the room. As the group continued the EVP session, the client reported feeling cold, but it was also found the air conditioner was nearby, which allowed some cold air in from the outside. Karen also would note at around 10:45 pm that there was a loud bang that came from the room to her right side. It was not known if it were paranormal in nature or not.

No other activities occurred, and the group rotated spots - Karen went into the Client's Office, the client was at the top of the stairs and Noah was in the hallway. The group continued the EVP session and no activities occurred during that time. Noah then radioed Group 2, and headed back to the 1st Floor.

Group 2: Gravy and Mary - Basement Level

Gravy and Mary did a brief walkthrough of the Basement and then settled in for their first EVP session with Mary sitting in the Southwest office. Gravy was on the floor right outside of the room monitoring both the hallway to the exit door and the area around the staircase and front office. The session began with five minutes of silence.

No noises were heard at that time or during the questioning, and there were no visual anomalies. Neither Mary nor Gravy experienced anything out of the ordinary.

After about 15 minutes, they moved on to the back area of the File Room. It was noticeably colder, darker and quieter in this area. During the EVP session the atmosphere seemed to grow "heavy," especially when the investigators' questioning became more provoking in tone. There was one point when Mary was asking a question that Gravy heard what sounded like a groan or a growl. It was later determined to be one of their stomachs.

At one point, Mary experienced the sensation of "cobwebs" or "hairs" across her face, while Gravy felt he was touched lightly on the arm. No other activity was noted, and the investigators returned to the 1st Floor when Noah radioed.

END TIME: 11:00 pm

After taking a short break, the groups then switched floors in which they were going to investigate. But before the groups started investigating again, Gravy did have to run back down to the basement in order to change his batteries in one of his voice recorders.

START TIME: 11:19 pm

Group 1 - Basement

Heading to the front back end of the Basement with the corner offices, Karen sat in the southwest office, the client sat in the other office and Noah sat in the hallway. Once again sitting in silence for about five minutes to observe the normal noises of the building, the group then conducted an EVP session.

When the client asked questions about a potential suicide that occurred in the building when that area was a garage, Karen picked up on a young girl who seemed to feel comfortable with her. Although the group asked questions, no activities occurred, and the group decided to move into the northern part of the Basement with all of the files at 11:26 pm.

Karen did notice the girl appeared to follow her up until she crossed over into the newer part of the Basement. The girl then went back to where she was.

For this session, the client sat on one of the couches near the area, Noah sat where he could see Karen and the client and Karen sat in the File Room, which was pitch-black. Although the group conducted an EVP session starting at 11:50 pm, no activities occurred during that time.

At 12:10 am, the group rotated with the client sitting in the File Room, Karen sitting where she could have access to the client and Noah, and Noah on the couch. It was asked if Karen could go and see where the girl went, so she quickly walked back toward the offices they initially sat in in the basement, and tried to talk to the girl to see if she would come back to the area with her. The girl did appear to respond and did walk back with Karen to the area.

The group then conducted an EVP session, but no activities occurred. At this point, Noah again radioed Group 2, and the group headed to the 1st Floor.

Group 2 - 2nd Floor

After a brief walkthrough of the 2nd Floor, Gravy and Mary decided to focus on the Client's Office as most of the activity had been reported in that area. Mary settled into the chair under the window with the air conditioner, while Gravy sat on the couch next to the door. During the EVP session, Mary thought she heard odd noises from the closet area, but this may have been from the baseboard heater clicking on and off. No other activity was noted. The group rejoined the other investigators on the 1st Floor after being radioed by Noah.

END TIME: 12:30 am

Taking a break again in the 1st Floor side room, the group sat and talked about how the night was going so far. At around 12:47 am, the group heard a thump, which some of the members thought came from the 2nd Floor. It was not known where it came from.

Shortly after at 12:48 am, Karen thought she heard a voice say something. Although something was picked up on one of the voice recorders, it was hard to discern if the noise was a voice or one of the other group members moving and making a weird noise.

At 1:15 am, the entire group decided to spread out throughout the 1st Floor. Noah sat in the hallway near the base-camp room, Karen was in Room #3, Mary was in Room #6, and Gravy was in the hallway by the exit sign between Mary and the Reception Room, which is where the client was sitting in.

After everyone sat in five minutes of silence, the group started an EVP session with Karen talking to the girl she felt in the room earlier. While trying to talk to the girl, she got the impression that the girl didn't want to play with the doll, but rather with some blocks. She went to the one shelving unit that had some other toys looking for blocks, but then, to her surprise, she saw there was a large plastic container of blocks on the floor. She took some of them out and built a small tower with them.

No other activities occurred during this session, and at 1:34 am, Mary tried to conduct an EVP session with the girl Karen picked up on earlier in that room.

At 1:38 am, both Karen and Gravy thought they heard a voice in between them in the hallway. None of the audio recorders recorded the voice, and no other activities occurred at this time. At that time, Noah had the client conduct a mini EVP session in the Reception Area that started at 1:45 am.

No other activities occurred during this time, and the team concluded this part of the investigation at 1:55 am.

Taking a very quick break, the group decided to split back into the same small groups they were in earlier, and headed back to the same floors they initially started investigating on.

Prior to going to their designated floors, Gravy made a comment about how he thought he saw a face looking through the glass door that lead down to the basement earlier in the night. He didn't know if it was his eyes playing tricks on him or not. The client then mentioned another gentleman previously stated the same thing, and that it was in the same spot.

START TIME: 2:10 am

Group 1 - 2nd Floor, Attic

Before setting up in their designated spots on the 2nd Floor, Noah noticed his one camera battery was dead, and headed downstairs to grab another one. After he replaced it, the group spread out with Noah and the client on the 2nd Floor with Karen in the Attic. Karen felt there was a boy who was possibly abused by his father that was hiding in the Attic.

The group sat in silence starting at 2:12 am with Noah in the Client's Office and the client at the top of the stairs.

No activities occurred during this EVP session, and Noah radioed down to Group 2 that they were heading down.

Group 2 - Basement

Gravy and Mary returned to the File Room since they felt it was the area with the most activity during their previous session in the Basement. They held an EVP session attempting to recreate the "heavy" feeling they experienced previously with the same sort of provoking they did the first time around.

Although the investigators didn't sense any particular change in the atmosphere in the File Room, Gravy felt as though someone touched his hand around 2:15 am, while Mary had a similar experience at 2:30 am. No noises or shadows were noted.

The group headed upstairs to rejoin the others on the 1st Floor after they were contacted by Noah.

END TIME: 2:40 am

Taking a very quick break, the groups then switched locations for the final part of the night's investigation.

START TIME: 2:44 am

Group 1 - Basement

The group started investigating in the southwest corner of the building again with the offices. Each person sat in a different location with the client in the farthest southwest corner, Noah in the office next to it and Karen in the hallway. After conducting a small EVP session, the group then moved to the Lunch Room table at 2:55 am.

Karen sat at the table, while Noah was in the office at the bottom of the stairs and the client was sitting on the stairs. No activities occurred during this part of the investigation, and the group wrapped up this part of the investigation for the night.

Group 2 - 2nd Floor

Mary and Gravy began their investigation in the attic, with Gravy lying along one side of the attic opening and Mary sitting on the other with her feet on the stairs. No activity was noted during the period of silence or the EVP session.

They then returned to the Client's Office for a second EVP session there. This time, Mary sat on the couch so as to be closer to the closet where she previously heard sounds, while Gravy sat near the client's desk.

At 2:50 am, Mary saw a small shadow about one foot tall run from the end of the couch near the closet to the small table in the middle of the office. It was black, formless and very quick. Gravy said he saw something similar when they'd been in the office earlier, but hadn't mentioned it because he felt his eyes were playing tricks on him.

No other activity was experienced. The investigators started turning on lights and gathering equipment after being radioed by Noah.

END TIME: 3:05 am

The group decided to end the investigation for the night. After they grabbed all of their equipment, and made sure everything was back where they had found it, the group left at 3:30 am.


AUDIO: See clips in Evidence tab.


This was a very interesting investigation for PIM due to the several claims of paranormal activity. Unfortunately no major events occurred during the investigation, but we were able to capture one audio clip that suggests something is going on at this location. Further investigations would be needed in order to be able to get a handle on what is truly going on at this location.

PIM would like to thank the clients for allowing us to investigate this location and hope that we can return to investigate again in the future.

05/07/11 Private Business
9:44pm Basement:

Male whisper saying "Get out of here".