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Amalgamated Transit Union Local 998
October 12th, 2012
Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee (PIM)

INVESTIGATORS: Randy, Chris, and Tony

ENVIRONMENTAL DATA - Time taken: 7:00 pm

Weather Outside: Partly Cloudy

Outside Temperature: 45 degrees

Wind Speed: 7 mph SE

Barometric Pressure: 30.31 and falling

Humidity: 56%

Moon Phase: 5% Full Waning Crescent

Geomagnetic Field: Storm

Solar X-rays: Normal

Solar Wind Speed: 523.3 km/sec

Solar Wind Density: 0.2 protons/cm3

Radio Sun: 10.7 cm flux; 117 sfu

Planetary K-index Now: Kp=3; quiet

Planetary K-index 24hr Max: Kp=4; unsettled

Interplanetary Magnetic Field Btotal: 10.1 nT

Interplanetary Magnetic Field Bz: 7.2 nT south

Sunspot: Yes; 82, w/intensity

Coronal Holes: 1


Chris, Randy, and Tony arrived at the Amalgamated Transit Union Hall at 7:00 pm. Shortly afterwards Chad and Josh showed up to open the hall. After Chad gave us a Tour we started to set up our equipment. Chad and Josh left at 7:30 pm and were told we would call them at 9:30 pm so they could come back and spend some time with us while doing our investigation.


  • It was reported that several workers have heard voices and footsteps throughout the hallways leading to the Red Carpet Room, and different offices on the 2nd and 3rd floors
  • In the 3rd floor attic it was reported by an office worker that he heard what sounded like a ball bouncing around
  • On the 2nd floor, two big doors open to enter the Red Carpet Room. Here is located a two foot tall ash tray that normally in placed in front of one of the doors to keep it from opening by itself due to an old lock in place that doesn't work properly to keep the doors closed. It was noticed by an employee that the ash tray was moved and the door was opened when no one else was around
  • In the Red Carpet Room it was mentioned that voices are also heard when someone is working at night

START TIME: 8:06 pm

LOCATION: Red Carpet Room

Randy had been using an ion detector earlier during setup and was receiving some strange readings with it in the Red Carpet Room. The ion detector alarms when it picks up on negative ions, which are associated with an increase in paranormal activity. Randy gave it to Chris to see if he got the same results. When Chris moved the detector about 4 feet by 4 feet in the air the detector went off but when he got close to the floor it stopped. Also when he moved forwards or back about a foot the detector stopped. There were 4 sets of chairs on each side of Chris and no lights and no electrical items near him. Randy left the detector on a chair in the same area all night. When the group came back later in the night at 12:40 am the detector did not go off. Randy checked his video camera for any other activity in this room and the detector did not go off at any other time. This could not be debunked but PIM is unsure what caused the ion detector to alarm.

The group then split up to sit in different sections of the room, Tony on the stage, Chris to the right of the chairs along the wall, and Randy along the left side wall. At 8:33 pm Tony heard a click noise behind him on the stage, and then at 8:35 pm Tony heard a voice coming from his right from a closet next to the stage. At 8:37 pm Chris felt his back get cold but it was determined he was sitting close to the wall which was cooler. At 8:40 pm Tony heard footsteps on the steps leading up to the stage. Chris then decided to move closer to the stage and sat down near the right side of the stage. At 8:46 pm Tony felt the stage move and Chris heard a bang. Shortly thereafter at 8:46 pm everyone heard a noise down stairs in the main hall. At first only one voice was heard and then several people talking. When the group went down to investigate, they found a group of people moving tables and other items around in preparation for a birthday party Saturday.

Since no one was supposed to be in the building the group called Chad to find out what was going on. Chad was unaware of any plans to setup for a party and came back to the Union building to find out what was going on. Since the group could not investigate with the noise from the setup going on, they decided to take a break.

END TIME: 8:50 pm

Chad and Josh arrived back at the Union building to ask how long it was going to take for the group to setup for the party and then everyone waited until the group left. As soon as they could, the group restarted the investigation once the other people had left.

START TIME: 10:35 pm

LOCATION: Red Carpet Room

When Randy got back up to the room he noticed that his camera was off. He replaced the battery with a fully charged one but it did not work still. When he returned home he checked the two batteries and they both had a 75% charge on them still. He could not figure out why the camera stopped working.

The group, including Chad and Josh, decide to start an EVP session after a few minutes of control silence. Chad was by left wall, Josh was sitting in a chair by the stage, Chris and Tony were sitting by the back door, and Randy was sitting along the right side of the hall. The EVP session was started at 10:36 pm. At 10:50 pm, Chad heard a noise to the left of him, but it was determined that the heat register next to him caused the noise. At 10:55 pm, Tony moved to sit on the stage. At 10:58 pm a wooden shoe sound on a hardwood floor was heard by Tony and Chad, but nothing was captured on the recorders. Again at 10:59 pm a person coming in from outside was heard downstairs where the birthday party will be Saturday. It was determined by Chad to be the janitor who had come in to pick up his pay check.

No other events occurred and the group decided to end the session.

END TIME: 11:05 pm

Everyone decided to head to the Front Foyer where the steps go up to the Red Carpet Hall.

START TIME: 11:08 pm

LOCATION: Front Foyer

Everyone decided to spread out on the stairs. Tony, Chad, and Josh were at the bottom of the steps, Chris was on the steps, and Randy was in the hallway at the top of the steps. An EVP session was started at 11:10 pm after some control silence. Voices were heard by Randy and Chris at 11:11 pm. Unfortunately no recorders picked anything up. Footsteps were heard by Chris at 11:13 pm and at 11:14 pm Tony heard voices while Chris was talking. None of these noises were picked up by the recorders.

No other events occurred during this session and the group decided to move on.

END TIME: 11:42 pm

Now the group decided to go to the Attic where an air conditioning unit is located and Chad's office which is adjacent to a storage area.

START TIME: 11:52 pm


The group spread out on the top floor and allowed for a few minutes of control silence before starting an EVP session. It was noted that a lot of noises could be heard from the outside of the building.

Nothing was heard or noticed during this EVP session and the group ended their session a short time later.

END TIME: 11:59 pm

The group decided to move to the Basement of the building.

START TIME: 12:15 am

LOCATION: Basement

While entering the basement it was felt by Chris, Tony, and Josh that something had brushed the top of their heads. Looking around it was noted that the basement was fairly clean with an office situated in one part of the Basement and no spider webs of any kind visible.

The group spread out in the Basement with Chris and Tony in the furnace and water heater section, Randy sitting on a freezer and Josh with Chad in the part where the office was located. An EVP session was started at 12:11 am after some control silence.

At 12:16 am, a knock was heard in response to Tony's question to knock if someone was in the Basement. However, all future questions were followed by random knocking so the first experience was probably by chance. At 12:17 am, Josh felt something touch his ear from bottom to top. Nothing was found to be touching his ear and he couldn't see anything that could have touched it. At 12:29 am Tony heard two pounding noises coming from upstairs. No one else heard these noises and it was not captured on any audio recording devices.

No other events occurred during this session and the group decided to move to their final location for the night.

END TIME: 12:31 am

The group decided to end the investigation where they had start in the Red Carpet Room.

START TIME: 12:40 am

LOCATION: Red Carpet Room

Once the group had entered the room, Randy wanted to see if his ion detector would react in a similar was as earlier in the evening. However, the device did not alarm when he used in in the same was as previously. Although no reason for this was found, it is possible that there was some machinery on earlier in the evening that was now off. PIM would like to see if the device would alarm again if they went back for a second investigation.

An EVP session was started at 12:44 am after a short period of control silence. During the session the group moved to different areas of the hall to see if certain parts might be more active than others. No events occurred during this session and the group decided to end the investigation.

END TIME: 1:03 am

The group quickly gathered up their equipment and packed it up. They then loaded up the car and said thanks to Chad and Josh and left by 1:35 am.




PIM had a great opportunity to investigate this historic building and took full advantage of it. Although PIM did not find any evidence of paranormal activity, one investigation is far from conclusive. There were several events that could not be explained that occurred during PIM's investigation which may point to something going on at this location. At the very least PIM thinks that the Amalgamated Union Hall was a challenging investigation and would be honored to be allowed to come back in the future to collect more evidence regarding paranormal activities here.

PIM would like to thank Chad for allowing us to investigate the building. PIM hopes to be able to return in the future to continue the study of the location.