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Blatz Headquarters
October 27th, 2012
Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee (PIM)

INVESTIGATORS: Noah, Missy, and Gravy

ENVIRONMENTAL DATA - Time taken: 7:45 pm

Weather Outside: Clear

Outside Temperature: 41.3 degrees

Wind Speed: 4.9 mph

Barometric Pressure: 29.59

Humidity: 48.5%

Moon Phase: 96% Full Waxing Gibbous

Geomagnetic Field: Quiet

Solar X-rays: Active

Solar Wind Speed: 341.8 km/sec

Solar Wind Density: 0.7 protons/cm3

Radio Sun: 10.7 cm flux; 130 sfu

Planetary K-index Now: Kp=1; quiet

Planetary K-index 24hr Max: Kp=1; quiet

Interplanetary Magnetic Field Btotal: 4.9 nT

Interplanetary Magnetic Field Bz: 0.9 nT north

Sunspot: Yes; 71

Coronal Holes: None


Noah arrived at 7:00 pm and met with the clients. Noah brought in equipment and began a walkthrough of the building deciding where to set up equipment. Shortly after at 7:45 pm Missy arrived and the male client let her in while Noah and the female client were in the Attic. Shortly after Noah and the female client came downstairs, Noah went outside with the male client to get a better understanding of the layout of the building while Missy and the female client walked through the building taking EMF and temperature baseline readings. A short time later a photographer arrived to document the event and began to take pictures.

Money was then placed in the upper First Floor Vault as a trigger object in hopes to pique the interest of the man claimed to have died in that vault. Money, a bottle of Schlitz beer, a cigar, and a deck of cards are placed on a table in the Main Room as trigger objects. The location was once home to the Blatz Brewery Headquarters and these trigger objects are used to entice entities that would have lived during that era.

At 9:05 pm the group came upstairs in to the Attic. The Attic is very large and seems to be used for storage. Noah set up his video camera with illumination but decided that he needed an extra tripod to set up more illumination. The male client went down to the Main Room to get the tripod. When he came back and the camera was set up in a satisfactory manor we placed Noah's Mel-8704-REM on a pipe in view of the camera. The photographer also took pictures to document the position. At 9:19 pm the camera was turned on and lights were turned off.

We then went back to the 1st Floor and at 9:23 pm the H2 Recorder in the Vault was turned on and illumination was set up for the camera in the Main Room. While setting up illumination Noah noticed that the outlets are extremely loose in that room. After adding an extra illuminator the camera was turned on at 9:42 pm.

Missy and Noah went into the joining rooms to the Main Room and closed blinds and closed doors to eliminate light coming in from the outside. While closing the blinds Noah heard a breath but Missy was unable to hear it. This was captured on Noah's control recorder but not on Missy's. It was determined that this noise may have been the sound of Noah's vest scraping against the wall as he moved to shut the door and thus was not paranormal in nature.

All equipment on all three floors and Basement were turned on and lights were turned off. Everyone had a seat on the couches in the Main Room and began a normal conversation until Noah made the call to start the investigation.


  • The large painting over the fireplace in the Main Room has been found tilted to one side
  • All the track lighting around the perimeter of the Main Room had been set up for an art show. When some people arrived before the show to finish setting up they found all the lights had been moved to point into the center of the room
  • There is speculation that a man either died or was hung in one of the vaults. Based off a seance, that was held 15 years ago, the man is believed to have been named "Victor" and had met his end in the second floor vault that is located in the Main Room. The man is also believed to have worked for the Blatz company and supposedly is looking for something he either lost or hid in one of the vaults. PIM would like to stress that none of the claims about "Victor" can be historically confirmed

START TIME: 9:55 pm


The team situated themselves throughout the Main Room. The photographer was allowed to stay for the investigation since only two PIM members were present. The photographer sat on the stair case, the female client sat inside the second floor vault, Noah sat on the couch with the male client sitting on the couch opposite him, and Missy sat on a chair near the bathrooms. Noah gave a brief explanation of an EVP session to the non-PIM investigators and then began five minutes of controlled silence to get used to the natural sounds throughout the rooms.

At 10:01 pm we began an EVP session. Shortly after beginning Missy asked for a knocking noise and Noah heard a noise. The geophone that was on the table with the trigger object would go off on occasion, sometimes seemingly on command. However, it was noted that it seemed to go off in correlation with cars driving by on the street. Noah got up and decided to decrease the sensitivity on the geophone making it less likely to go off when cars drive by. During that time Noah also placed a touch light on the table creating another means of communication. Noah sat back down on the couch and the group continued the EVP session. At 10:17 pm Noah heard two pops and a ripping noise behind him near the bar. There is no running water behind the bar and there was nothing found that would make that noise. No other events occurred and at 10:37 pm it was decided to end EVP session.

END TIME: 10:37 pm

START TIME: 10:47 pm

LOCATION: 3rd Floor

The team decided to start the next EVP session on the 3rd floor. As we opened the door we realized that the light in the 3rd floor vault was turned on. The female client was the last one on that floor and to her recollection the light was off when she exited the room. The female client and Missy had been in that room earlier that night taking baseline readings and they both believe the light was off at that time. Noah examined the switch for the light and it was an old style switch that needed to be turned to turn it on or off making it very hard to explain the light going on due to a faulty switch. Since there was no camera on this portion of the building PIM can't make any statements as to what caused the light to come on.

A short time later the male client and Noah both noticed that a set of blinds in one of the offices were opened. Noah had previously closed all the blinds in the offices and no reason for how they could have come open again could be found.

The team situated themselves on the 3rd floor. Missy sat in the vault, Noah in the hall just outside of the vault, the male client sat on the North side of the floor, the photographer sat on the South side of the floor, and the female client sat in the hallway near the woman's bathroom. At 10:50 pm we observed five minutes of controlled silence. Almost immediately Missy heard a knock noise coming from inside the bathroom which is located directly across from the vault. At 10:55 pm the group began an EVP session. Gravy arrived at 11:09 pm and Noah went down to the Main Room to let him in.

While Noah and Gravy were downstairs Missy and the female client began to hear more knocking coming from the hallway and the woman's bathroom. Missy then began to hear what sounded like footsteps in the hallway. Missy decided to move from the vault and sat on the floor in the hallway. Then she felt vibrations that correlated with the sound of footsteps that the female client was able to hear as well. Missy decided to go downstairs to get a geophone to set on the floor in hopes of detecting the vibrations on the floor. Shortly after setting the geophone on the floor Missy and the female client continued to hear the knocks. Missy opened the bathroom door and the knocking stopped. The group then continued the EVP session as usual.

Meanwhile Noah and Gravy switched Noah's Zoom H2n recorder in the Main Room for Gravy's Zoom H1 recorder. They also went into the Basement and set up Gravy's camera.

Noah returned to the 3rd floor with Gravy at 11:22 pm and the group continued the EVP session. The knocks that Missy and the female client had heard began again and Noah and Gravy decided that it probably was a noise coming from the heating system in the woman's bathroom. Noah heard a pop noise coming from the staircase but the area was otherwise quiet so at 11:34 pm it was decided to end the EVP session.

END TIME: 11:34 pm

START TIME: 11:40 pm


This time the team, now including Gravy, decided to head up to the Attic. Gravy sat in the storage room, the male client on the South side of the room, the photographer on the East side, the female client on the North side, Noah on the West side and Missy on the staircase. Five minutes of controlled silence were observed and at 11:45 pm an EVP session began. While Gravy was in the storage area he had the sensation that something was crawling on his forehead. He was unable to find the cause of the sensation. Soon after, Missy heard noises coming from the staircase. Noah handed her the geophone that was originally on a table in the Attic to place on the step below her. Unfortunately no movement was heard after that and the geophone never lit up. It was then decided to take a break and everyone went down to the Main Room.

END TIME: 12:00 am

START TIME: 12:00 am

During the break the group sat around in the Main Room and engaged in conversation under normal social circumstances. During that time the male client noticed that the buildings motion detector was not lighting up while he was moving. The male client asked Missy, who was sitting on the floor near the motion detector, to wave her arms around. Missy's movement did not make the detector's light go on but when the male client moved in his seat it did activate the detector. It is unknown why the detector did not activate the first time the male client moved.

After everyone had been refreshed, the group decided to start the investigation again in the Main Room.

END TIME: 12:39 am

START TIME: 12:39 am


After the break the team split up into the same positions they were previously in for the first EVP session in the Main Room. Missy sat near the bathrooms, the photographer on the stairs, the female client in the second floor vault, Gravy in the first floor vault, the male client on the couch, and Noah on the opposite couch near the bar. Five minutes of controlled silence was observed to get used to the natural sounds of the room and at 12:44 am an EVP session began.

After a series of questions Noah asked "Which vault did you die in?" After the question was asked the female client was able to hear a pop noise coming from in the vault that she was sitting in. We continued asking questions and tried to get a reaction from the new trigger object placed on the table, a cigar brought by Gravy, along with the cards and bottle of beer. This time there was no activity from the geophone. Noah did feel as though something touched him on the nose and Missy heard what sounded like a bathroom stall door opened and closed. Missy went into the bathroom and found no doors out of place. It was then decided that it was a good time to spend some time in the Basement.

END TIME: 1:08 am

START TIME: 1:19 am

LOCATION: Basement

The group situated themselves in the part of the basement that still has the original brick walls. While Missy, the female client, the male client and the photographer were in the Basement area Noah and Gravy found a little closet under the stairs that was empty. It was decided that Missy would relocate and sit in this closet with the door closed. Noah sat in the stairway between the 1st floor and the Basement, Gravy sat in the main hallway inside the Basement office area, the female client sat by the door to the outside, the male client in the next hallway from where Gravy sat, and the photographer in the most Eastern office area.

At 1:29 am the group began an EVP session. The closet under the stairs was very dark and quiet and Missy had no experiences to report. Gravy did hear a popping noise at 1:35 am but no other activity was reported by any other investigators. At 1:44 am the EVP session was ended. Gravy's video camera was taken out of the basement and placed on the Main Floor pointing into the first floor vault instead. All the batteries on the equipment were check on the Main Floor to make sure everything was operating. It is said that entities can drain batteries of their energy to aid in activity so it is always good practice to check on batteries throughout the night to ensure everything is always working properly.

END TIME: 1:50 am

START TIME: 1:54 am

LOCATION: 3rd Floor

The team decided to visit the 3rd floor one last time before ending the evening. When the group arrived they were all surprised to find the door to enter the 3rd floor was open. Everyone was certain that the door had been closed upon exiting that floor earlier in the night. There are wind chimes positioned so that if the 3rd Floor door is opened it causes the chimes to ring. However, at no point during the investigation did we hear the chimes sound other than when we had opened the door ourselves. Also, it was discovered that the H1 audio recorder that was placed in the hallway was also turned off.

The group situated themselves throughout the 3rd floor sitting in the same places they were the first time they visited this floor except this time Missy sat in the hall on a chair and Gravy sat in the vault. The group observed five minutes of controlled silence and began an EVP session. There were no occurrences during this EVP session and at 2:09 am the group ended its final EVP session for the night. At 2:13 am it was decided to wrap up the investigation and breakdown of the equipment began.

END TIME: 2:13 am

After gathering all of their equipment, wished the clients a good night and left the building to return home.




This was PIM's first visit to this historic location and PIM had such a great experience and was honored to be able to investigate there. PIM was called in because of the picture being moved and the track lighting being moved to aim light towards the middle of the room. PIM also sought out to discover any validity to the claims given by the seance that was held 15 years ago regarding "Victor". During our time there PIM was unable to debunk any of the claims. However, there were a few personal experiences during the investigation. Some we were able to be debunked immediately like the vibration of the cars setting off the geophone and the furnace causing the knocking noise on the 3rd floor. Others could not be explained. Although no hard evidence came out of this investigation, one investigation is not enough to conclude what might be occurring here. PIM hopes to be able to return to the building in the future to continue to study the location.

PIM would like to thank those who made this investigation possible and would be happy to come back to do a follow-up investigation at a later date.