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Private Residence
July 22nd, 2011
Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee (PIM)

INVESTIGATORS: Noah, Karen, Gravy


Weather Outside: Clear with some clouds

Outside Temperature: 76 degrees

Wind Speed: 0

Barometric Pressure: 29.18

Humidity: 90%

Moon Phase: 52% Full 3rd Quarter

Geomagnetic Field: Quiet

Solar X-rays: Normal


Noah and Gravy would arrive at the location around 7:30 pm. They sat down with the clients and went over the claims of activity they have experienced on the property.


  • Shadow of hooded-figure standing in the yard.
  • Black cat-like figure seen outside by several members of the household.
  • Lights have been seen coming in and out of the trees.
  • Footsteps have been heard in the grass that sounded as if they were approaching a family member.
  • Son's Bedroom closet opened by itself.

The clients would leave around 8:40 pm, with Karen arriving on location around 8:45 pm. At that time, she would go around doing outdoor readings and documenting her sensitive impressions of the property. Noah and Gravy worked together in taking electrical magnetic field and temperature readings. After they were through, Gravy then took baseline photos.

After all readings were done, the group started to set up their equipment - mostly outside as that's where most of the claims of activities were reported. A few pieces of equipment were set up in the Son's Bedroom, as well as the Kitchen.


Start Time: 10:45 pm near Swing Area in Backyard

The group headed to the back of the yard near the tree line where Karen felt the Native American chief earlier in the night. She brought her K2 meter and placed it on the ground in hopes that "he" would use it to help communicate with the group.

They started an electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) session try to interact and hope to get a response from any spirit that was out with them. Shortly after they started they started noticing lightning to the south of the property. They would keep watch on the situation as the night pressed on as they didn't want to take a chance with their equipment getting wet.

After no activities or interaction appeared to occur, the group ended the session at 10:55 pm and moved to another part of the yard.

Start Time: 10:55 pm near hill/ravine part of Backyard

The group walked toward the area to see if Karen could pick up on any other spirits in the area. While there, she picked up on a gentleman named "Matthew" who she stated had a stern demeanor and didn't trust the group. They tried communicating with him, but there was no physical evidence to show he was there. The group then decided to walk around the rest of the property for a little while to see if they could see the shadows and images that were reported by the clients.

After a while, they decided to head over to the table behind the house to sit and observe things for a while.

Start Time: 11:15 pm - Table with Chairs in Yard

While there, the group sat and carried on normal conversation in the hopes that something would try to make contact during the down time. They also sat and tried to ponder any theory as to explain what the clients were seeing.

Shortly after they sat down, they noticed a group of teenagers who parked their cars down the side street across from the house walking on the property and toward the ravine. The teenagers didn't stay there very long and then returned to their vehicles and left. The group was very puzzled as to how often this happens, and was wondering if it was possible for the clients to have actually seen real people on their property, but interpreted it as paranormal in nature due to the lack of light when they saw the shadows/images. This is only a theory as some claims were seen during the day.

The group then started noticing the lightning was starting to act up more and they weren't sure how close any of the storms were despite checking the weather radar on their phones during the night. They broke down all of the cameras and lighting set ups and headed into the house at 11:40 pm.

After taking a short break, the group checked back outside and noticed it hadn't started to rain yet, so Gravy and Karen grabbed their video cameras and all group members headed back outside.

Start Time: 12:30 am - Ravine Trail and Yard

While walking around the yard again, the group decided to walk the trail along the ravine behind the house which was along the power lines. No unusual activities occurred at this time and they headed back to the main part of the yard.

Still walking around the yard, the group then headed over to the Shed for a little bit. The group decided to experiment the theory that the shadow seen by it could have been from someone standing nearby from the street or the driveway due to the house lights from the house across the street. It was noticed a shadow could be seen from someone standing by the edge of the driveway with the bushes, but nothing by the house across the street or from the street itself. If someone was walking by quickly or wasn't seen standing there at night, it is possible the shadow of the person could be thought to be paranormal in nature.

The group then decided to end the outdoor portion of the investigation at 1:25 am and headed inside.

Start Time: 1:27 am - Basement

Karen felt the older woman she picked up on earlier was in the Basement in the small bedroom. All group members spread out in the small room as they did an EVP session in the hopes of getting some type of reaction from her.

No other activities occurred at that time, and the group headed back upstairs at 1:43 am.

Start Time: 1:43 am - Son's Bedroom

Hoping to see if they could experience the closet opening, the group spread out in the room and did an EVP session. No other activities occurred at this time and the group decided to pack up the rest of their equipment.

End Time: 2:00 am

All group members returned the residence back to how they found it, and left the property at 2:15 am.




This was an interesting and challenging investigation for PIM. Outdoor investigations pose a lot of problems not encountered on indoor investigations. Sound can carry from great distances, insects and wild animals can come and go without any notice, weather, and other people can come into the environment as well. PIM welcomes these challenges and thinks that they created as controlled an environment as possible. Although no activities were experienced during the investigation, nor was any evidence captured, PIM still thinks that there is a possibility of activity at the location. A careful look at the history of the location is warranted. PIM hopes that the client would allow them to return for another investigation to see if further evidence might be collected. PIM would like to thank the owners of the property for allowing us to investigate.