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Private Residence
February 18th, 2011
Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee (PIM)

INVESTIGATORS: Noah, Tony and Marty


Noah, Tony and Marty arrived at the residence at 8 pm. Upon their arrival, the members of PIM were shown around the apartment. They then unpacked their equipment and Marty did his sensitive walkthrough while Noah took outside environmental readings and Tony took inside electromagnetic field (EMF) and temperature readings. Once the readings were completed, and Marty had finished his walkthrough, everyone began setting up their equipment throughout the apartment.

Reported Activity Includes:
  • Hearing growling through a baby monitor
  • Hearing items being thrown against the walls of the daughter's room
  • Having hair pulled and being pushed to the ground in the daughter's room

Once all equipment was set up and running, Noah, Marty and Tony sat down with the clients to discuss the activities of the location. While the clients were explaining the history of the haunting, a loud thump was heard coming from the daughter's room. The cause was never determined but during evidence review it was observed the noise came from the apartment above the client's apartment.

After the clients finished telling the history, Noah went over Marty's impressions of the location and Marty explained any questions the clients had in regards to his impressions.

At 9:45 pm all three clients left for a friend's apartment to allow Noah, Marty and Tony time to investigate in the apartment alone.


START TIME: 10:00 pm

At 10:00 pm Noah, Marty and Tony started the investigation in the Living Room and sat in silence for 5 minutes to get used to the normal apartment noises. An electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) session was then conducted from 10:05 to 10:15 pm. No events occurred at that time. The team then moved to the Daughter's Room to get a feel for what was going on in that room. They were in the room from 10:15 to 10:30 pm - nothing happened at that time.

At 10:30 pm, the group split up with Marty in the Daughter's Room, Tony in the Master Bedroom, and Noah in the Hallway between the two rooms. An EVP session was conducted from 10:30 to 11:00 pm. Noah used his RT-EVP recorder to see if he could capture any EVP's and analyze them in real time. No EVP's or events occurred at this time.

The clients were brought back to the apartment at 11 pm. Their daughter, who was asleep, was laid down in her room to see if she would experience what had been reported. Meanwhile, the parents and PIM team spread out throughout the Living Room and Dining Room. Everyone observed the daughter and listened for any other activity. This ended at 11:35 pm.

At 11:35 pm, the parents moved to the Master Bedroom where they conducted an EVP session. The PIM team remained in the Living Room during this time and silently observed the apartment for any activity. At 11:57 pm one of the parents thought the camera in the Master Bedroom moved. Upon review of the audio and video in that room no movement was recorded. No events occurred during this time and the parents ended the EVP session in the Master Bedroom at 12:00 am.

Everyone met back into the Living Room at 12:00 am to talk about what to do next. At 12:13 am it was decided that Noah, Marty and Tony would leave the apartment for 15 minutes to leave the clients to investigate by themselves. This was done to see if any spirits might be more likely to manifest if the PIM team was not present. At 12:28 am the PIM team returned but no events occurred while they were gone.

Starting at 12:30 am, everyone spread out throughout the apartment except for the Daughter's Room and the Master Bedroom. At 12:50 am Marty thought he saw a red light in the daughter's closet. No other events occurred during this time.

At 1:00 am the mother went into the daughter's room to observe the area and see if the event that happened to her the previous weekend might be repeated. At 1:05 am the mother reported like she was being pulled into the closet. The mother left the room at 1:13 am and the father was going to take her place. However, at 1:14 am the daughter woke up and called out for her mother. The daughter was removed from the room by her mother and taken to the Living Room. The reason for the daughter waking up could not be determined as nothing was seen and when asked the daughter didn't state a reason for her waking up. At this time, PIM does not think the event was paranormal in nature.

At 1:16 am the father stood in the Daughter's Room after she was taken out and he also reported feeling like he was being pulled into the closet. At 1:20 am Tony thought he heard the word "Dummy" or something similar said by a female voice. This was not recorded on the voice recorders or cameras in the room. At 1:27 am the father said he smelled a strong pipe smell directly in front of him. The father left the room at 1:45 am.

At this time it was decided to try using the Frank's Box to see if this would result in more activity. A Frank's Box is a device that scans through radio stations stopping for only a fraction of a second on each station. It is theorized that a spirit can use the noise that emits from the Frank's Box to communicate. Tony went into the Daughter's Bedroom to listen to the Frank's Box with noise cancelling headphones while Noah, Marty and the clients asked questions from the Living Room. At 2:06 am Tony thought he saw a black sheet that was being draped over his head. Unfortunately, this was not captured on the video camera located in the room. At 2:15 am it was decided to switch out Tony for Noah to listen to the Frank's Box. No events occurred during this session and at 2:30 am it was decided to wrap the investigation.

The PIM team packed up its equipment and left for home at around 3:00 am.




This case was considered a priority due to the nature of the reported activity. Although no definitive evidence was found during our investigation, PIM is confident the activity is legitimate and strives to provide continued support to the family. PIM believes further investigations would be needed in an attempt to gain more knowledge about what is occurring at the residence.

PIM would like to thank the clients for asking them to investigate their home and hopes they will continue to rely on PIM in the future if activity intensifies.