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Private Residence
February 19th, 2011
Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee (PIM)

INVESTIGATORS: Karen, Gravy, Chris and 1 client


The group arrived at the residence at 6:25 pm. Once they arrived, they unloaded all of their equipment and began doing baselines - Chris did photos while Karen did electromagnetic field (EMF), temperature and sensitive readings; Gravy started to set up the equipment for the investigation.

  • Pictures of kid's would fall of the wall
  • Coffee pot would turn on by itself
  • Hear footsteps in the upper unit when the tenants up there are gone
  • Daughter saw a boy in the Son's Room without a head
  • Beads moved in the hallway by the Daughters' Bedroom

The group then went around and set up all of their equipment in the designated spots for the night with most of the equipment focusing on the Son's Room and the Daughters' Room. After this was all set up, the group sat with the client and one of her daughters to talk about the EMF levels and Karen's sensitive readings. The daughter would leave shortly after this and the group would then begin the investigation.


To begin the night's investigation, Gravy sat in the Son's Room, Karen the hallway by the Son's Room and Master Bedroom, with Chris and the client sitting in the Master Bedroom. They started with five minutes of silence at 7:44 pm to observe the normal noises of the residence. They started an electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) session to see if they could solicit a response from any of the spirits Karen detected.

The group at one point shut the power off to the refrigerator as it was making several unusual noises - the noises ceased after the power was cut off. The group then sat in their same places again for about five minutes to listen to the normal noises without the refrigerator and then started another EVP session. At one point, Karen thought she saw the shadow of a cat run from the Living Room into the Kitchen - no evidence of this was caught on video.

No other activities occurred at this time, and the group concluded this EVP session at 8:24 pm.

After taking a little break, the group then decided to investigate the other half of the residence in the Daughters' Room. Karen and the client sat in the Daughters' Room while Gravy and Chris sat in the hallway leading into the bedroom. They sat in silence for another five minutes to observe the normal noises of the residence and started an EVP session around 8:39 pm.

The client mentioned there are odd banging noises that are heard in both the Daughters' Room as well as the Master Bedroom at times, but were unsure of why this occurred. The group did hear the noises at one point, and evaluated it making the assumption that because of the layout of the residence and that there are bathrooms near each of these rooms, that it is in relation to the water pipes that are in the walls.

No other activities occurred at this time, and the group concluded the EVP session at 9:11 pm.

The group then took another break and then decided to head back to the original rooms they investigated but switch where people were. Prior to the EVP session, Gravy was in the Son's Bedroom with Chris talking briefly when he thought he felt something touch his hand. It is not known if this was paranormal in nature, and no evidence was caught on video.

Karen and Gravy then sat in the Master Bedroom while Chris was in the Son's Room with the client in between both of the rooms. They began the EVP session at 9:32 pm. No activities occurred during this time, and the group concluded the session at 10:07 pm.

From 10:07 to 10:48 pm, the group sat in the Dining Room and held normal conversation while including EVP questions in their conversation to see if any of the spirits would react. Gravy tried provoking the teenage-male spirit Karen felt before, but no activities occurred.

The group then moved back in to the Daughters' Room with Karen and the client in the hallway with Chris and Gravy in the room. They started the EVP session at 11:22 pm. No activities occurred at this time, and the group concluded at 11:44 pm.

To wrap up the night's investigation, Karen and Gravy went into the Son's Room at 11:45 pm to provoke the teen male again - Chris and the client stood just outside of the room. Karen felt the male didn't want to be bothered and left. No activities occurred at this time, and the group wrapped up the investigation at 11:55 pm.

They then packed up their equipment and left the residence at around 12:15 am.




PIM came into the investigation having known the client's claims for several months. Although the group did not find any evidence of a haunting, they were able to find normal explanations for some of the accounts that had been reported.

One of the claims mentioned was the hanging beads in front of the Daughters' Room to the hallway moved. This could be explained by normal air currents. Anyone who walks in the Kitchen/Dining area may provide enough force in the air for it to cause the beads to move - this was observed while the group was there with another set of garland that was hanging in the same vicinity.

There are also several areas in the residence with extremely high EMF, which could be causing the increase in migraines the client reported - people with EMF sensitivity may be prone to these symptoms.

At this time, PIM cannot conclude the location is haunted, but welcome the chance to investigate again in the future if the client requests it.

PIM would like to thank the client and their family for allowing us to investigate.