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Private Residence
November 11th, 2011
Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee (PIM)

INVESTIGATORS: Gravy, John, Mary

OUTSIDE CONDITIONS - Time Taken: 8:30 pm

Weather Outside: Clear

Outside Temperature: 41 degrees

Wind Speed: up to 5 mph

Barometric Pressure: 28.7

Humidity: 70%

Moon Phase: 99% Waning Full

Geomagnetic Field: Quiet

Solar X-rays: Active


The group arrived at the location at 8:00 pm. Gravy and Mary discussed claims with the family while John did a walk through for sensitive readings. After that, the group set up equipment while Mary did baseline readings for outside weather conditions and inside temperature and EMF, and John took baseline photos. Group control recorders were started at 9:22 pm.

When several family members left for the evening, the investigation began. One family member remained in the living room with the door shut throughout the evening.


  • Claims extending back for at least the 25 years this family has been in the home. Currently the family believes there are two main spirits in the home. Most activity seen upstairs.
  • Apparition of a 4-5 year old girl wearing a blue nightgown and brown socks seen on many occasions. Family believes she died of pneumonia.
  • Apparition of a man seen several times in a white shirt with brown pants with suspender braces. Family has been told by sensitives that this is "Ralph," and he may be father or caregiver of the girl.
  • Recently, one family member lying in bed next to a heating vent felt a localized cold spot on his arm, which moved up and down his arm. Heard young girl speaking to him. Dreamed she wanted to get inside him to get warm.
  • Covers pulled off one family member's bed, and computer monitor "woke" several times throughout the night. Door to room repeatidly opened and closed.
  • Cable installer in the attic said he "saw someone" and left the home in the middle of the job, and would not return.

START TIME: 9:50 pm

LOCATION: Master Bedroom

The first session began in the room where one family member had felt cold spots and heard the young girl's voice. Mary and John sat on the bed while Gravy sat on the floor. The group began with around 5 minutes of silence in order to grow accustomed to normal background noises of the house, noting outside voices from the active business area in the next block and wind chimes from the backyard. After that they conducted an evp session. During this time, Mary thought she felt a light touch on her hair, and the group heard several knocks and creaks that were thought to be natural settling sounds.

Throughout the session John felt a presence in the closet, watching the group. No other activity occurred, and the group decided to move on.

END TIME: 10:25 pm

START TIME: 10:30 pm

LOCATION: Office/Bedroom

The second session began in the office/bedroom, where a family member had felt covers pulled off. After the initial few minutes of silence, the group conducted an evp session. At one point, John heard what he thought was a "hissing" noise. He did not sense any presences. No activity happened during this session.

END TIME: 11:00 pm

The group took a brief break downstairs at this point. Control recorders were stopped and restarted to save the files. At 11:15 it was discovered that the adapter for Mary's IR illuminator had burned out. The light was hooked up to a battery pack with a DC adapter and restarted. Getting into position for the next session, John's IR illuminator adapter in the children's room was also found to have burned out. It was restarted with another adapter and the next session began.

START TIME: 11:25 pm

LOCATION: Throughout Upstairs

The group spread throughout the upstairs, with Gravy sitting at the top of the pull-down attic stairs, Mary sitting in the children's room, and John sitting at the top of the stairs to the lower level. Almost immediately, Gravy thought he heard the sound of a little girl's voice. However no evidence of this was caught. No more activity was noted, and at 11:42 after a short evp session, Mary and Gravy traded places.

At this point John got the sense that there was a little girl on the south side of the attic, watching Mary. During the course of the evp session, John further got the sense that the girl's name was "Katherine" and that she had had a little brother.

No activity was noted, and at midnight the group went back downstairs for another short break. When asked, the family member in the living room said he had been told the little girl spirit's name was "Elizabeth," but that when he called her that once she had responded, "That's not my name." He had not heard of the name "Katherine" before.

END TIME: 12:00 am

START TIME: 12:15 am

LOCATION: Master Bedroom

Since previous sessions had resulted in little activity, the group decided to try conducting the second master bedroom evp session with the lights on. Unfortunately there was no apparent response, and the group moved on.

END TIME: 12:45 am

START TIME: 12:46 am

LOCATION: Throughout Upstairs

With the lights still on, this time Gravy sat at the top of the attic pull down stairs, while Mary sat in the office/bedroom, and John sat in the children's room. An evp session was conducted, without resulting activity. Gravy's control recorder did turn itself off despite being placed on "hold," but this was thought to be a result of low batteries.

END TIME: 1:05 am

At this point the investigation was concluded. The family members who had left the home were notified they could return, and the group began packing up. Of interest, one of the family members who has sensitive abilities felt that the protective male spirit "came to get her" in a panic at around 11:30. At this point in the investigation, Mary had been contemplating out loud what the house might be like if the wall between the children's bedroom and the bathroom were knocked down.




After a single evening at the Private Residence, it can't be confirmed if this location is haunted. Perhaps after further investigation, documentation of the paranormal can be achieved. For now, the mysteries of this location will continue to be a mystery for all but those who call this place home.

PIM would like to thank the family of the Private Residence for allowing them to investigate this warm and beautiful old home. We look forward to being of service as needed in the future.