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Private Residence
December 6th, 2013
Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee (PIM)

INVESTIGATORS: Tony, Missy, and Chris

ENVIRONMENTAL DATA - Time taken: 7:25 pm

Weather Outside: Very cold and windy

Outside Temperature: 5.5 degrees F

Wind Speed: 10.6 mph

Barometric Pressure: 29.09 steady

Humidity: 54%

Moon Phase: 20% Full Waxing Crescent

Geomagnetic Field: Quiet

Solar X-rays: Active

Solar Wind Speed: 332.4 km/sec

Solar Wind Density: 5.9 protons/cm3

Radio Sun: 10.7 cm flux; 150 sfu

Planetary K-index Now: Kp=0; quiet

Planetary K-index 24hr Max: Kp=1; quiet

Interplanetary Magnetic Field Btotal: 3.2 nT

Interplanetary Magnetic Field Bz: 2.6 nT south

Sunspot: Yes; 103

Coronal Holes: None


At 7:05 pm Missy and Tony arrived at the farm house in Fredonia. It was a very cold night, so they grabbed as much as their gear out of the car as they could before going into the home to avoid many trips back and forth. They were warmly greeted by the owner and were welcomed into the home. They chose a spot in the Living Room to set up Base Camp. They then time stamped and began their control recorders that they would wear on their person during the investigation.

The owner gave a tour of the home to Tony and Missy, pointing out the places that he and his family had the most activity. He also gave them a little history of the house. The house was built in 1909 as a small farm house. The owner has lived there for 16 years. He has two sons aged 12 and 15 years old. In 2007 the home was completely remodeled and additions were made. More recently the owner has added a pole shed to the property. The claimed activity in the home seems to have increased with the addition of this shed.

After the tour Tony and Missy decided where equipment would be set. Tony placed his Sony DCR-DVD620 video camera on the 2nd Floor where the Master Bedroom and Attic are located. The Attic is a location where the owner has heard footsteps and knocks. During the walkthrough the owner showed Tony where he often hears tapping while he is lying in bed, he's heard whispers, had the sensation of someone blowing in his ear, and two years ago heard an older gentleman's voice. A few years ago he had also heard what sounded like a drawer open up but upon inspection found no drawers opened. Because of these claims Tony angled his camera to best capture the Master Bedroom and the opening to the Attic. Tony also placed a Zoom H1 Recorder in the Master Bedroom and another Zoom H1 Recorder in the Attic.

Meanwhile, Missy set up her Sony HDR-XR200V video camera in the Living Room. She set up her camera in the area of the Living Room that used to be an enclosed porch. At the time before the remodel, the owner and his then wife had experienced the electric heat turning on all on its own. It is also in a good location to capture the Kitchen where the apparition of a young, teenaged boy has been seen by one of the sons. Using her wide angle lens it was also possible to capture a large part of the main living area as well as the Kitchen.

Tony then set up another Zoom H1 recorder in one of the Son's Bedrooms on the Main Floor (the bedroom on the left). In this room an armoire once held the two son's video game systems. One night the son heard the door of the armoire slam closed. It frightened the boy quite a lot. The armoire has since been moved to the Master Bedroom on the 2nd Floor.

At 8:05 pm Missy began baseline readings. She went from room to room recording the temperature and EMF (ElectroMagnetic Fields). The EMF is quite low throughout the home and at the time of the recording the temperature throughout the home was comfortably in the 70's. Tony turned the furnace off and doused the fire in the fireplace around 8:15 pm causing the home to get progressively colder throughout the investigation.

At 8:20 pm Chris arrived and joined Tony and Missy. He quickly moved to get set up so the investigation could begin. First he started and time stamped his Zoom H1 control recorder. Then he set up his Sony HDR-CX190 in the Hallway off the Kitchen leading to the two bedrooms and the Main Floor Bathroom. It was angled in a way so that it captured the entire Hallway where the boys feel a presence of someone watching them while they are in their rooms. The Bathroom was also in camera shot as well as the one bedroom on the left.

Then Chris placed his Polaroid audio recorder on a table in the Living Room, directly below the Attic.

At 8:25 pm everything was officially placed, started, and time stamped. Missy then took baseline photos throughout the house, Tony walked around and turned off the motion lights in the Master Bedroom closet and set digital clocks on their faces and Chris made sure all lights were turned off. It was then time to begin the investigation.


  • Many noises and taps coming from the Master Bedroom and Attic
  • Whispers have been heard by the owner
  • The sensation of someone blowing in the owner's ear while he was lying in his bed
  • The owner heard the sound of an older gentleman's voice in the Master Bedroom
  • The owner saw the shape of a person walk across his windows from one side of the room to the other corner
  • A son saw the apparition of a teenaged boy in the Kitchen
  • The youngest son heard an armoire door in his room slam shut while he was sleeping
  • The boys have a feeling of someone watching them from the Hallway outside of their bedrooms
  • The owner has had the feeling of someone pinching his toes while he is lying in his bed
  • While PIM members Jann and Chris visited the owner in November for the initial walkthrough, both Jann and Chris thought they heard a disembodied voice while in the Master Bedroom

START TIME: 8:53 pm

LOCATION: Master Bedroom

Back in November PIM Members Jann and Chris did an initial walkthrough of the farm to get a good feel for the location and what equipment would be needed for the investigation. While they were there a disembodied voice was thought to be heard in the Master Bedroom. Tony asked Chris where everyone that was home that night were located and Chris said the owner was in the Master Bedroom with them and the two boys were quietly sitting in the Living Room. Tony then suggested that Missy and Chris go upstairs in the area that Jann and Chris had been standing that night and Tony would stay in the Living Room. Once Missy and Chris were in the Master Bedroom Tony began to talk quietly to see if Missy and Chris would be able to hear him. Missy could very clearly hear Tony. Tony even asked her to repeat exactly what he said and she could repeat it word for word. Chris was able to hear Tony but could not make out exactly what he said. It was then determined that the disembodied voice that Jann and Chris thought they heard could have easily have been the two boys talking quietly in the Living Room. The ceiling in the Living Room is wood and seems to echo noise from the Main Level to the Upstairs easily.

Once the experiment was complete, Tony joined Missy and Chris in the Master Bedroom to begin the investigation. At 8:56 pm Missy and Chris situated themselves in the Master Bedroom and Tony sat at the top of the stairs just outside of the Master Bedroom. Tony then called for five minutes of controlled silence to better accustom themselves with the sounds of the home. During controlled silence, everyone was able to hear pops from the fireplace in the Living Room but everything else was very quiet.

After the control silence the group began an EVP session. At 8:59 pm everyone heard a loud knock from the Master Bathroom. It was only heard once although they asked for the knock to be repeated. At 9:01 pm both Missy and Tony heard a scream or screech that sounded like it could have been from a cat. The owner does not own a cat but it is a farm and there could have been a cat outside somewhere. It was extremely cold out that night and one would think a cat would find shelter in a barn or somewhere warm. Shortly after the cat screech Chris asked if anyone could make a knocking noise. A double knock was heard from somewhere downstairs. Tony ran downstairs and found no one. He then found a table in the Living Room and knocked on it twice. Missy and Chris thought it sounded exactly like what they had heard.

Tony came back upstairs and they resumed the EVP session at 9:13 pm. Shortly after Tony sat down near the top of the steps, he heard a sound like a chair dragging in the Attic. He immediately got up to check out the Attic but nothing was out of place. The owner claims to hear many unexplainable noises in the Attic. No animals or rodents were seen during the investigation. After checking out the Attic Tony sat back down by the steps and almost immediately heard a thump somewhere on the steps. It was undetermined what could have been the cause of the noise.

At 9:19 pm Missy heard a breathy "no" near her and Tony heard a voice from somewhere downstairs. This was heard at the same time. Tony again went downstairs to check it out and found nothing out of place. He came back upstairs and the EVP session was resumed. All seemed to be quiet after that and it was decided to go to the 1st Floor for another EVP session. A lot of noises and sounds seemed to occur while the group was upstairs. This correlates with the claims that the owner shared with the investigators about the pops and sounds that occur at that time of night.

END TIME: 9:32 pm

START TIME: 9:28 pm

LOCATION: 1st Floor

At 9:28 pm the group decided to go down into the 1st Floor Bedrooms and the Hallway. Tony sat in the Hallway with Chris and Missy each taking a Bedroom. Five minutes of controlled silence was observed. At 9:43 pm Tony heard two voices whispering behind him in the Kitchen. He went to go figure out what it could have been. When he came back he shared with Chris and Missy that he thought it could have been a hissing sound from a log in the wood burning stove in the Living Room.

It was then time to begin another EVP session. At 9:56 pm Missy heard a pop sound in the Bedroom that she was sitting in (the bedroom on the left). At the same time everyone heard a loud knock upstairs that seemed to have some weight to it.

After a few more minutes of questioning, nothing else occurred. Tony then decided it was time to move to the Living Room for another EVP session.

END TIME: 10:00 pm

START TIME: 10:04 pm

LOCATION: Living Room

They each picked a spot to sit on the furniture in the Living Room. It was then time to observe five minutes of controlled silence. The wood burning stove was turned down but still made many pop and hiss noises. After this observation it was then time to begin another EVP session.

At 10:24 pm Missy heard what she thought sounded like a whistle coming from the Kitchen. A minute later at 10:25 pm both Missy and Tony heard a whistle that came from the center of the Living Room. They asked for another whistle sound to be heard but no sound was noted.

At 10:28 pm a very loud cat noise was heard from the Living Room by Chris and Missy while Tony was talking. Missy took a quick look outside but no cat was seen out there. It was undetermined where the cat noises were coming from that night.

No other noises or responses were heard during this EVP session so it was decided to move upstairs to the Attic.

END TIME: 10:30 pm

START TIME: 10:40 pm


The owner has stated that a lot of unexplained noises come from the Attic and his bedroom. Earlier that night Tony had heard what sounded like a chair being moved in the Attic but nothing was found out of place. The group decided that even though they had already been in the Master Bedroom and Upstairs Landing to investigate, it would be very important to spend some time in the Attic itself. So at 10:40 pm the three investigators did just that.

The Attic is very small and is used for some storage. A few chairs, boxes, and various items are stored in there. It is on the same level as the Master Bedroom, not above it.

Once everyone was situated in the Attic they observed five minutes of controlled silence. Besides the wind outside it was very quiet. It was then time to begin an EVP session. The first thing asked was if someone had moved a chair while the group had been upstairs earlier that night. No response was given. After a while of asking questions and trying to get responses, at 10:48 pm Chris heard a bang that came from somewhere downstairs. Immediately he asked for the noise to be repeated but nothing was heard.

At 10:50 pm all three investigators heard footsteps within the Attic. It was brief and only a couple steps but this is one of the claims for this room. No more footsteps were heard throughout the night.

After many more attempts to communicate at 11:18 pm it was decided to take a quick break.

END TIME: 11:18 pm

START TIME: 11:50 pm

LOCATION: Master Bedroom

The Master Bedroom is shaped like a rectangle with a long wall of windows facing out the back of the property. The bed is placed at the end of the bedroom on a shorter wall. One night, while the owner was lying in bed, he saw a figure move from the opposite end of the wall of windows from his bed to the other end, closest to his bed. This was a very interesting claim and it was something Tony, Missy and Chris wanted to see if they could recreate or find an explanation for. So for that reason, at 11:50 pm, they went back up to the Master Bedroom.

First Tony went and lay on the bed. Chris stood in front of the farthest end of the windows and walked toward the bed. It was hard for Tony to see Chris at all because of how tall the foot board of the bed is. After many other attempts to recreate the scene, Chris walked past the foot of the bed and Tony asked him to back up and do it again. While Chris walked past the foot of the bed it cast a shadow from one end of the window to the other, just like the owner explained. Missy then lay in the bed while Chris again walked past the foot of the bed. Missy agreed that this did seem to match what the owner had claimed. It is unclear what could have walked past the owner's footboard the night he witnessed it, or if that is what actually happened, but it was an interesting discovery.

After this experiment, the group began another EVP session. Nothing was heard or seen during this session.

END TIME: 12:26 am

START TIME: 12:30 am

LOCATION: Basement

One place that the group had not investigated yet was the Basement. The owner had no claims to share in this area but he did admit that it is not a place that he spends much time.

At 12:30 am they ventured down to the very cold Basement to do a brief EVP session. After being down there for only a minute Chris had the sensation of something right in front of his face. It is very dark down there and it could have been a spider web or something. He did not see anything when he turned on his light though.

The group attempted to communicate with anything that would be willing but nothing made their presence known down in the Basement.

END TIME: 12:46 am

START TIME: 12:49 am

LOCATION: 1st Floor Bedrooms

The Group decided to do their last EVP session in the 1st Floor Bedrooms. Chris and Tony each sat in a bedroom and Missy sat in the Hallway. They tried to communicate with anything willing, but it had become very quiet and it was decided to pack up and head home for the night.

END TIME: 1:15 am




The family who lives in this home had many interesting claims of activity. PIM did it's best to try and debunk or find explanations for what is going on in this home. They were able to conclude that if someone is talking downstairs in the Living Room it does sound like a whisper in the Master Bedroom. Also it is an older home with many creaks and it is heated with a wood burning stove that can produce many pops and hisses. But not all the claims are in the winter when a fire is needed. The apparition that the one son witnessed was not captured by any of PIM's cameras therefore it is undetermined what or who could have been the cause of it. It is PIM's opinion that the claims are not doing any harm to the family so they have nothing to fear in their home.

PIM would like to thank the family for inviting us into their home. We would like to further our investigation in the future and until that time ask that they continue to record any activity in the home. If any issues should arise before PIM would return please feel free to contact us.