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Private Residence
February 3rd, 2012
Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee (PIM)

INVESTIGATORS: Karen, Eric, and Stephanie

OUTSIDE CONDITIONS - Time Taken: 7:38 pm

Weather Outside: Cloudy

Outside Temperature: 33 degrees

Wind Speed: NE 6 mph

Barometric Pressure: 30.42

Humidity: 86%

Moon Phase: 84% Waxing Gibbous

Geomagnetic Field: Quiet

Solar X-rays: Normal


The group arrived at the residence at 8 pm. They unloaded their equipment and were greeted by the client who would be there for the night's investigation. Once inside Karen took Eric and Stephanie around to show them the areas they would be focusing on for the night.


  • Banging heard on stairwell wall by Master Bedroom
  • A gagging noise heard from the hallway by Master Bedroom
  • Back patio door had opened even though it was locked earlier in the evening
  • Family dog won't go into the 3rd Bedroom and would look up at the ceiling

After the walk through, the group started to set up their equipment in the areas where most of the activity was reported. During the initial interview at the location Karen and PIM member Mary opened up the Attic to take a look and noticed there were signs of animals moving in the space. To get second opinions the group asked for a ladder so Eric and Stephanie could take a look.

Confirming Karen and Mary's initial evaluation, Eric confirmed he saw what looked like animal activities in the space, which were probably the cause of the family dog looking at the Attic.

The group then took a quick break after everything was set up and went over the protocol with the client for the night's investigation.


START TIME: 9:49 pm

LOCATION: 2nd Floor: Karen at the top of the stairs, Client - Master Bedroom, Stephanie - 2nd Bedroom, Eric - 3rd Bedroom

The group took several minutes of silence to observe the normal building noises. Traffic noises could be heard, as well as some voices from people walking on the street. At 10:01 pm the group started an electronic voice phenomena (EVP) session to see if they could interact with any possible spirits that might be at the home.

A few times Eric noted he thought he saw some black shadows moving out of the corner of his eye. When additional activities occurred during this time Eric asked Stephanie to switch spots with him to see if she would experience the same shadow movement at 10:12 pm.

The group continued the EVP session, which again was very quiet, except at 10:19 pm the client noted hearing an 'Uh huh' sound, but after all evidence reviewed this was not picked up on any of the recording devices.

Stephanie did not report seeing the shadow moving around in the 3rd Bedroom, and at 10:33 pm everyone moved around to different locations on the level with Karen going to the 3rd Bedroom, the client sat at the top of the stairs and Stephanie went to the Master Bedroom - Eric remained in the 2nd Bedroom.

While the group continued the session Karen, a group sensitive, picked up on an event that happened in the 3rd Bedroom where she felt a child was reprimanded by his father for making a mess on the floor. She felt this event may be why the room has a negative energy to it that the client mentioned they felt.

No other activities occurred, and in the end after evaluating his experience with the shadows Eric felt this was just a trick of the eye at the time.

The group then decided to head to the main level and have a casual conversation in the Living Room to see if any activities would occur. It is a theory that if spirits are ignored they may try to make themselves more known.

They also went by the back patio door and tried to see if they could get the door to open with it being locked - they were unsuccessful at trying to figure out how the door could open unless it was unlocked, which the clients stated they always have it locked at night.

No activities occurred during this time. The group decided to continue investigating and headed back upstairs.

START TIME: 12:10 am

LOCATION: Eric - Top of the stairs, Karen - Master Bedroom, Stephanie and client in 3rd Bedroom

The group didn't take additional time to observe the building as they felt they had a good idea of the typical noises that could occur. The group decided to have the client ask some questions during this time to see if there would be a better response to them than the group.

No activities occurred during this time, and Karen decided to move to the 2nd Bedroom to see if switching spots would have any affect. At 12:44 am Eric reported hearing a humming sound, but upon reviewing the evidence there was nothing picked up or noticed on any recording device.

With nothing still occurring, Karen asked Eric and Stephanie to switch spots with each other to see if this would have any effect on the 3rd Bedroom. The client as well as the group did notice the upstairs area did feel a bit 'lighter' in relation to the energy levels as it didn't have such a dark, heavy feel to it any more.

After talking with the client the group encouraged them to say to any spirits in the home to leave and not make themselves known as the client isn't comfortable with the activities that have been taking place.

No activities occurred during this time, and due to the size of the location and amount of time spent trying to do EVP sessions in the spaces they could investigate in the group called it a night.

END TIME: 1:25 am

The group then packed up their equipment and left around 1:45 am.




Although during PIM's investigation we did not capture any evidence of the paranormal the building does have character to it as it is a Greendale original home. Several individuals have lived in the home over the years, and because of the different people living in it a residual energy may have been left behind.

At this time PIM does not feel the reported activities are anything to be alarmed about, but we do encourage the client to continue documenting the reported activities in a journal and we will follow up to see if there have been any changes in the activity levels.

PIM would like to thank the client for allowing them to investigate their home, and look forward to being invited back again if the client wishes to have another investigation.