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Private Residence
February 4th, 2012
Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee (PIM)

INVESTIGATORS: Gravy, Chris P, and Mary

OUTSIDE CONDITIONS - Time Taken: 7:30 pm

Weather Outside: Clear

Outside Temperature: 32 degrees

Wind Speed: up to 6 mph

Barometric Pressure: 29.11

Humidity: 80%

Moon Phase: Waxing Gibbous

Geomagnetic Field: Quiet

Solar X-rays: Normal

ARRIVAL: 7:00 pm

The group arrived at the location at 7:00 pm. Gravy, Chris and Mary discussed claims with the family for a while as one of the residents readied the baby and pets to stay elsewhere for the night. After that, the group set up equipment. Gravy did baseline readings for outside weather conditions while Mary and Chris did inside temperature and EMF readings and took baseline photos. Group control recorders were started around 7:40 pm.

When two family members left for the evening with the pets, the investigation began. Two family members remained and participated in the investigation. All power to the home was turned off prior to the investigation and turned back on at 10:45, although the house was kept dark for the remainder of the investigation.


Claims began when the mother-in-law came to live with the family. Previously, she had experienced strange happenings in her former apartment. Of note, the family has suffered the losses of several loved ones in the last few years, although none in the home.

Activity seemed to happen after midnight, most commonly around 2:00 am.

  • At around the same time each night, the family heard footsteps climbing the basement stairs. At that point, the mother-in-law, able to see the kitchen from her bedroom, would see a dark figure coming toward her room, whispering her name.
  • In the kitchen, the family heard the baby's rattle shaken when no one was there
  • A visiting child in the kitchen fled to the living room, terrified for no clear reason
  • At various times, family members would hear a series of knocks on the door of a storage closet in the basement, in which the ashes of a family member were kept
  • A creepy feeling in the poker room in the basement, where the homeowners felt they were being watched. A similar feeling was felt in the computer nook, also in the basement. Of interest, EMF at head level in the poker room was ~75mG, due to low hanging fluorescent lights and plumbing. In the computer nook, EMF was ~6mG, with the home's electrical panel right next to the computer chair
  • A constant chill in the baby's room, where a vent appeared to keep closing on its own and an electrical noise making toy activated on its own
  • A picture taken of a family member leaning out a window in the kitchen showed the reflection of a stocky man, arms crossed, apparently wearing glasses and a brown uniform of some kind. This person didn't resemble anyone familiar to the family

START TIME: 8:06 pm

LOCATION: Basement

The first session began down in the Basement, with family members in the poker room and investigators immediately nearby. Gravy placed a Mel-meter on the stairs. The group began with around 5 minutes of silence in order to grow accustomed to normal background noises of the house. At 8:11 pm the battery was taken out of a ticking wall clock, and the group sat for a short while longer. Throughout this period, the house could be heard to creak numerous times as it cooled with the heat off.

After that they conducted an EVP session. During the questioning, Gravy felt a sense of pressure on both sides of his head. Soon after, the homeowner felt goose bumps along his left arm. EMF readings at this point showed a spike from 1.6mG to 3.6mG. Mary thought she heard a whisper, which was not captured on control recorders. The homeowner felt pressure and heaviness in his hands, persisting throughout the rest of the session. Gravy thought he saw a shadow move from the bottom of stairs toward the Poker Room, but this was not captured on video.

No other activity occurred, and the group decided to move on.

END TIME: 8:47 pm

START TIME: 8:51 pm

LOCATION: Bedrooms

For the second session the group spread out in the bedroom area, with Mary and the mother-in-law in her Bedroom, the homeowner in the Baby's Room, Gravy in the Bathroom, and Chris in the Master Bedroom. After the initial few minutes of silence, the group conducted an EVP session. At one point, the homeowner heard a step on the basement stairs. Gravy heard a whisper coming from the mother-in-law's room, but this was not heard by her or by Mary, and not captured on the recorders.

END TIME: 9:25 pm

START TIME: 9:57 pm

LOCATION: Basement

For this Basement session, the group concentrated on the other side of the Basement. Gravy sat just outside the closet while the homeowner sat in the closet from which knocks were heard and which contained his father's ashes. Chris and the mother-in-law sat near the computer nook, and Mary positioned herself in the doorway of the Laundry Room.

At 10:15 all members of the group could hear a loud creak from upstairs. Other than this, no activity occurred, and the session was ended soon after.

END TIME: 10:22 pm

The group then took a short break and decided to do outside EMF readings, due to the high voltage towers in the utility easement next to the home. While Mary, Gravy and Chris took outside readings, the homeowner and mother-in-law remained in the home and conducted their own EVP session.

EMF levels outside the home proved to be relatively low. The group remained outside for some time in the hopes that activity in the home might pick up without strangers there. After that, the investigators returned inside to try to recreate the strange photo with the reflection of the unknown man. It was determined that, in order to be photographed in such a way, the man would have to be standing in a certain spot in the kitchen and would be a fairly short person. The homeowner pointed out that his deceased father was around 5'5", although the man in the photo didn't look like his father.

START TIME: 11:10 pm


For this session, the group spread out in the Kitchen. After the initial period of silence, an EVP session was conducted. Early on, Mary and Gravy heard a whisper in the kitchen which was not caught on the recorders. Several times the homeowner heard a "sliding" sound from the Basement which was felt to be related to the water heater. Chris and Gravy heard a clicking noise which could not be identified or explained, but was felt to be mechanical in nature.

No other activity occurred, so the group decided to relocate.

END TIME: 11:37 pm

START TIME: 11:40 pm

LOCATION: Basement

For this session, the group spread out in the Basement, with Mary, the homeowner and the mother-in-law in the Poker Room, Chris in the Media Room, and Gravy on the stairs. At one point early in the EVP session, the homeowner felt he was touched on the right arm, and soon after heard a scratching noise he couldn't locate. At around 12:05 am, he felt drawn to relocate to the Laundry Room. Gravy and the mother-in-law heard words, which were thought to sound like "help me." This was not caught on the recorders.

No other activity happened, and the group concluded the session and took a short break.

END TIME: 12:16 am

START TIME: 12:36 am

LOCATION: Main Floor

After a short break, the group began the last session of the night, spreading throughout the Main Floor. They sat in silence and then asked questions, without any resulting activity.

END TIME: 1:00 am

At this point the investigation was concluded and the group began packing up. Of interest, since the investigation the family has had activity surrounding the child safety gate at the top of the stairs.




PIM was unable to capture any evidence during this investigation. PIM is confident based on the claims and the investigation that the client has nothing to fear in their home. PIM would encourage the family to continue documenting any activity in the home and PIM will check in in the coming weeks to see how things are progressing.

PIM would like to thank the family of the Private Residence for allowing them to investigate this warm and friendly home. We consider the homeowner to be a natural investigator who contributed strongly to this investigation, and we hope he continues the exploration into activities in his home. We look forward to helping the family whenever needed in the future.