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Private Residence
March 16th, 2013
Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee (PIM)

INVESTIGATORS: Gravy, Andy, Missy, and Jann.

ENVIRONMENTAL DATA - Time taken: 6:52 pm

Weather Outside: Cloudy/Overcast

Outside Temperature: 38.5 degrees

Wind Speed: 1.0 mph

Barometric Pressure: 33.20

Humidity: 63%

Moon Phase: 41% Full Waning Crescent

Geomagnetic Field: Quiet

Solar X-rays: M-Class Flare

Solar Wind Speed: 410.6 km/sec

Solar Wind Density: 4.1 protons/cm3

Radio Sun: 10.7 cm flux; 123 sfu

Planetary K-index Now: Kp=2; quiet

Planetary K-index 24hr Max: Kp=3; quiet

Interplanetary Magnetic Field Btotal: 4.4 nT

Interplanetary Magnetic Field Bz: 3.0 nT south

Sunspot: Yes; 105, AR1696 w/intensity

Coronal Holes: Yes; 1


The group arrived at the Residence at 6:40 pm and met with the home owners. Gravy and Andy began bringing equipment in from the car while Missy and Jann spoke with the home owners. Missy gave consent forms to the homeowners to sign. The female owner was about to leave but first introduced her Mother who would be staying at the residence during the investigation. They explained that she would stay in her bedroom in the back of the home. Then the male owner showed the group around the home and explained the activity that he had experience throughout the home.

After the tour was done the male owner showed the group the snacks that they had left for the group and left for the evening. The group then attached their control recorders to their arms and started them for the evening. The control recorders stay operational until the group leaves the investigation. At 6:52 pm Jann began to take temperature and EMF readings throughout the home while Andy took outside condition readings. Gravy and Missy began to set up equipment throughout the home. Missy took baseline photos of the home. It was then time to turn off lights. Gravy darkened the rooms and Missy and Andy checked video cameras to be sure there was enough illumination with the IR lights. Once everything was appropriately darkened Gravy did a double check of the video cameras. All equipment was turned on and it was then time to start the first EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) session of the evening.


  • An apparition was seen peeking around the door into the Living Room from the Master Bedroom
  • An apparition of a woman in her 20's or 30's was seen looking into the Master Bedroom window from the outside of the home
  • An apparition was seen walking through the Living Room to the front door
  • Knocking has been felt under the male homeowner's feet while he is sitting in his Bedroom
  • Smoky sphere shaped objects have been seen in the male homeowner's Bedroom. A similar experience has happened to the female homeowner in the Master Bedroom
  • Strange sounds and the feeling of being touched and watched while in the male's Bedroom
  • One of the homeowner's dogs is afraid to go in the Master Bedroom
  • The male homeowner has been scratched and pinched while lying in his bed

START TIME: 8:03 pm

LOCATION: Basement

The group decided to start the evening off in the Basement. The claim for this area is mostly a creepy feeling. The area has a heavy feeling to it but a very low EMF (ElectroMagnetic Field). The breaker box is in the basement and has an EMF reading of 20.0. The group situated themselves around the Basement. Andy sat near the stairs, Missy on the far left wall, Gravy on the far right and Jann in-between them. They began with five minutes of controlled silence to better accustom themselves to the sounds of the home. They found that the Basement is very quiet with the exception of when the furnace turns on. The group did turn the heat down before beginning the investigation so that the furnace would run less often.

At 8:09 pm Gravy started the first EVP session of the night. He began by introducing the group and explaining why the group was there. At 8:14 pm Missy heard two knocks. Missy then asked if the knocks could be heard again and again two knocks were heard. After this happened a few times Gravy suggested that the group remain silent and see if the knocks continue. The knocks continued to happen approximately every six seconds. They were then determined to be something mechanical in the home itself.

At 8:24 pm a loud pop noise happened. The furnace was just about to turn on and it was suggested that it could have caused the noise. A few minutes later at 8:29 pm Andy heard two drip noises. He got up and listened closer to the window above from where he was sitting. He again heard a similar dripping noise. At 8:32 pm Andy saw a flash of light in the corner of the Basement. Again it could have come from the window above his head. The group continued to ask questions and tried to communicate with anything that could have been in the Basement. At 8:39 pm the group decided to move upstairs to the Living Room to continue the investigation.

END TIME: 8:39 pm

START TIME: 8:43 pm

LOCATION: Living Room

Once the group arrived upstairs they took a quick break and checked all equipment to be sure everything was operating properly. Once that was done they settled themselves around the Living Room assuring that they had plain view of both the Master Bedroom and the male homeowner's Bedroom. They began by checking for any shadows that would be caused by cars driving by or tree branches blowing outside the windows that could cause someone to think they saw an apparition walking by. Nothing was witnessed by the group as they sat in the Living Room.

They began the next EVP session by observing five minutes of controlled silence. There is some traffic noise and there are train tracks somewhere nearby. The train can be heard but does not seem to shake the home itself. At 8:59 pm Andy heard a noise that sounded like blinds shifting in one of the Bedrooms. As the group continued their questions and attempts to communicate Missy and Jann (who were sitting on the couch) felt the back of the couch push out against their backs. This had been a claim that was made by the homeowners that night. Jann and Missy both felt that sensation at 9:03 pm.

At 9:18 pm Andy saw a red light on the door frame of the Master Bedroom. It was not witnessed by anyone else. It was not determined where the light could have come from. No cars had driven by at that time. Shortly after at 9:24 pm everyone heard a pop noise. Andy asked for it to happen again and it did. He asked for it to happen a third time but nothing was heard. A few more attempts to communicate were tried but at 9:33 pm it was decided to take a quick break and begin again in the Basement.

END TIME: 9:33 pm

START TIME: 10:08 pm

LOCATION: Basement

After the group had a short break everyone headed down to the Basement for another EVP session. The first thing they did was check the equipment to be certain it was running properly. The group situated themselves throughout the Basement. Andy stayed closest to the stairs and Missy, Jann and Gravy sat on the other side of the Basement. Andy immediately heard something moving upstairs. After a quick check it was determined that nobody had been moving upstairs. Again the group observed five minutes of controlled silence and at 10:13 pm the next EVP session began. Although the group asked many questions and tried provoking anything to communicate with them the Basement was very quiet. Two trains went through at 10:37 pm and at 10:44 pm. At 11:06 pm it was decided to end this EVP session.

END TIME: 11:06 pm

START TIME: 11:12 pm

LOCATION: Living Room

The group decided to try another EVP session in the Living Room. Jann and Missy sat on the couch again hoping to feel the couch move out again. Gravy sat in the chair next to the front door and Andy in the chair next to the male homeowner's Bedroom. They began by explaining again that they were not here to harm anyone but only to communicate with anyone who would be willing. At 11:30 pm a loud knock was heard from the Master Bedroom. Nothing was moved in the Master Bedroom and it was undetermined where the knock had come from. The group then discussed ways to debunk the activities in the two bedrooms. The group was unable to debunk the claims at this time and no more activity occurred. At 11:46 pm it was decided to try investigating the Basement one more time.

END TIME: 11:46 pm

START TIME: 12:01 am

LOCATION: Basement

The group headed back down to the Basement. There was a heavy feeling to the Basement and Andy felt a bit lightheaded. The group began an EVP session at 12:01 am. This time the group decided to try talking in a normal conversational tone. This was done to try and force anything that might be in the Basement to try and get the investigators attention. However no activity was witnessed by the group and it was decided to call the male homeowner in and see if he could stir up any activity.

END TIME: 12:25 am

START TIME: 12:29 am

LOCATION: Living Room/Bedrooms

The male homeowner agreed to sit in on an EVP session in the Living Room area. The group sat in the Living Room and the male homeowner sat in his Bedroom on his bed. The group began an EVP session making sure to make evident that the male homeowner was now with us.

After a while, at 12:59 am, Missy began to feel very cold. Missy does have a tendency to be colder than everyone else so it was disregarded but it stopped suddenly and Jann began to feel cold. It lasted for a few minutes but then suddenly stopped. After the cold sensation stopped for Jann, the homeowner began to feel a rubbing on his forearm and felt very cold. After a few minutes it stopped for him also. It was very strange and the group was unable to debunk it. The group continued asking questions and tried communicating with anyone who would be willing. After the cold feelings nothing else was experienced and the group decided to end the investigation.

END TIME: 1:23 am




The claims of activity at this residence were very interesting. Though none of the activity was captured via equipment the night of the investigation, it is the professional opinion of PIM that further research would need to be conducted before a final conclusion could be made about the possibility of paranormal activity at this particular location. PIM would be very excited to return to continue studying this location.

PIM would like to thank the homeowner's for inviting us to their property and being great hosts! PIM would be happy to come back to do a follow-up investigation at a later date.