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Private Residence
August 21, 2010
Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee (PIM)

INVESTIGATORS: Noah, Karen, and Marty


Noah, Karen and Marty arrived at the location around 2 pm on August 21. Karen and Noah brought in some of the equipment while Marty stayed outside - he is one of the group sensitives. Noah wanted to make sure the owners didn't discuss the paranormal activities before Marty did a walkthrough of the location to document his impressions. Karen, another group sensitive, was aware of some of the activities as she had been working with the clients prior to the investigation for several months.

When the all-clear was given, all three group members were given a tour of the home and outdoor locations by the owners.

After the tour was completed, Karen and Marty went around on the property documenting their impressions while Noah sat with the owners to discuss their experiences.

  • Children apparitions have been seen
  • Clothes were moved
  • Lights turned on by themselves
  • A walker was seen moving by itself - there are no walkers in the home
  • Attic Room door has appeared to open by itself and can be much colder than the rest of the house
  • Singing had been heard during celebrations
  • Apparitions of a floating head, a young girl with curly red hair, and a young boy with an injury to his face dressed in 19th century clothing

While doing her impressions, Karen was near the propane tank around 3:04 pm on the side of the house when she thought she heard a male voice say something. She originally thought it was Noah and one of the owners from inside the house, but after taking a minute to listen, she didn't hear anyone else. Also because of where the house it in accordance to other homes in the area, she thought it was possibly one of the neighbors in the distance. Again, there were no other voices, and the voice almost sounded too clear and loud to be a traveling voice.

After completing their observation of the outside, both Karen and Marty came back into the house and were upstairs while Noah completed the interview process. Both Karen and Marty noted during this time the Attic Room was much cooler than it was previously in the day. No windows were open and there was no circulation in the room.

After Noah concluded the interview process, Marty and Karen were invited to join the rest of the household to help prepare for the fabricated birthday party - this was to be an experiment to see if a celebration would cause a rise in activity. After setting up a few cameras and voice recorders, the birthday party started at 4:15 pm in the living room with the owners and their children - all group members sat in observation in other parts of the house.

No activities appeared to occur at this time, and it was concluded around 4:45 pm. All equipment was left running while all PIM members left at 4:55 pm to go to dinner. The owners and their children would leave shortly after - the children would be left at a relative's for the night.

PIM returned to the house around 6:30 pm, and were told by one of the owners that the Attic Room door upstairs appeared to have opened while they were gone. Marty claimed he completely shut the door while he and Karen were upstairs waiting for Noah to call them down during the interview process. Noah took a look at the video footage that would have captured the door during the birthday party and everyone out of the house - it was noted the door was partially opened prior to the camera being set up. This meant it would have occurred between 3:45 to 4:15 pm if Marty did in fact close the door completely.

After trying to understand the door situation, Karen and Marty went over their impressions with the owners about their findings. After that, all PIM members set the rest of their equipment up. It would be noted by Noah and Karen the Attic Room was back to normal temperature compared to the house at this time.


After all equipment was set up, all PIM members left the house at 9:05 pm. They then went to the lower part of the barn to try an electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) session - the owners would stay outside the majority of the investigation.

While in the barn in the area near the silo, at 9:11 pm Marty attempted to contact the male farmer he picked up on earlier through trance - meaning the attempt to allow the spirit to use him as a vessel to communicate. After allowing the spirit in, he was unable to get any information from him other than he wanted to go after a woman. The reason behind this was not found. At 9:26 pm he tried a second time to communicate with the female that was previously noted. Through Marty, it was gathered that the woman was 17-years old, she died by the hands of her uncle (the farmer) and her name was Mary (Karen picked up the name Margaret originally).

No actual paranormal activity occurred during this time, and the group ended the session at 9:41 pm. Returning into the house at 9:46 pm, the group would begin an EVP session in the Living Room around 9:58 pm. While trying to contact the "children" spirits, the K2 meter went off at one point. No other activities occurred. It was not found if the K2 activity was paranormal or not. The EVP session then ended at 10:27 pm.

Heading to the changing room, the group spread out throughout the area. They conducted an EVP session at 10:30 pm. Marty stated he felt hot on the upper portion of his back - Noah checked but did not find any marks. While conducting the EVP session, Karen would note she felt there was a female at the bottom of the stairs going to the second level that was not happy. Marty then stated his arm also felt hot, but nothing appeared to form. The EVP session ended at 10:39 pm and the group headed upstairs.

Spread throughout the main bedroom area, the group attempted another EVP session. During this time, Karen felt the need to go to the Children's Bedroom where she conducted an EVP session at 10:49 pm. No activities occurred during this time and she returned back to the main room at 10:54 pm. Marty's K2 meter would again go off at one point, but it was not clear as to if it were paranormal in natural or not.

Heading to the Attic Room at 11:10 pm, the group attempted a quick EVP session which ended at 11:15 pm. No activities occurred.

The group decided to leave the house for a bit and headed back to the lower level of the barn. They conducted a mini EVP session from 11:37 to 11:45 pm. No activities occurred.

The owners were then asked by the group to attempt an EVP/seance session in the house to see if they could communicate with any of the spirits. All PIM members and the two owners sat in the living room at 11:57 pm to make the attempt.

During this time, Marty would be in contact with several spirits: Amy, Jacob, Samuel and a few others he had no names for. Karen would feel spirits come in and out of the room, but was unable to figure out who they were except that one was a female. She would also claim at one point she thought she felt a small hand touch her left hand.

The group ended the EVP/seance session at 12:40 pm. The group decided to wrap up the investigation, packed all their equipment and left the residence at 1:10 am.




Although no evidence was found, the claims of activity cannot be ignored. Paranormal activity can't be called upon to manifest at will and as such most investigations end up with little to no evidence. Further investigations would need to be conducted in order to draw any conclusions about the residence. PIM would like to thank the owners for being very accommodating during our investigation and look forward to future opportunities to revisit this location.