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Private Residence
June 30th, 2012
Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee (PIM)

INVESTIGATORS: Gravy, Randy, Stephanie, and Jann

ENVIRONMENTAL DATA - Time taken: 8:10 pm

Weather Outside: Sunny/Clear, slightly Windy

Outside Temperature: 90 degrees

Wind Speed: 6 mph

Barometric Pressure: 29.86

Humidity: 40%

Moon Phase: 89% Full Waxing Gibbous

Geomagnetic Field: Unsettled

Solar X-rays: M-class flare

Solar Wind Speed: 668.9 km/sec

Solar Wind Density: 4.0 protons/cm3

Radio Sun: 10.7 cm flux; 117 sfu

Planetary K-index Now: Kp=3; quiet

Planetary K-index 24hr Max: Kp=4; quiet

Interplanetary Magnetic Field Btotal: 6.7 nT

Interplanetary Magnetic Field Bz: 4.2 nT north

Sunspot: Yes; 97

Coronal Holes: None


Gravy, Randy, Jann, and Stephanie arrive at the location shortly after 7:30 pm. The owners were sitting outside at the time and the group chatted with them for a short time. Jann sat to discuss claims with the female owner while the male owner walked the remaining group around the property and in the barn to discuss claims. After the initial walk thru, the group brought in their equipment and began setting up and taking environmental readings. Jann continued to sit with both owners discussing the claims.

During set up the group attempted to debunk some of the claims listed below. The main reason PIM was called was for the recent activity of tea cups being removed from a closed wicker basket and stacked into the middle of the room. This activity could not be proven as paranormal. The possibility that it was played with by a living being and was left in the middle of the room unnoticed was the only natural explanation. However, the claim that the cups that were stacked and knocked over by a cat but then would unnaturally stay on their sides when they were bottom heavy was debunked by the group. The group started by dropping the cups a few inches off the ground to see if they would fall and stay on their sides. This was easily achieved. The next was getting them to stay on their sides for a long period of time. This was also achieved. The group started with three cups they purposely dropped on their sides. They then began pounding on the floor and making other vibrations to see if the cups would roll upright. Only one out of the three cups rolled up. The group put a camera on the cups and left them the way they were to see if the cups would move anymore throughout the night. By the end of the night, the cups were still in the same position with one upright and two on their sides still. No other evidence of paranormal activity was caught in relation to the tea set.

During set up, Randy and Gravy were taking readings in the barn when Randy's Negative Ion detector was randomly going off in a doorway between two rooms. No explanation was found as to the cause of the readings. The group finished set up and gathered inside to begin the investigation.


When the family returned from vacation, they found a tea cup set, normally in a closed wicker basket, stacked in the middle of bedroom floor. They placed a 5 second snap shot camera on the stacked tea cups to see if they would move more. The camera showed a cat had knocked over the stack of cups. One of the bottom heavy cups that fell from the stack remained on its side for a short time before rolling upright. Since this camera took a picture every 5 seconds it was hard to determine what exactly moved it upright.

  • A small child was seen singing through the Living Room wall
  • A small child seen in the Bathroom by the young daughter
  • Orbs seen in the young boy's room
  • Smokey child-like figure seen in Kitchen with a gash in his head
  • Attic door in Master Bedroom opened and shut unexpectedly
  • Creepy feeling in Master Bedroom closet

START TIME: 9:33 pm

LOCATION: Lower Level

The group situated themselves in the lower level of the house. Jann and Stephanie sat in the Living Room, Gravy in the Porch, and Randy sat in the Kitchen. The group observed 5 minutes of silence to get accustomed to the natural sounds of the building and the outdoor noises. It was noted that fireworks could be heard from neighboring towns. Some of the cats that were outside were also very active and making noises outside the porch area. No activity occurred during the EVP session in this area and the group moved to a new location.

END TIME: 9:55 pm

START TIME: 10:02 pm

LOCATION: Upstairs

The group situated themselves throughout the upper level. Randy sat in the Children's Room, Gravy in the Master Bedroom, Jann in the Attic space, and Stephanie sat in the closet. The group observed silence again noting the fireworks outside. At 10:16 pm Stephanie noticed a pin point flash of blue light in the closet. Its source was undetermined and it didn't occur again. No other notable activity occurred at this time and the group decided to head out to the barn due to the heat inside the house.

END TIME: 10:26 pm

START TIME: 10:42 pm


The group spread out in the barn and observed 5 minutes of silence. After the control silence was concluded, they began an EVP session. At 11:12 pm, Stephanie noticed a black mass outside a barn window. Gravy went outside the window to help Stephanie debunk what she had seen. It was noticed that the barn window was approx. 10 feet up from ground level on the exterior of the barn. Gravy stood in the area where Stephanie saw the black mass move. At that spot, Stephanie couldn't see Gravy unless he had his arms in the air. This means the mass was either tall or was flying. No other activity occurred during this time and the group decided to re-enter the house.

END TIME: 11:45 pm

START TIME: 11:56 pm

LOCATION: Upstairs

The group spread out in the upper level and began an EVP session. Nothing occurred during this time. At 12:34 am, Gravy noticed the battery on his camera in the Children's Bedroom had died and the group ended the EVP session. Gravy took his camera with him to take out to the Barn to capture evidence while attempting some experiments.

END TIME: 12:35 am

START TIME: 12:40 am

LOCATION: Lower Level

The group situated themselves throughout the lower level. Gravy and Stephanie sat in the Living Room, Jann sat in the doorway between the Kitchen and Living Room and Randy sat in the computer nook. Prior to the start of the EVP session, Gravy played music through his ES device. The ES device converts sound into an EMF signal. The theory is that if the paranormal uses EMF to communicate with us then maybe if we also use EMF to communicate that we would have a better chance of receiving responses. At 1:02 am, Gravy saw a dark mass move from the doorway of the Kitchen towards the TV in the living room. No source of the shadow was discovered and no video evidence was caught of the incident. No other events occurred and the group ended the session shortly thereafter.

END TIME: 1:11 am

START TIME: 1:20 am


The group went to the barn and surrounded a child's tractor. Gravy placed a baseball, a touch flashlight and his Mel Vibe EMF detector next to Randy's Ion detector on the back of the tractor. With Gravy's Sony SR42 video camera aimed at these trigger objects, the group began an EVP session asking for something to interact with any of these devices. The ion detector went off randomly and often. Though the group would ask questions and the ion detector would interact, the group couldn't get it to stop when asked. It was decided that the ion detector wasn't being used for communication by anything paranormal and it was coincidence that it went off a few times when asked. Just before 1:45 am, several members of the group heard a whistling sound come from the North side of the barn. Gravy went outside the barn to see if any humans were present and no source of the whistle was found. At 1:50 am, the ion detector went off again randomly. Nothing happened after this and the group concluded their EVP session.

END TIME: 1:51 am

The group concluded their investigation. After gathering their equipment and packing up, the owners were notified, thanked, and the group left.




This was PIM's second visit to this location. The main reason for our return trip was an incident involving a tea set where the set was believed to have been moved while the family was on vacation and then a cup seemed to move by itself while a camera had been recording. After some debunking, it was determined that the cups can right themselves after sometime due to vibration, which is the most likely reason for the cups movement. The incident involving the removal of the tea set while the family was away can't be tested directly, but it should be noted that it is possible the set was left out on accident and was not noticed or forgotten by the family before they left. No other natural explanation could be determined.

PIM would like to stress that the activity at the home is anything but threatening and nothing there should be feared by any of the family members living there. The claims of activity at this location are varied and extraordinary, but they do not occur very often which leads us to believe this location has low activity overall.

PIM would like to thank those who made this investigation possible and would be happy to come back to do a follow-up investigation at a later date.