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Private Residence
January 22, 2011
Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee (PIM)

INVESTIGATORS: Noah, Karen, Gravy, Kimberly


The first set of investigators would arrive to the residence around 6:10 pm - Kimberly would arrive shortly after. The group unloaded their equipment and was greeted by the client. After talking with the client for about 20 minutes, Karen went around the house to document her sensitive impressions, Gravy went around documenting electromagnetic field (EMF) and temperature readings while Noah started to set up the equipment. After Kimberly arrived, she would also go around and document her sensitive impressions of the building.

  • Footsteps heard upstairs
  • A shadowy/misty object seen near the lower bedroom
  • Banging noises
  • Singing being heard
  • Feeling physically grabbed

NOTE: This was an emergency case for PIM as children were involved, and they are uncomfortable. Cases of this nature are a number one priority.

After Karen completed her impressions and outside-weather conditions, she took over Gravy's job of EMF/Temperature readings while he took baseline photos of the location. While doing an EMF sweep of the upstairs hallway crawlspace, Karen heard what sounded like a male whispering her name or something with two syllables - this occurred at 7:10 pm. The door was closed at the time, so she opened it and saw Kimberly and the client standing and talking. She asked if anyone whispered really loud and they said no. Shortly after the whispering noise was heard again - this time Kimberly also heard it. Although it was captured on video audio, we are not submitting it because it was extremely hard to hear - even with the volume raised all the way.

The client would leave shortly after to head to another location during the investigation, and the group would have all equipment set and running at 8:08 pm. After Karen and Kimberly went over their impressions with the group, Noah and Gravy decided they would try to get into the crawlspace that is accessible from the left bedroom - the client was unable to get it open.

After Gravy and Noah succeeded in getting the door open, Karen and Kimberly went in to see if they could pick up on anything, which they didn't. But there did appear to be some mouse droppings along some of the shelves that were in the room.


The group began the night's investigation on the second floor where Karen and Kimberly picked up on the most energy - Noah sat in the crawlspace, Gravy was in the hallway, Karen in the left bedroom and Kimberly the right bedroom. They attempted an electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) session to contact the negative male that appears to stay on the 2nd level. At one point during the EVP session, Noah felt his back get touched, but it was not found if it were paranormal in nature. The group concluded the session at 9:19 pm and listened to the session on Noah's Panasonic RR-DR60.

All members then decided to switch spots after Karen kept picking up on a boy in the right bedroom who wanted to talk to her. Karen went to the bedroom while Gravy was in the left bedroom along with Kimberly and Noah in the hallway. The EVP session lasted from 9:31 to 9:50 pm with no activities occurring. Karen felt the boy's name was "Thomas".

When the group came back downstairs for a quick break, they looked around to see if they could figure out what caused the moving sound they heard earlier. Nothing seemed to be out of place, except for a small white trash can that was sitting in front of the dishwasher. The group was unsure if this trashcan had been there before, but Karen was certain it wasn't. Unfortunately during baseline photos, the area wasn't photographed. In relation to the noise, after all PIM members went through their evidence, it was found the refrigerator was the cause of the noise.

After deciding to head to the basement, the group decided to conduct an EVP session in the cellar to contact the female Kimberly felt earlier. The group conducted an EVP session from 10:07 to 10:15 pm, and then proceeded to listen to the session on the DR60. Just before the group stopped the session, Karen (who was standing just outside of the room), thought she saw a male shadow standing between her and Kimberly that quickly disappeared. It was thought it could have been from the outside light playing tricks on her eyes, so Gravy placed a piece of wood in the cellar window to block out most of it. The group then continued to do an EVP session from 10:25 to 10:31 pm - no activities occurred.

While heading back to the main level, Noah stopped by the door that leads into the kitchen from the backdoor stairs and looked through the window. At one point he thought he saw a shadow moving in the dining room and heard some noises. The group officially walked back into the kitchen at 10:43 pm.

After another short break, the group headed to the lower bedroom area and conducted an EVP session from 10:50 to 11:01 pm. No activities were noted.

Per a suggestion from Karen earlier in the evening, the group split up into two groups - Karen and Kimberly, and Noah and Gravy. Karen felt the negative male spirit upstairs wanted the women to come upstairs by themselves. Noah and Gravy would stay in the living room and observe things.

Once upstairs, Karen and Kimberly started their EVP session in the hallway crawl space at 11:04 pm. No activities occurred during that time, and due to the cold temperatures, they then moved to the bedrooms shortly after at 11:12 pm (Karen the left bedroom, Kimberly the right). They conducted another EVP session. They again noticed no activities and concluded their session upstairs at 11:37 pm.

They headed back downstairs and sat in the living room with both Noah and Gravy. The group did a mixture of casual conversation mixed with a few EVP questions. At one point, Noah would hear something on the couch between him and Kimberly. It was not known if it was paranormal in nature. They concluded this session at 12:05 am with Gravy and Noah heading to the 2nd level to investigate - Karen and Kimberly stayed in the living room.

Noah and Gravy started their investigation in the right bedroom. Gravy sat on the floor in front of the bed and Noah sat in the chair at the end of the bed. An EVP session was conducted first focusing on the possible child spirit and then turning to the negative male. No abnormal occurrences happened. Noah and Gravy then moved to the left bedroom. Gravy sat on the floor at the foot of the bed and Noah sat on the floor between the bed and the wall that borders that attic. An EVP session was again conducted but no activity occurred. It was then decided that the male spirit may be residing in the hallway closet/attic space and so Gravy and Noah moved to that location. Gravy sat in the attic space while Noah stayed in the hallway just outside the doorway. Another EVP session was conducted but once again no activities occurred.

The group then met back downstairs and decided to wrap up the investigation at 1 am. The group then packed up all of their equipment and put everything back in its original condition (e.g. blinds, objects, etc). They then packed up their cars and left at 1:35 am.


AUDIO: See clips in Evidence tab.


PIM investigated the residence with a mind to find answers for the family. During the investigation we employed many techniques to try and elicit a response from anything residing at this residence. We did not succeed in getting a large response during our investigation, but we were able to capture a few EVPs during our investigation although we were not able to discern what was being said. During our investigation we did not seem to come in contact with any malevolent entity. However, this may be just because we were a new presence in the house and the entity could have stayed away from us. PIM is dedicated to do everything in its power to help the client and will monitor the situation closely to see if further intervention is required.

01/22/11 Private Residence
8:44pm Bathroom Hallway:

Child's voice.
01/22/11 Private Residence
9:33pm Right Bedroom:

Unintelligible answer to question asked by Karen.
01/22/11 Private Residence
9:34 pm Right Bedroom:

Unintelligible answer to another question asked by Karen.
01/22/11 Private Residence
9:35 pm Right Bedroom:

Unintelligible answer to another question asked by Karen.