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Private Residence
February 5, 2011
Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee (PIM)

INVESTIGATORS: Noah, Karen, Gravy, Jarod, Marty, with special guest Aaron from Forest City Paranormal Society


PIM previously investigated the caretaker's home just up the road two weeks prior. At around 4:30 pm the group met with them to go over the previous investigation. Marty was asked to speak with the family as they wanted to have their home cleansed to see if it would help. This is not part of PIM's practices and is something Marty is doing on the side to help the family (for no charge).

After the prior investigation discussion, all PIM members along with the caretakers headed to a home that was a short distance up the road - they arrived at 5:15 pm. The house being investigated is vacant and is part of the Mequon Nature Preserve - PIM had permission to investigate.

When all equipment was unloaded, Karen and Marty went around the location and documented their impressions, while Gravy did baseline readings. The caretakers along with Marty would head back to their house after Marty was done. Marty would later come back to the location for the investigation.

At 5:50 pm, all PIM members (except Marty at the time) met in the Sunroom and went over Karen's and Marty's impressions. After that, the group would move all of their equipment to the Dining Room as that was the one part of the house Karen and Marty didn't get much in relation to possible activity.

NOTE: The group came in to investigate not having much in claims of paranormal activity to go off of other than hearing it was supposedly extremely haunted. The only claim mentioned to PIM was that of a man being seen in the Upstairs Bedroom.

While Noah, Jarod and Karen were helping set up the equipment, Gravy went around and took baseline photos at 6:24 pm. Marty would arrive shortly after and would leave with Gravy to grab some batteries and food for the evening. Toys were also placed in the Whale Room and in the Upstairs Bedroom to try to see if the children supposedly in the house would play with them.


After a quick food break, the group decided to spread out throughout the first floor (Noah the stairwell heading to the 2nd floor, Marty the Sunroom, Jarod the Lower East Bedroom, Karen the Whale Room and Gravy the Kitchen). The group started the session in silence at 8:43 pm to listen to the normal building sounds.

During this time, the group would hear weird noises that were unexplainable including popping noises and possible voices - including children and male voices. It's not sure if this was in relation to the temperature changes of the house. At 9:04 pm, Karen thought she saw a visual orb fly by her left side about the size of a baseball and very dull in color - this did not appear on any video footage. No other activities occurred, but Marty would claim there was a cold spot by his right side and felt someone grabbing his hand. Using her thermometer, Karen was able to note there were no changes in temperature. The group concluded this session at 9:09 pm.

It should be noted that during the EVP session, Karen asked how many people there were in the house, and both she and Marty thought they got the same response - they both mentioned "7," but Marty felt it could have been "7-10".

After a short break, the group decided to split into groups. Group 1 included Noah, Marty and Gravy, and Group 2 was Karen and Jarod.

START TIME: 9:15 pm

GROUP 1 - Basement

Marty, Gravy and Noah began their investigation in the Furnace Room. Marty sensed the spirit of an angry man who was holding an ax. Noah closed the door to this room to create as much darkness as possible. Marty then tried to communicate with the man with the ax but had little luck. Marty sensed that he was German in descent and didn't like Marty because he thought he was Jewish. An EVP session was conducted with the Panasonic RR-DR60 but no EVPs were captured.

At around 9:45 pm the group decided to move on to other parts of the basement. As Noah moved towards the door to leave he felt like something pushed him with two fingers in the back. He stated that it wasn't much pressure but still there. Noah attempted to recreate the feeling by moving the same way many times to ensure it wasn't his clothing shifting that caused the sensation. The feeling was not repeated nor did he feel it again the rest of the evening.

At 9:50 pm the group moved to the Coal Room which was right at the bottom of the basement stairs. Marty said he sensed the spirit of a young man in the room so Gravy and Noah went into the room to try and get a response from the man. However, when Gravy and Noah entered the room, Marty sensed the spirit leave. The spirit seemed to be afraid of us. Everyone then moved into the apartment portion of the basement to see if we could communicate with the man cleaning up that was sensed by Karen. As soon as we moved to this other area Marty stated that the male spirit had returned to the Coal Room. It was decided Noah would attempt an EVP session with his Panasonic RR-DR60 recorder while Gravy and Marty stayed back in the Laundry Room.

Noah began his EVP session at 9:55 pm. Shortly after starting Noah heard a metallic noise in the Furnace Room that they hadn't heard previously. A reason for this noise was not able to be located.

NOTE: Subsequent review of the audio from this investigation only yielded one occurrence of this noise which was the same time Noah heard it. Although we can't determine definitively that the noise was caused by something paranormal, we can rule out normal noises made by the furnace and other equipment in that room since the noise did not occur again during the course of the investigation.

Noah concluded his EVP session at 9:58 pm and reviewed the audio right away. Unfortunately, no EVPs were captured. At this time it was decided to regroup with the rest of the team and everyone left the basement at 10:02 pm.

GROUP 2 - Upstairs Bedroom

Karen and Jarod spread out in the area with Karen sitting near the doorway and Jarod sitting on one of the beds. Karen tried to make contact with a boy she picked up in the room by trying to use the "flashlight game" of unscrewing part of it to see if a spirit could make it turn on - it didn't turn on at all throughout this EVP session. They also tried to see if the child would play with the small truck that was left there for him to play with.

Karen also would make note that she picked up on an adult male in the room, but he didn't appear to want to interact. Both Karen and Jarod would hear a few odd noises and an owl outside the window, but nothing paranormal appeared to occur during their investigation.

END TIME: 10:05 pm

After both groups met back on the main level, they took a quick break. There were a few times all group members thought they heard a few voices, but it's not known if they were paranormal in nature or if it was the house settling. The groups then decided to switch locations after the break was over.

START TIME: 10:15 pm

GROUP 1 - Upstairs Bedroom

Marty and Gravy started in the upstairs bedroom with Noah staying in the area with the cabinets. Marty stated "Matilda" came up the stairs after they went upstairs and was standing on the landing. Noah decided to do an EVP session with his RT-EVP recorder. He tried provoking "Matilda" into doing something by saying he was going to tear the house down. Nothing happened during this EVP session.

At 10:30 pm Noah then moved into the upstairs bedroom with Marty and Gravy. Marty started channeling a scared boy who was about 5-years old. The boy seemed to be interested in the toy truck that was placed on the bed as a trigger object. Marty also stated the boy was very scared of "Matilda" and the man with the ax in the basement was possibly his father. Marty also got the impression the boy was beaten with a belt regularly and he had a younger sister that stayed in the room with him.

An EVP session was conducted at 10:40 pm to try and communicate with the boy as well as "Matilda", who Marty said moved to the doorway of the room but would not enter. No activity occurred during this session - which concluded at 10:55 pm. It was decided to meet up with the rest of the team at this point and so everyone left the upstairs area at 11:00 pm and met back on the first floor.

GROUP 2 - Basement

Karen and Jarod started their investigation of the basement in the Laundry Room. While there, they tried to communicate with the male Karen picked up on earlier in the night - she noted he wasn't there during the EVP session. After no activities occurred, they then moved to the Furnace Room about 20 minutes later. While there, they tried to communicate with the male Marty picked up early that was carrying an ax. Again, no activities occurred, and they decided to try to do an EVP session by the base of the stairs.

While trying to communicate with the spirit of a young man Marty picked up in the Coal Room, Karen thought the young man's name was "Jimmy" but wasn't able to pick up on anything else. No other activities occurred and the group headed back upstairs.

END TIME: 11:00 pm

The group then took another break, but it was a little bit longer. While sitting in the Dining Room, Karen at one point thought she smelled ammonia or cat litter. The source of it wasn't found and would go away shortly after. She would not notice it again during the investigation.

All group members then headed to the Attic area at 11:43 pm to see if they could contact anyone that was up in the space. After spreading out throughout the area, the group did a brief EVP session as Aaron from Forest City Paranormal Society arrived to join the group for the evening - he has been helping the group with a paranormal documentary. He arrived around midnight.

Everyone then went back to the main level to meet with Aaron. Aaron got his camera out for the evening and did a few short interviews with the group members - starting with Noah. During Noah's interview there was a few times the other group members thought they heard voices coming from the hallway as they all stood in the Sunroom. There seemed to be a few times while even Karen and Marty did a brief interview the other members thought they heard voices from the hallway.

After all the interviews were done, the group, along with Aaron, headed back to the Attic at 12:47 am to do a more thorough EVP session. While up there, Marty picked up on two children that were in one of the side rooms. They didn't seem to be responding to any of the questions being asked. Noah was using his RT-EVP recorder. No other activities occurred during this time, and everyone headed back to the first level at 1:05 am.

Taking another quick break, all group members headed to the Upstairs Bedroom area at 1:30 am with Gravy at the bottom of the stairs, Noah at the top of the stairs, Jarod by the cupboards, Marty between the stairs and bedroom door and Karen in the bedroom. Karen attempted to conduct an EVP session with the boy in the bedroom since he appeared to like her the most.

While the EVP session was going on, Marty kept feeling "Matilda" and the farmer coming up the stairs, but felt they couldn't go past the top of the stairs. Gravy and Aaron would both state they thought they saw a red light near the stairs, but not sure what was causing it. Karen, who moved from the bedroom to the door frame area, would also make mention that at one point the area between her and Noah was increasingly dark over the time the group was there.

Marty suggested trying to charge the energy in the house by increasing the anxiety levels. Marty thought that the spirits might react to the change in atmosphere. The group then began shouting loudly at the spirits trying to recreate arguments. No activities occurred and the group concluded this session at 2:15 am.

To wrap up the evening, the group decided to try out the Frank's Box to see if they could communicate with the spirits that way. They would attempt this in the first floor hallway with the people asking questions in the Sunroom.

NOTE: A "Frank's Box" is a device that is set up to run through radio stations at half a second each. It is theorized that spirits are able to use these radio waves to speak through the box which can be heard as full words or sentences.

PIM uses a different technique than most when using the Frank's Box. Unlike most teams, PIM believes that having everyone who is asking the questions listen to the box for responses is flawed. By allowing those who are asking the questions to listen for answers it is too easy to construe something into an intelligent response. Also, when one person says they think they hear something it is easy for others to agree. Much like an EVP, when you tell someone what it says it is hard for them to hear anything else. To try and make this a more controlled experiment, PIM has the people listening to the Frankís Box a short distance away from the people asking the questions and the listeners wear noise cancelling headphones so they can't hear what questions are being asked. The people asking the questions then tailor their questions to the responses the listenerís are giving, treating the session like a conversation. By having at least two people independently listening to the Frank's Box, and having neither of them knowing what questions are being asked, the chances for receiving an intelligent response to a question and not just paradolia (making sense out of nonsense) or one person influencing another are increased.

Karen and Gravy were the first to take a listen to the box at 2:22 am. A few responses appeared to answer some of the questions being asked, but nothing concrete. Jarod would then replace Gravy in listening, but not further events occurred. The group concluded the Frank's Box session at 3:03 am.

The group decided then to wrap up for the evening and head home. They left around 3:45 am.




The investigation of this home was a unique experience since the home had been vacant for some time. It allowed PIM as a group the freedom to do and try any and all methods to attempt to make contact. PIM tried various methods to elicit a response from the various spirits that some of the sensitives in the group believed were there. However, we were not about to get a response during the investigation that we could hear or see and after reviewing the evidence we didn't find any response there either. PIM thinks that there may be something at the location, but further investigations are required to make a final determination. PIM would like to thank the caretakers of this home for allowing access for our investigation and hope we may revisit the property in the future.