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Private Residence
August 26th, 2011
Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee (PIM)

INVESTIGATORS: Karen, Mary, and Eric

ENVIRONMENTAL DATA - Time taken: 8:55 pm

Weather Outside: Partly cloudy

Outside Temperature: 77 degrees

Wind Speed: gusts from SW of 8 mph

Barometric Pressure: 29.91

Humidity: 59%

Moon Phase: Waning Crescent 6%

Geomagnetic Field: Quiet

Solar X-rays: Active


Mary and Eric arrived at the location at 8 pm. They talked with the client (who has been sensitive since she was a child) a little bit about the activities they were experiencing. The group members then started to take baseline electrical magnetic field (EMF) readings of the location. Karen would arrive at the location at 8:40 pm as she was just getting out of work.

Once at the location, Karen went around and took baseline pictures as well as did sensitive impressions of the residence. Mary and Eric continued to do baseline EMF readings until she was done.

Because of the high amount of EMF found in the apartment, Karen asked if there was a basement to the residence, which the client stated there was. The group then headed downstairs to see what was located underneath the unit. Upon seeing where the client's unit was compared to the basement, it was quickly noticed that all of the electric meters for the building were located under the client's bedroom. There were large amounts of EMF found from these meters, which was bleeding into the client's unit.

Once the group got back to the unit, the client then started to get ready to leave at 9:30 pm. The group wanted to experiment to see if there would be a difference in activity with the client gone for a couple hours, and then have them come back and finish the investigation with the group. After the client left the group finished placing their equipment in the locations that the activity was reported to have occurred, and they were ready to start the investigation around 10:20 pm.

Reported Activity Includes:
  • Magnets and other items moved
  • A stick was thrown at client causing a rib to break
  • Fan and light in the Dining Area turned on by themselves
  • Male was hit while in the bathroom
  • Client had reported seeing several spirits in her residence
  • Voice heard coming from bedroom
  • Touched and held down in bed

START TIME: 10:20 pm

LOCATION: Living Room/Dining Area

All group members spread out in the area with Mary and Eric in the Living Room with Karen sitting in the Dining Area. The group took about four minutes of silence to observe the normal sounds of the building. It was noticed a television from the upper unit could easily be heard, and a few voices from down the hall were also heard.

Karen kept noticing during this time that the K2 meter in the bedroom kept changing colors and asked Eric if he could take his Mel Meter over to it and compare readings at 10:26 pm. At that time, Eric thought he saw someone peek around the corner of the bedroom and dart back in. No evidence of this was captured on video.

It was found upon placing the Mel Meter next to the K2 that the EMF levels in that area continuously fluxed. Knowing the electrical boxes were located just under the bedroom, the group associated these EMF changes to that, which ranged between 2.2 and 7.0.

The group started an electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) session at 10:24 pm. At 10:34 pm, Karen heard a knock come from the kitchen, which later on the client would say happens occasionally. Eric also at this time thought he saw what looked like a white hand behind Karen. Again no video evidence of this was caught.

After no other activities occurred, the group concluded the session at 10:57 pm and headed to the Bedroom.

START TIME: 10:57 pm


Once in the space, the group continued to do an EVP session. It was noticed when it was quiet in the room there was a buzzing sound coming from the electric meters below the room. The group then stopped the EVP session and carried on casual conversation for a short while as it has been known that sometimes spirits may try to reach out more when they are being ignored.

At 11:10 pm Eric thought he heard the sound of shifting coming from the Living Room. This was not captured on any of the voice recorders in that area. After no activities occurred, Mary moved into the Living Room at 11:18 pm as she thought she was an energy damper. The group continued to carry casual conversation for a short while longer and then continued to do an EVP session.

When the client then returned to the location at 11:38 pm the group concluded the session and decided to take a quick break in the Living Room.

Shortly after taking a quick break, the group and the client spread out in the Living Room with Eric sitting in the Dining Area.

START TIME: 11:47 pm

LOCATION: Living Room/Dining Area

The group aimed their questions toward the "older woman" and the "negative male" the client sensed were in the room with them. At one point, Eric felt there was someone standing behind him, but no video footage was able to capture this. He did mention also at one point he thought he heard footsteps coming from the Kitchen. No audio of this was captured.

When no additional activities occurred during this time, Eric and Karen decided to switch spots at 12:10 am. The group continued to do an EVP session.

While continuing the session, Karen pointed out at around 12:15 am that she felt a sensation like fingers going through the back of her hair. Soon after at 12:24 am Eric reported feeling something touch his elbow as he sat on the couch. No evidence of either of these personal experiences was captured.

At 12:39 am the group decided to switch things up by having the client go into their bedroom to continue the EVP session while Eric sat in the Dining Area where he could keep an eye on the client to make sure they were okay - Karen and Mary remained in the Living Room.

The group continued to ask questions directed toward the "older woman" and the "negative male", but again no activities occurred at that time. At 1:04 am Karen switched spots with the client in the hopes that this would cause any of the spirits to act up.

At 1:30 am, the group concluded the investigation after no additional activities occurred. They then packed up their equipment. Mary talked to the client about smudging the apartment with sage and how they needed to claim their home as theirs and to let the spirits know not to bother them.

The group officially left the location at 2 am.




This was an interesting case as the client reported that some of the activities occurred at a prior residence, and then started again at their current residence. Although PIM was unable to find any evidence to prove any paranormal claims at the location, it was noticed that because of the higher EMF levels in the unit that it could be a way for spirits to feed off of the energy. It should also be noted that with high EMF levels if anyone is sensitive to EMF they might feel as if they are being watched or that something is there that normally isn't. Additional investigations of this location might be beneficial for PIM and the client to try other experiments as well as to see if any evidence could be captured.

PIM would like to thank the client for allowing them to investigate on such short notice. We look forward to investigating the location again in the future.