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Private Residence
February 15th, 2014
Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee (PIM)

INVESTIGATORS: John, Denys, and Mary

ENVIRONMENTAL DATA - Time taken: 7:38 pm

Weather Outside: Very cold and cloudy

Outside Temperature: 19 degrees F

Wind Speed: 4.0 mph

Barometric Pressure: 29.99 steady

Humidity: 58.1%

Moon Phase: 100% Full Moon

Geomagnetic Field: Active

Solar X-rays: Quiet

Solar Wind Speed: 587.5 km/sec

Solar Wind Density: 2.5 protons/cm3

Radio Sun: 10.7 cm flux; 141 sfu

Planetary K-index Now: Kp=6; storm

Planetary K-index 24hr Max: Kp=6; storm

Interplanetary Magnetic Field Btotal: 11.4 nT

Interplanetary Magnetic Field Bz: 6.2 nT south

Sunspot: Yes; 119

Coronal Holes: Yes; 1


The group arrived at the location at 7:00 pm and was invited inside by the client. The group then brought in equipment into the residence and set up base camp in the Living Room. The client escorted the group around the residence, which is a small, two bedroom apartment, and explained the different claims experienced by the occupants. The apartment is one of four apartments in the building. The client lives in the apartment with her five children. The client stated that she and her children were currently sleeping in the Living Room out of fear of the activity they perceived was occurring. When the children did sleep in the bedrooms, there was not a set location where each of the family members slept.

At 7:30 pm, the client and child who were there left the residence. The group then set up equipment in the apartment. Equipment was set up in the following locations:

Living Room: High definition video recorder and touch flashlight, as a trigger object.

Kitchen: High definition full spectrum "Spectorcamcorder", video recorder, Rem Pod, and a "Dark Matter" data logger that data logs surface and air temperature, barometric pressure, and several different EMF ranges.

Master Bedroom: Sony HDR-XR200V high definition video recorder with a wide angle lens, Rem Pod, Zoom H1 digital audio recorder and an EMF pump.

Kid's Bedroom: Sony HDR-SR5 video camera, Zoom H1 digital audio recorder, REM Pod, EM Vortex

Each investigator also wore a Zoom H1 digital audio recorder to act as a control recorder for the investigation. This recorder will be consulted if any anomalous audio is captured during the investigation to ensure the audio was not caused by one of the investigators. Once equipment was set up, the group took baseline EMF and temperature readings in the various rooms and recorded out weather conditions.

At 8:20 pm, Mary took baseline digital photographs to document where items were located in each of the rooms.


  • Apparition of a 12 year old boy wearing a white shirt observed in the Kitchen
  • Shadow figures observed in all rooms of the apartment
  • Disembodied voices heard in various rooms of the apartment
  • Apparition of a 12 year old boy wearing an orange shirt observed in the Master Bedroom
  • 18 year old daughter touched on her leg while lying in bed
  • Handles of closet door in Living Room rattling without them being touched
  • Footsteps being heard when no one was walking in the residence

It was quickly noted that sound was easily heard in the client's apartment coming from the other three apartments. Footsteps, voices, and music were easily heard from the surrounding apartments and could explain the voices and footsteps that were perceived as being paranormal by the client and family members.

Each of the rooms had windows where the light from passing cars would shine through, creating shadows moving across the walls. There was also a tall vacuum cleaner near the doorway to the Children's Bedroom, which in low light resembled the appearance of a person standing in the doorway.

Mary noted that when a person in the apartment directly above the Living Room walked in particular areas, this caused vibrations in the client's apartment that made the door handle on the closet in the Living Room vibrate and rattle somewhat. We were unable to debunk the other claims as we did not know the exact circumstance in which the claims were experienced by the client and her family members.


START TIME: 8:50 pm

LOCATION: Living Room

The group spread out as much as possible in the Living Room and had five minutes of controlled silence to note normal sounds occurring in that area. Voices from other apartments, footsteps from people walking in the apartment above the client's residence, and voices and car noises from outside the building could also be heard.

At 8:55 pm, the group began an EVP session. During this time, nothing unusual was experienced. It was during this EVP session, that it was noticed that the vacuum cleaner in the hallway could be misperceived as a shadow person standing there.

END TIME: 10:22 pm

START TIME: 10:24 pm

LOCATION: Kid's Bedroom

After five minutes of silence, the group began an EVP session.

At 10:35 pm, the group heard what sounded like a whisper originating from somewhere nearby. This was not caught on any audio recorders and likely originated from one of the other apartments in the building. The whisper was not in response to any questions asked. Nothing else unusual was experienced during this time.

END TIME: 11:20 pm

The group took a short break to check equipment.

START TIME: 11:40 pm

LOCATION: Master Bedroom

The group spread out in the Master Bedroom and conducted five minutes of controlled silence. The group asked numerous questions in an attempt to communicate with anything that might be present with negative results. The group also asked for physical responses, also with negative results.

END TIME: 12:05 am

START TIME: 12:06 am


The group moved to the Kitchen and began an EVP session after five minutes of controlled silence. It was again noted that lights coming through the windows in the Kitchen area produce shadows which can play tricks on a person's eyes. The client had mentioned that often shadow figures were observed out of the corner of the eye, which can cause a person to misinterpret what they are observing. The human eye is not made to perceive detail when things are viewed out of the corner of the eye, or using the peripheral vision. Thus anything that is viewed this way cannot be trusted. Nothing out of the ordinary was experienced during this time.

END TIME: 12:37 am

The investigation was terminated at 12:37 am and telephone contact was made with the client, who unbeknownst to us, was waiting outside the apartment building in her car. Several minutes later, the client returned to her apartment. We debriefed her as to what had occurred during the investigation and also provided the above mentioned possible natural explanations for some of the experiences she and her family had had. John suggested to the client that if unexplained activity continued, to document the specifics of what was experienced in a journal. John also advised the client that if she had any questions or concerns in the future, to feel free to contact PIM. The group then packed up their equipment and left the residence.




Although no unexplainable activity occurred during the investigation, and no evidence was obtained, PIM cannot say conclusively that paranormal activity has not occurred at the client's residence. Not every investigation yields evidence of paranormal activity, even if genuine paranormal activity is occurring at the location.

PIM would like to thank the client of this location for allowing them to investigate the paranormal claims experienced by the family. The client seemed to be comforted by the natural explanations that PIM was able to find for the reported experiences. PIM will continue to be a resource for the client in the event that activity continues or the client has any further questions.