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Private Residence
April 5th, 2013
Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee (PIM)

INVESTIGATORS: Noah, Gravy, Tony, and Chris

SPECIAL GUEST: Michael Brown, Executive Producer of Haunted State

ENVIRONMENTAL DATA - Time taken: 8:15 pm

Weather Outside: Cloudy

Outside Temperature: 42.6 degrees

Wind Speed: 3.0 mph

Barometric Pressure: 29.44

Humidity: 44.6%

Moon Phase: 21% Full Waning Crescent

Geomagnetic Field: Quiet

Solar X-rays: M-Class Flare

Solar Wind Speed: 283.4 km/sec

Solar Wind Density: 4.6 protons/cm3

Radio Sun: 10.7 cm flux; 129 sfu

Planetary K-index Now: Kp=1; quiet

Planetary K-index 24hr Max: Kp=1; quiet

Interplanetary Magnetic Field Btotal: 6.3 nT

Interplanetary Magnetic Field Bz: 2.4 nT north

Sunspot: Yes; 119

Coronal Holes: Yes; 2


The group arrived at the location at 7:00 pm and enter the bar area of the building were several patrons of the bar were enjoying drinks. Kyle, a member of PIM, was awaiting our arrival. Since he was one of the investigators that did the initial walk through, he showed the group around. Kyle showed the group around the vacant parts of the building and discussed the claims of activity. During this walk through, the group determined where equipment was going to be placed. It was also noted that the group was going to need to be very cautious during the night as there were many hazards alongside the falling debris, lead paint and asbestos that filled the vacant hallways and rooms.

Once the location of base camp was determined, the group parked their vehicle outside the nearest door and began establishing base camp in the banquet hall area in the northwest portion of the building.

The group began to unpack their equipment and prep their equipment to be placed at their predetermined areas. While Tony, Noah and Chris finished setting up their equipment, Gravy and Kyle went back to the bar area to meet up with Jann, another PIM member and Jim, the bar owner. The group finished setting up the equipment and everything was started and time stamped. At 8:30 pm, Noah, Gravy, Jann, Kyle, and Chris went into the bar area while Tony stayed at base camp. Noah spent the next 30 minutes doing a Q&A with the bar patrons.

At 9:00 pm, Gravy, Noah, Tony, Chris and Michael B. met back at base camp to gather last minute supplies before beginning the investigation.


  • There is what looks like a watermark in the shape of the "P" in the Pabst logo in the corner of the old boardroom table. It appeared one day and nobody knows how it got there. There was no water leaking from the ceiling above it
  • In the part of the building that was an 1858 schoolhouse, employees have heard the sound of children laughing near the staircase. This is where the plaster fell during the investigation
  • The owner, after toasting Captain Pabst while alone in the bar, felt what seemed to be the back of his neck being touched
  • People have reported eerie feelings in the coat check area

START TIME: 9:17 pm

LOCATION: 3rd Floor

The group situated themselves throughout the 3rd Floor and observed silence for several minutes to get accustomed to the natural sounds of the building. It was noted that the Bar area could be heard on this floor. It was also noted that traffic, not only on the street but also the nearby highway, could be heard in some parts of the 3rd Floor. After silence was observed, the group began an EVP session.

At 9:30 pm, a thump was heard on the floor of the Dismantled Room where Gravy was and a knock was heard in another room by Michael B. Noah went down the hallway to help determine where the knock might of come from. While Gravy was moving the Mel-Vibe to the part of the floor where he felt the thump come from, a large crashing noise occurred in the hallway. The group attempted to find out where the sound came from. Noah and Tony reviewed the camera that was on this floor to see if the movement was captured. However, nothing was seen upon reviewing the video. Cameras running on the 4th Floor and in the Dismantling Room were reviewed after the investigation and nothing is seen on these cameras either. After review of several audio devices, it was determined the sound came from the 3rd Floor but nothing was captured on any of the three cameras that were running at the time. It is assumed the sound came from plaster falling from the wall or ceiling.

At 9:49 pm, the group reset themselves and continued their EVP session. No other activity occurred during this time and the group returned to Base Camp.

END TIME: 10:03 pm

START TIME: 10:30 pm

LOCATION: Infirmary

The group spread throughout the Infirmary. After observing silence for several minutes, to get accustomed to the normal sounds of the building, they began an EVP session. At 10:38 pm, Gravy heard a shifting sound on the floor above him. No origin of the noise was determined. No other activity occurred during this time and the group returned to Base Camp.

END TIME: 10:51 pm

The group took a short break. At this time, Michael B. left the investigation for the night. The group went into the Bar area to warm up for a moment before continuing the investigation.

START TIME: 11:20 pm

LOCATION: 4th Floor

The group moved throughout the 4th Floor. Since there were no claims of activity on the 4th Floor the group moved from room to room investigating. No activity occurred during their time here and the group moved on.

END TIME: 11:50 pm

START TIME: 11:58 pm

LOCATION: Pabst Office

The group situated themselves in the office of Mr. Pabst. After observing silence for several minutes to get accustomed to the sounds of the building in this area, they began an EVP session. It was noted the bar noise could be heard. The group had placed trigger objects of a cigar and a Pabst Blue Ribbon beer in the office and directed questions to Mr. Pabst inviting him to enjoy these items the team had brought for him. Unfortunately, no activity occurred during this time and the group ended their EVP session.

END TIME: 12:30 am

The group went into the Bar to see if the patrons were gone and to take a short break. Since there were still people in there, they decided to continue their investigation in the Basement.

START TIME: 12:53 am

LOCATION: Basement

The group spread throughout the Basement. To get accustomed to the normal sounds of this part of the building, the group observed silence for several minute before beginning an EVP session. It was noted that the Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF) were high at head level throughout the Basement. This can be the cause of feeling uneasy for people who are sensitive to EMF. No activity occurred during their time in the Basement and the group ended their EVP session.

END TIME: 1:12 am

START TIME: 1:30 am


The group spread themselves throughout the Bar and observed silence for several minutes before beginning an EVP session. It was noted that the few people that were still in the building were isolated to the additional portion of the bar. No activity occurred during their time in the Bar and the investigation was concluded at this time.

END TIME: 1:48 am

Everyone collected the equipment from the areas they were investigating and headed back to base camp. After packing up all their equipment, the members of PIM loaded their equipment into the car and locked up. Noah informed the bartender of their departure and thanked them for having us.




PIM had a great investigation at this amazing location that is a combination of beautiful architecture and rich history. Although we did not find any evidence during our investigation, the history of this building leads PIM to want to investigate it further. We want to sincerely thank everyone who made this investigation possible and we consider ourselves truly fortunate to have been given this opportunity.

PIM would like to thank the owner Jim for inviting us to their property. PIM would be happy to come back to do a follow-up investigation at a later date.