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Four Seasons Resort
August 5-7, 2011
Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee (PIM)

INVESTIGATORS: Noah, Karen, Gravy


Weather Outside: Overcast

Outside Temperature: 76.8 degrees

Wind Speed: 0 mph

Barometric Pressure: 29.07

Humidity: 78.6%

Moon Phase: First Quarter 46% Full

Geomagnetic Field: Storm

Solar X-rays: Active


Weather Outside: Raining

Outside Temperature: 73.5 degrees

Wind Speed: 0-3.0 mph

Barometric Pressure: 28.86

Humidity: 91%

Moon Phase: First Quarter 55% Full

Geomagnetic Field: Storm

Solar X-rays: Active


Karen arrived prior to the rest of the investigators at 1 pm on August 5th as she was up in the area visiting family. Once she was situated at the resort, she took a tour of the location with one of the resort's employees who also gave a little information on the reports of activity she was aware of. Once she was done with the tour, Karen started taking baseline electromagnetic field readings (EMF) of the location to get a head start on the two-night investigation.

Once she was done completing her readings, she met with the resort manager to have him sign the confidentiality forms PIM uses for investigation agreement purposes.

At 4:07 pm, Noah and Gravy arrived at the location and unloaded their vehicle. Karen then took them on a tour of the location. They then decided to go to dinner quickly prior to setting up any equipment in the Ballroom area of the resort where much of the activity has been reported.


In relation to personal experiences, the group was told that the main night housekeeper would be the one to talk to, but she didn't start work until 11 pm.

  • Apparitions of a female and male have been seen in several parts of the building.
  • A worker had been touched while in the elevator.
  • A worker heard their name being called.
  • A rocking chair on a front-enclosed porch area was seen rocking back and forth at 3 am.
  • Guests have reported seeing shadows in their rooms in the hotel portion of the resort.
  • The paper towel dispensers in the Ladies Bathroom on the 1st Floor of the older part of the resort have been reported to go off simultaneously for no reason.
  • Water faucet in the Gents Bathroom turned on by itself in the older part of the resort.

At about 7 pm, Noah and Gravy headed up to the Ballroom area with their equipment while Karen did her sensitive impressions of the building. Once she was done on the 1st Floor of the older part of the resort, she headed up to the Ballroom floor with her equipment at 7:25 pm.

At that time, Gravy came into the room and noticed the door for Club Staff Only in the Winter Salon was open and wasn't previously while they were up there. It was later found that an employee went into the room, but hadn't shut it.

All of the group members started to work on trying to block any external light sources as well as figure out how to shut off some of the stand-by lighting systems on the floor. They also covered up any other small lights with electrical tape.

They then started to set up their cameras with special infrared lights and set up their voice recorders in the rooms they wanted to focus on. Karen also went outside at one point to do baseline environmental condition readings.

The group concluded the set up portion for the investigation at 10:05 pm and headed downstairs for a break. They would return back to the 2nd Floor at 10:30 pm.


Start Time: 10:39 pm

Location: Spring Salon

All group members spread out in the space with Karen near the piano, Gravy in the middle of the room with Noah near the front of it. The group took five minutes of silence to observe the normal sounds of the building. They would notice during this time that they could hear music from either the bar on the lower level or outside, along with a lot of voices. They then started an electronic voice phenomena (EVP) session at 10:45 pm.

During the session, the group asked general questions to see if they could solicit a response from any of the spirits that might be in the room. At one point, Karen reported feeling a warm sensation on her right shin and ankle with Noah shortly after reporting a tingling feeling on his face. It was not known if their personal experiences were paranormal as no video or audio evidence was able to back up any of the claims.

Soon after, Karen asked the group if they saw something like a light behind her as she saw a bright light out of the corner of her left eye. Right after she stated that Gravy reported seeing something suddenly block out a small amount of light from the windows, which were mostly covered with garbage bags.

The group concluded the session at 10:57 pm after no other activities occurred.

Since the group knew the housekeeper didn't start work until about 11 pm, they headed back down to the 1st Floor to see if they could find her and talk to her about her experiences. Luckily they were easily able to find her and talked with her for about twenty-five minutes.

After hearing about her experiences, and knowing she does a small ghost tour on Wednesdays and Fridays, the group headed back to the 2nd Floor to continue investigating before she took a small group through the area.

Start Time: 11:30 pm

Location: Summer Salon

All group members once again spread out throughout the space with Noah near the middle of the room, Karen on the right-hand side of it and Gravy near the doorway. They once again sat in silence for five minutes to observe the normal sounds of the building.

The group then started an EVP session around 11:35 pm trying to see if they could speak with any spirits who might be in the room. They tried to focus on talking to "Laura", who has been reported to be one of the spirits who remain at the resort.

Gravy at one point during the session would report feeling air go by his face. He brought out an EMF detector, but saw no drastic changes in the EMF reading. Karen at one point felt as if a "male" was standing near the doorway, but no video or audio evidence captured this.

The group concluded the session at 11:57 pm as they knew the tour group would be coming soon as the tour started at midnight.

The tour group arrived at 12:14 am. The housekeeper took them around most of the rooms of the Ballroom floor. When the group was in the Spring Salon, Karen felt there was a "male" who rushed quickly past her and Noah, who were standing in the hallway near the display armoire. She felt this "male" was extremely upset that the tour group was there. The tour concluded at 12:27 am and all tour members left at that time.

Knowing the experiences of the Ladies and Gents Bathrooms on the 1st Floor the group headed downstairs to see if they could logically find explanations for why these reports may have occurred.

Start Time: 12:43 am

Location: Ladies and Gents Bathrooms

Starting in the Ladies Bathroom, the group tried several different ways to make the motion detectors go off simultaneously without being physically right on the IR sensor (the dispensers are operated by D-batteries). After trying different methods (e.g. standing in the middle and waving their arms and using a white light to illuminate the dispensers) the group decided to head over to the Gents Bathroom to see if they would be able to debunk any of the experiences from there.

Once in the bathroom, the group did EMF readings of the space as well as looked at the faucets. The group noticed if there was a lot of pressure behind the faucet it could turn the water on by itself, but were unsure as to how much pressure would be needed.

It was also noticed if the door to the bathroom was opened very quickly the air pressure from it would make the glass in the ceiling lights rattle.

Deciding to end this observation, the group headed back to the Ladies Bathroom to do an EVP session at 1:04 am. Karen sat in the corner chair while Noah stood by the sinks and Gravy sat in one of the stalls. They asked questions about the paper towel dispenser as well as some of the other activities that occurred in the space. They ended the session at 1:13 am after no activities were reported.

Start Time: 1:15 am

Location: Autumn Salon

After the group arrived back on the 2nd Floor with the Ballrooms, they headed to the Autumn Salon hoping to make contact with "Laura".

While here, the group noticed they could hear a lot of voices coming from the lower level. After trying to do an EVP session, the group decided to head back to the Summer Salon once again - ending this session at 1:31 am.

Start Time: 1:34 am

Location: Summer Salon

Spreading out throughout the space once again, the group conducted another EVP session. There wasn't anything noticed out of the ordinary during this session, and the group quickly ended the session at 1:48 am.

Start Time: 1:52 am

Location: Spring Salon

Gravy sat by the piano while Noah sat in the middle of the room with Karen by the front of it. The group conducted an EVP session asking questions toward the "male" Karen picked up on earlier in the night.

Once again, no activities occurred at this time, and the group decided to head down to the 1st Floor, ending this session at 2:18 am.

Hearing that the downstairs sports bar's beer cooler had a creepy feeling, the group headed to the bar to see if any of the bartenders would be able to open the door for them as it was after bar close.

Upon being let into the space, the group noticed the EMF levels in the room were high, which could easily make someone feel as if they're being watched or feel like something is there.

Because of the noise of the compressors, the group decided not to do an EVP session at the time. They then headed back upstairs where they would attempt to do an EVP session in the hallway near the ice cream shop.

START TIME: 3:05 am

LOCATION: Outside of Lillie's

Since most guests were in bed, the group sat outside of the ice cream parlor's locked door and decided to do an EVP session. At 3:10 am Noah claimed to have heard a male voice say about seven syllables, but nothing was recorded on any of the voice recorders.

No other activities occurred at this time, and the group ended the session at 3:18 am and headed back upstairs to the Ballrooms.

From 3:22 to 3:35 am, the group investigated the Autumn Salon once again, but no activities occurred.

While in the Summer Salon from 3:39 to 3:49 am, the only thing that occurred during this time was that Gravy felt something pull his hair at 3:43 am. No evidence of this was caught on camera.

Finally to wrap up the first night's investigation, the group headed to the Spring Salon at 3:51 am and attempted a final EVP session. Again, no activities occurred at that time, and the group concluded the night's investigation at 4:11 am.

Taking down all of their equipment, but leaving their tripods, the group headed back to their room for the night.

DAY 2:

After waking up around 9 am and grabbing breakfast, the group started to work on evidence review from the prior night's investigation. They worked on it for about two hours, and then headed into Iron Mountain, Mich.

Upon returning to the hotel around 2:30 pm, the group continued to work on evidence review. At 5 pm, they took a break for dinner, but first headed to the Ballroom space to do some preliminary resetting for the night's investigation.

When the group was done with dinner around 6:30-7 pm, they headed back to their room and grabbed their equipment. While in the room, at 8 pm the power went out, which would not return until 9:38 pm. They grabbed their flashlights and headed to the flight of stairs that would take them to the Ballrooms since the elevator was out.

Once the group had all equipment back up (now utilizing power packs for some of the lights they use) the group decided to get the night's investigation started.

Before they started to do any type of EVP session, they wanted to experiment to see if someone running up from the downstairs sports bar up to the 1st Floor could be heard - while setting up the group thought they heard loud noises coming from the Ballroom level at 9 pm.

Gravy headed down to the bar and ran up the stairs, radioing Noah with their two-way radios to see if he could be heard. It was confirmed that yes, if he ran up hard and fast enough, he could easily be heard.

START TIME: 9:20 pm

LOCATION: Summer Salon

All group members were spread out in the space as they took a few minutes of silence to observe the sounds of the building as the power was out. Voices were easily heard and the sound of people going up and down the hallway of the 1st Floor could also be heard.

Karen picked up on a "female" energy she had been noticing throughout both days, but wasn't sure if it was initially her imagination. The group tried aiming questions toward this "woman" in the hopes she would respond.

No activities occurred during the group's EVP session at 9:35 pm, and they headed into another part of the floor.

START TIME: 9:38 pm

LOCATION: Autumn Salon

Before the group had time to settle in the room, the power came back on. They went around and rechecked all equipment and covered any other lights that weren't covered previously.

They regrouped and got back into the room at 10:02 pm and started an EVP session. While asking questions they thought they heard someone come up to the Ballroom level. They stopped the session at 10:11 pm and went around making sure there was no one else around - earlier in the night several hotel guests came upstairs to look around while the group was investigating when the power was out.

After finding no one was there, the group went back into the room at 10:19 pm and continued the EVP session. When no activities occurred or were reported, the group concluded the session at 10:37 pm.

START TIME: 10:40 pm

LOCATION: Spring Salon

Deciding to head back to the Spring Salon, the group was hoping to see if they would be able to contact any spirits who might be in the room.

After no activities occurred, the group concluded the session at 11:15 pm and decided to take a break in the Autumn Salon.

While in the room at 11:39 pm Gravy felt there was pressure on his ears at times. It was noted that this could have been caused by the air conditioner if there were changes in pressure.

At 11:42 pm the group decided to head to the 1st Floor. They took a little while and sat in the Library for a little while, but then wanted to find the housekeeper they talked to the night before to see if they could be let into Lillie's for a little bit to investigate.

START TIME: 12:00 am

LOCATION: Lillie's Ice Cream Shop

Karen quickly went around and did an EMF sweep of the room and found that behind the counter the EMF levels were extremely high. The group then sat out on the porch area and continued the night's investigation.

They asked questions that pertained to Al Capone in the hopes that any spirit that might have been associated with him might respond. After no activities occurred the group headed to the History Room at 12:19 am.

After trying to ask other questions about the items in the History Room, Noah started not to feel well. No activities occurred during this time, and the group headed back upstairs to continue investigating.

START TIME: 12:54 am

LOCATION: Spring Salon

Deciding to try one last time in the room, the group spread out in the space. As they continued to ask questions, the group noted there were no activities. They spent a lot of time in this room as the last tribute to the investigation at Four Seasons, and concluded their session at 2:22 am.

The group then decided to break down their equipment for the night. They returned the Ballroom level to how they found it - turning lights back on and removing any tape they placed on any lights. They left the space at 3 am and headed back to their room.


After getting about five hours of sleep, the group woke up around 9 am and then packed up their vehicle. They would leave Four Seasons a little after 10 am.




This was a wonderful investigation at a very historic hotel. The claims of activity are varied, and the venue was a slight challenge sometimes. Unfortunately PIM was unable to capture any evidence of the purported activities at Four Seasons. Since this was PIM's first visit there is definitely more that can be done to try and capture evidence of what may be happening at Four Seasons. We were able to debunk some of their claims, but others we could not find an explanation for. PIM would relish another opportunity to continue our study of this location and hope that we may return in the future.

PIM would like to immensely thank the owners of Four Seasons as well as the hospitable staff they worked with during this investigation. We look forward to the opportunity to be able to investigate this historic location again in the future.