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Private Residence
July 13th, 2013
Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee (PIM)

INVESTIGATORS: Noah, John, and Gravy

ENVIRONMENTAL DATA - Time taken: 8:08 pm

Weather Outside: Clear and calm

Outside Temperature: 80.6 degrees F

Wind Speed: 1.4 mph

Barometric Pressure: 29.41

Humidity: 98.6%

Moon Phase: 28% Full Waxing Gibbous

Geomagnetic Field: Active

Solar X-rays: Unsettled

Solar Wind Speed: 409.6 km/sec

Solar Wind Density: 1.3 protons/cm3

Radio Sun: 10.7 cm flux; 118 sfu

Planetary K-index Now: Kp=2; quiet

Planetary K-index 24hr Max: Kp=4; unsettled

Interplanetary Magnetic Field Btotal: 12.6 nT

Interplanetary Magnetic Field Bz: 0.1 nT south

Sunspot: Yes; 87

Coronal Holes: Yes; 1


Noah, Gravy, and John arrived at 7:00 pm and were met by the client. The client arrived at 7:10 pm and gave us a tour of the house and advised there were no additional reports of paranormal activity since the last investigation on May 18, 2013. The client left the residence at 7:35 pm.

The group unloaded gear and established a basecamp area in the 1st Floor Living Room area. John took indoor baseline readings of temperature and EMF (ElectroMagnetic Field) while Noah and Gravy began to set up equipment. John then went outside to document outside weather conditions.

The investigation took place in a two level house in the style of an apartment building.

A Sony HDR-SR7 camera with a wide angle lens was placed in the 1st Floor Kitchen along with a Zoom H1 audio recorder. A passport, wallet, and touch flashlight, were placed in the Kitchen as trigger objects.

An EMF pump (a device that emits electromagnetic energy which theoretically can be used by spirits to manifest), a data logger, Zoom H1, and Sony HDR-SR10 with a wide angle lens, was placed in the 1st Floor Living Room, along with a bullet, cast iron non-functioning gun, touch flashlight, whiskey, cigar, and a nickel, as trigger objects. The cast iron gun was the same one that was connected with the neck scratched reported as activity at this location.

A Sony HDR-XR200V video camera and a Zoom H1 audio recorder were placed in the East Bedroom on the 1st Floor.

A Sony HDR-XR200V video camera was set up in the west, 2nd Floor Bedroom along with a Zoom H1 audio recorder.

A Shadow Detector, Geophone, and data logger were placed in the 2nd Floor Kitchen.

A Sony HDR-CX160 full spectrum video camera was placed in the 2nd Floor Hallway aiming from the east side to the west.

A Zoom H1 audio recorder was placed in the Basement. Due to musty air, water on the floor, and possible health risks, the group did not investigate in the Basement, other than placing the audio recorder there as a control for the area.

The group completed setup of equipment at 9:15 pm and left the residence at 9:20 pm for a break and to gather some data with no one in the house. The group returned to the residence at 9:52 pm and began the investigation.


  • People report feeling ill upon entering the house
  • Loud noises coming from the 2nd Floor when no one is up there
  • People report feeling angry in the Basement with no rational cause
  • Items misplaced and cupboards being open when resident returns to the home
  • Scratches on the neck of a friend of the resident with no explainable source
  • Living Room door closing on its own
  • A figurine was found in the Kitchen and the last time anyone had seen it, it was in the Basement
  • People have reported looking at the house and seeing a person peering out of the front window on the 2nd Floor

START TIME: 10:00 pm

LOCATION: Living Room and Kitchen

The group decided to do an EVP session on the 1st Floor. John was seated in the 1st Floor West Bedroom, Noah was seated in the 1st Floor Living Room, while Gravy was seated in the 1st floor Kitchen. The group observed approximately five minutes of silence to get used to the sounds inside the house as well as outside. At 10:28 pm, a noise was heard from either the Basement or the Upper Level. Gravy and Noah first checked the 2nd Floor and the noise was debunked as the sound of plastic falling, which Gravy had used to cover the windows.

At 10:37 pm, Noah heard what he described as a "growl", which was possibly the sound of a stomach noise. Upon evidence review this noise was determined to be the sound of a vehicle engine in the distance. At 10:40 pm, two thumps were heard from an unknown location.

At 10:53 pm, the group decided to change locations and Noah went into the 1st Floor Kitchen, Gravy went into the 1st Floor Living Room, and John went into the 1st Floor East Bedroom. At 11:06 pm, John and Gravy switched places. No activity occurred during this time.

END TIME: 11:14 pm

START TIME: 11:22 pm

LOCATION: 2nd Floor

At 11:22 pm, Noah went to the 2nd Floor Kitchen, Gravy went to the 2nd Floor Hallway, and John went to the West Bedroom. After approximately five minutes of silence, the group conducted an EVP session. No activity took place during this time and the group ended the EVP session at 11:47 pm.

END TIME: 11:55 pm

The group took a break from 11:55 pm to 12:10 am.

START TIME: 12:10 am

LOCATION: Living Room

At 12:10 am, Noah, Gravy, and John proceeded to the 1st Floor Living Room and conducted an EVP session. The group asked various questions during this time with no audible responses nor were any responses found upon evidence review.

END TIME: 12:35 am

The group did a passive investigation until 1:09 am and then ended the investigation at that time as no other activities had occurred.




The reports of activity at this location were very interesting and intrigued PIM as to what may be happening at this location. However, PIM has reviewed all audio and video recordings during the investigation and no evidence of paranormal activity was captured on our equipment nor did any members of the group experience any phenomena during the investigation.

Although this is the second investigation that PIM has conducted at this location without any evidence of paranormal activity, it does not mean there isn't anything going on at this location. We encourage the clients to document any further activities at this location and report to PIM if anything new occurs. PIM would be happy to revisit this case in the future.

PIM would like to thank the clients for contacting us and allowing us access to this location. Please don't hesitate to contact us in the future if any new occurrences are experienced.