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Private Residence
September 2nd, 2012
Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee (PIM)

INVESTIGATORS: Noah, Gravy, John, and Missy

ENVIRONMENTAL DATA - Time taken: 8:01 pm

Weather Outside: Cloudy, muggy, slightly windy

Outside Temperature: 81 degrees

Wind Speed: SW, 0.9 mph

Barometric Pressure: 29.20

Humidity: 70.5%

Moon Phase: 96% Full Waxing Gibbous

Geomagnetic Field: Quiet

Solar X-rays: Active

Solar Wind Speed: 322.1 km/sec

Solar Wind Density: 0.5 protons/cm3

Radio Sun: 10.7 cm flux; 131 sfu

Planetary K-index Now: Kp=2; quiet

Planetary K-index 24hr Max: Kp=3; quiet

Interplanetary Magnetic Field Btotal: 8.1 nT

Interplanetary Magnetic Field Bz: 8 nT north

Sunspot: Yes; 120, 1560 w/intensity

Coronal Holes: None


Noah, Gravy, John and Missy arrived at the location at 7:15 pm. The owners invited us in and gave us a tour of their home and shared with us their claims. The owners then left at 7:50 pm and the team brought in their equipment. Noah began set up of equipment, Gravy worked on darkening windows and lights, John did sensitive readings, and Missy took baseline readings and photos. We placed trigger objects (a doll, candy, and toy horse) in the Daughter's Bedroom.

At 9:07 pm Gravy noticed a dog on the back porch and thought maybe it was the family's dog. Noah called the owner and confirmed that it was the owner's dog. The dog had jumped out a broken window and the collar had broken when the tie out it was attached to had stopped the dog from reaching the ground. Gravy and Noah placed the dog back into the garage, and locked it into a pet carrier at the owner's suggestion.


  • On top of the refrigerator in the Kitchen is a basket of apples. It has been found moved and various items from inside the cabinet above it have been found taken out and placed around the basket
  • The clock in the Family Room lifted up off its hook and fell onto the window ledge below it
  • A picture in the Family Room and a picture in the dining room become crooked after being hung straight
  • The hot water in the shower turns itself on all the way by itself. The handle has been seen moving on its own
  • The two sons have seen a little girl and a man watching them from the hallway while in their bedroom
  • The Smurfs on top of the Master Bedroom mirror fall off and land in the middle of the room. This wasn't witnessed, but the Smurf would be found later in that position
  • An orb was seen in the Living Room and followed the male owner out of the house
  • The daughter heard someone say the name "Anna" while in her bedroom

At 9:15 pm, the team had setup all the equipment and started everything running so they decided to try and debunk some of the claims. They started by looking at the outlet that was claimed to have air fresheners fall out of it.

The team discovered that the portion of the outlet where the air freshener plugs into it was very loose and should be replaced. This would allow anything plugged into the outlet to fall out if there was any vibration. Noah noted that while they were being given a tour of the home, an item that was plugged into the outlet had already fallen halfway out. The team believes this explains the reported claim.

The team next turned their attention to the crooked pictures and the clock. The picture in the Family Room that was claimed to become crooked on its own was not centered on its hook and therefore easily moved to a crooked position. The picture would appear straight when it was first hung but any vibration would cause it to become crooked. The same was found for the picture in the Dining Room. John, Gravy and Noah tried debunking the clock that came off its hook and landed in an upright position on the window molding below it. Noah tried jumping on the floor above where the clock was hung while John and Gravy held a sheet below as a buffer should it fall. The clock did not budge and the claim was not able to be debunked. The only possible explanation was that the clock wasn't on the hook but on the edge of the clock so it could fall down quite easily. However, even if that was the case, it wouldn't be a common event to have the clock fall from the screw and balance on the window molding since the clock had a propensity to roll or fall forward when that scenario was tested.

The team then moved upstairs and tried debunking the hot water in the bathtub turning on all the way by itself. The hot and cold water were turned part way on and John and Missy stayed in the Bathroom while Gravy and Noah walked around the house turning on other water sources. The pressure changed in the bath tub but the hot water handle did not move. The team also tried leaving the water on for a time to see if the handle would turn by itself when left on, like if you were preparing to take a shower. Nothing we did could cause the handle to move on its own. PIM then reached out to a plumber to see if they could come up with an explanation as to why the handle would move on its own. The plumber stated that unless the handles were loose, there is no way they should turn on their own. PIM had checked the handles and they were very firm, so that could not have been the cause of the claim.

The team then tried to debunk the claim of Smurf figurines being thrown off of the Master Bedroom mirror. The team first knocked the Smurf off the mirror to see how far it would fall. Generally, the Smurf would not make it further than the edge of the bed. The team then had John bang on the wall in the Daughter's Room to see if that could cause a Smurf to fall off. The team also slammed the door to the bedroom to see if that would cause a Smurf to fall. Neither test resulted in a Smurf falling off the mirror. In the end, the team came up with two scenarios that could result in the Smurf being found on the other side of the bedroom. First, the Smurf falls off the mirror due to normal vibration in the house. Then, someone enters the room and doesn't notice the Smurf on the floor and they kick it to the other end of the room without realizing it. The second scenario involves any of the children in the home playing with the Smurf and then leaving it on the other side of the room where it is found later. These are the only two natural ways the team could come up with for this claim.

The team discussed at length the report of the "orb" that was seen by the family. The report is strange in that the "orb" was not only seen on surfaces but also in empty space. This removes the possibility that the item that was seen was simply light reflecting off of objects. Additionally, the length of time that the "orb" was seen adds to the unlikelihood that it was just a light reflection. PIM would like to state that they are not believers in "orbs" as spirit energy and are most commonly dust, bugs, mold, and pollen. However, the described phenomenon by the family does not match a normal "orb" claim. The best PIM could come up with was the possibility that the family had witnessed ball lightening, something that is itself very rare but a known phenomenon that has been replicated in a laboratory environment.

The claims of the daughter hearing the name "Anna" whispered in her ear and the two boys seeing a man and little girl in the doorway of their bedroom are harder to debunk since we are dealing with human perception. Without knowing the exact conditions that these events occurred under it is hard to debunk. With that being said, there is a good deal of light from passing cars that comes through the Boy's Bedroom window which cast many shifting shadows that could be mistaken as the outlines of people. However since this has been reported many times by the boy's and the boy's also see the two figures sitting at the end of their bed, PIM thinks this explanation is remote at best.

After attempting to debunk all of the claims, the team returned to the first floor to begin their investigation.


START TIME: 9:58 pm

LOCATION: 1st Floor

The group situated themselves throughout the main floor. John was in the Living Room, Noah in the Dining Room, Gravy in the Kitchen and Missy in the Family Room. Five minutes of controlled silence was observed to note the normal sounds of the house. An Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) session was begun at 10:04 pm. At 10:17 pm there was a tap noise between Missy and John seemingly in response to a question. However, the noise was not repeated and it was decided that noise was just the house settling.

At 10:20 pm the Mel-Meter Vibe in the family room went off and a pop noise occurred simultaneously. Missy was not moving at the time, so Noah and Gravy came over and investigated. Noah had heard the pop noise as well and thought it had sounded like a lamp timer going off. However, there was no lamp timer in that room, or anywhere on that floor. No other source for the noise could be found but it was captured on audio.

At 10:36 pm Missy was experiencing high EMF readings in the chair she was sitting in. Noah and Gravy went down into the Basement to check the readings directly below the chair. The readings in the chair fluctuated between 3.6mG and 6.0mG. Noah reported that there were high readings in the basement below the Family Room due to a copper pipe. It was decided to end the session at this time and move to the upper level.

END TIME: 10:42 pm

START TIME: 10:46 pm

LOCATION: 2nd Floor

The group situated themselves throughout the 2nd Floor. Noah sat on the landing, Gravy in the Son's Bedroom, Missy in the Master Bedroom, and John in the Daughter's Bedroom. The group then observed five minutes of controlled silence. An EVP session was started shortly thereafter. At 10:54 pm Noah asked for two knocks and both Gravy and Missy heard two knocks. There was no more activity and at 11:08 pm it was decided to take a break to check equipment and make sure all the batteries in the cameras were still working.

END TIME: 11:08 pm

During this break time PIM made sure all equipment was operational. Then they settled themselves in the Family/Living Room area on the 1st Floor and observed a general surveillance under normal social circumstances. There is a theory that if you ignore the spirits by talking amongst yourselves instead of actively trying to communicate that maybe some spirits will do something to get their attention. This also replicates what the clients would be doing since activity occurs for them during normal activity, not during a paranormal investigation.

After this session, the group decided to head to the 2nd Floor again since that is where most of the activity has been reported.

START TIME: 1:33 am

LOCATION: 2nd Floor

The team spread out on the 2nd Floor. This time Missy was in the Son's Bedroom, John in the Master Bedroom, Gravy on the landing, and Noah in the Daughter's Bedroom. After the usual control silence, the group conducted an EVP session. No activity occurred during this EVP session and it was decided to end the investigation.

END TIME: 1:54 am




This was PIM's first visit to this location. We were called in because of the activity witnessed by the family living there. The activity seemed to be scaring the youngest child the most and the parents were genuinely concerned. PIM believes that some of the reported activity was explainable, but other reports could not be debunked. PIM would like to encourage the family to keep track of any events that occur and let PIM know if activity picks up or changes at any time.

During PIM's visit it appeared that any unexplained activity did not appear threatening or malicious. The activity should not be feared by any of the family members or their guests. It seemed that the activity was mischievous and just looking for attention. Overall the family has a wonderful home and PIM thinks that any lingering activity would not warrant them leaving it.

PIM would like to thank those who made this investigation possible and would be happy to come back to do a follow-up investigation at a later date.