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Private Residence
February 8th, 2014
Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee (PIM)

INVESTIGATORS: Noah, John, and Missy

ENVIRONMENTAL DATA - Time taken: 9:45 pm

Weather Outside: Very cold and cloudy

Outside Temperature: 14.7 degrees F

Wind Speed: 0.5 mph

Barometric Pressure: 29.14 steady

Humidity: 30.2%

Moon Phase: 71% Full Waxing Gibbous

Geomagnetic Field: Storm

Solar X-rays: Active

Solar Wind Speed: 436.7 km/sec

Solar Wind Density: 2.1 protons/cm3

Radio Sun: 10.7 cm flux; 178 sfu

Planetary K-index Now: Kp=0; quiet

Planetary K-index 24hr Max: Kp=5; storm

Interplanetary Magnetic Field Btotal: 4.9 nT

Interplanetary Magnetic Field Bz: 1.9 nT south

Sunspot: Yes; 241

Coronal Holes: Yes; 1


At 9:30 pm on Saturday February 8th Noah, John and Missy arrived in Reeseville, WI to investigate a building that is partially used as storage and partially an apartment. PIM was contacted by the tenants of the apartment because they had only lived in this apartment for 2.5 months and feel they have been experiencing things that they couldn't explain almost on a daily basis. The team did not have access to the storage portion of the building during the investigation.

Upon arrival the three investigators carried in their equipment and were welcomed by the family who live in the apartment. Once all equipment was carried in and base camp was established the Male Client gave a tour of the residence to John and Noah and pointed out the claims of activity that the family has experienced in the home. The apartment has three bedrooms, open concept Living Room/Dining Room/and Kitchen area, a Bathroom, and a room that the family uses as a Smoking Room that leads to the front porch. Before the tour the three investigators started and time stamped their Zoom H1 Control Recorders that they will wear from beginning to end of the investigation. These act as audio controls for each investigator to ensure that any audio captured during the investigation was not caused by the investigators themselves.

During the tour Missy took outside weather conditions including temperature, wind speed, barometric pressure, and humidity.

Once the tour was over Noah decided where equipment would be set up while John and Missy promptly began to set up equipment. Missy then placed her Sony HDR-XR200V camcorder in the Master Bedroom of the home. While she did this the family rounded up their cats and left for the duration of the investigation.

John and Noah set up their various camcorders, audio recorders, dataloggers, and EMF pumps while Missy took temperature and EMF readings throughout the home. Missy used a Single-Axis MEL-8704R to take temperature readings and a TriField 100XE three-axis meter to take EMF readings. It was determined during this time that the apartment has very low EMF readings throughout except for the typical high EMF that comes from microwaves, refrigerators and electrical boxes. The areas of the home where these are located do have higher EMF readings. The Yellow Bedroom is where the electrical box is located and the Kitchen is just outside of the Yellow Room. The box emits an EMF reading of 100+ mG as does the microwave. EMF detection of 1.0 or higher can make a person have symptoms of nausea, dizziness, paranoia and the feeling of being watched. Some people are more sensitive to higher levels of EMF than others.

At 10:30 pm Noah and John placed trigger objects in the Master Bedroom and the Yellow Bedroom, using a Bible, holy water, and a cross in the Master Bedroom and a ball, teddy bear, doll and horse in the Yellow Bedroom. John then took baseline photos throughout the house. This is done in the case that something would be moved, there will then be a photo to reference the exact starting position of any object. The religious items were used because the family stated that they feel a negative presence in the home at times and the toys were used because the building was once a school.

Meanwhile, Missy went around the home covering up any lights coming from clocks, phones, cable boxes, anything that emits light to avoid light contamination to best control the environment during the investigation.

Finally, two touch flashlights were placed in the Master Bedroom and the Yellow Bedroom along with the Trigger Objects and EMF Pumps already in those rooms.

Noah also turned the heat down to 54 degrees in the main living portion of the home and 58 degrees in the Master Bedroom to avoid the heat turning on as often during the investigation. The heat registers make many pops and sounds while running and the team wanted to control the sounds in the home as best they could during the investigation.

At 10:45 pm it was then time to begin the investigation of the home and it was decided to start in the Dining Room.


  • A shadowy figure has been seen by the Sister's Boyfriend and the Male Client
  • The Male Client had 4 scratches appear on his back and the Sister's Boyfriend had 3 scratches on his back on the same evening. Neither knows how the scratches occurred
  • A greyish apparition has been witnessed by the family
  • The Male Client who is 145 pounds claimed to have picked up his 260 pound girlfriend and dropped her on the floor. The Male Client has no recollection of the event
  • A woman's voice is frequently heard moaning
  • Male and female disembodied voices are heard by the Male Client on different occasions
  • The family frequently hears three knocks
  • The Sister's Boyfriend was touched on his ear while lying in bed
  • Cold spots and hot spots have been reported throughout the home by the Family
  • The Family has reported lights flickering
  • A growl has been heard by the family members
  • The Male Client has reported having unusually violent dreams where he hurts people since living in the apartment
  • One evening the Male Client woke up after his girlfriend shook him out of sleep. She stated that he had stopped breathing and his eyes turned black. He became physically aggressive stating some uncharacteristically violent words to her
  • Items have been moved around inexplicably

START TIME: 10:45 pm

LOCATION: Dining Room

At 10:45 pm all the equipment was running and time stamped, so it was time to begin the investigation. Noah and John sat in two of the chairs in the Dining Room while Missy sat on the carpet between them. They decided to try the approach of normal conversation just as the Family would do in their own home. Some pops were heard but it was quickly determined that this was coming from the heat system as it began to kick on.

After 30 minutes of attempting this approach the investigators decided to observe silence to better accustom themselves with the natural noises of the home. After a few minutes they began the first EVP session of the night. They asked many questions but it wasn't until John asked "why won't you cooperate with us" at 12:35 am that all three investigators heard a strange noise that they hadn't hear at any other time during the night. It is unclear what the cause of the noise was. This was the only thing that occurred while they sat in the Dining Room.

END TIME: 12:40 am

START TIME: 12:41 am

LOCATION: Living Room

At 12:41 am Noah asked Missy to sit in the Living Room while he and John stayed in the Dining Room. Missy sat on the small couch. After a short EVP session Missy suggested that John also come sit in the Living Room. Neither of them experienced anything in the Living Room and Noah did not experience anything in the Dining Room during their EVP session. Noah then got up and turned the heat back up to 68 degrees. Missy then texted the Family that lives in the apartment and asked them to start heading back home. It was decided that the Family would join in on the investigation since most of the activity seemed to surround the Male Client and the Sister's Boyfriend.

END TIME: 1:08 am

START TIME: 1:13 am

LOCATION: Yellow Bedroom

While the team was waiting for the client's to return, John decided to walk around to the various rooms to see if the change might stir something up. At 1:13 am John left the Living Room and walked into the Yellow Bedroom. He immediately stated that it felt terrible in this room and asked Noah and Missy to join him. He said it felt like something strange to him. Missy and Noah did not experience what John was feeling. Missy used a Tri-Field 100XE EMF Detector and a Mel-8740R to monitor if there was a change in the EMF or temperature in the room. Nothing had changed from the beginning of the investigation.

The investigators began a short EVP session but nothing was experienced during that time. It was then decided to do an EVP session in the Master Bedroom before the Family returned.

END TIME: 1:23 am

START TIME: 1:24 am

LOCATION: Master Bedroom

At 1:24 am the investigators spread themselves around the Master Bedroom for an EVP session before the Family returned. They asked many questions and tried very hard to get a response from anything in the room but nothing was experienced at that time.

At 1:42 am the Family returned to the apartment.

END TIME: 1:42 am

START TIME: 1:57 am

LOCATION: Living Room

The Family who lives in the home consists of the Mother of the Male Client, the Male Client, 17-year old Sister of the Male Client, and Sister's Boyfriend. All four members have experienced something in the apartment.

After filling in the Family on what the team had done and experienced thus far, Noah suggested that the Family participate in an EVP session in the hopes that the presence of the Family might encourage something to respond. Noah explained to them that they could ask any questions they wanted during the EVP session and encouraged them to participate. Everyone had a seat in the Living Room and began an EVP session.

At 1:57 am the Male Client and Sister's Boyfriend began by asking questions as to who was there with them and why they were there. After several questions the Sister's Boyfriend claimed to have heard something brush up against the couch behind him. He then asked if it would be okay to light a candle to try and bring spirits forward. He stated that this is something the Family did in the past and that it had helped to get the spirits to interact.

The Male Client retrieved a candle and the Sister's Boyfriend lit it at 2:14 am. PIM would like to state that this is not something that is normal practice during their investigations but since the Family claimed to have results using this technique the team thought it pertinent to try this method.

The EVP session continued. The Sister's Boyfriend reported that at 2:25 am he felt a chill down his back when he asked for something to tug on his shirt. Shortly after, he also claimed to see a shadow near the Smoking Room. Noah got up and walked over to the Smoking Room but found nothing there. The Sister's Boyfriend then described the shadow as something with long dirty looking hair but nothing was captured on the video that was facing that direction. It was also noted that no one else could even see Noah when he went into the Smoking Room since that area of the apartment was completely dark.

After this the Sister's Boyfriend got up and walked around the home stating that he hoped to encourage whatever was there to participate. The PIM team followed him to document any activity. A few other shadows were seen by the Sister's Boyfriend, who was carrying the lit candle around, but these were debunked.

At 2:29 am it was decided to wrap up the investigation. The Family stated they would feel better if John would do a house blessing with them. This approach is sometimes used in an effort to rid the home of any negativity. It is in no way scientifically proven to work. While John was doing this Missy and Noah packed up equipment and loaded the car. After saying goodbye the investigators were again on their way back home.

END TIME: 2:29 am




The family who lives in this home had many interesting claims of activity. PIM did it's best to try and debunk or find explanations for what is going on in this home. One of the claims is that popping or knocking noises are often heard in the home. The heating system in the house does seem to make a fair amount of popping sounds. The Family did state that the pops that they have heard is more rhythmic than the ones heard by the investigators, but PIM believes that the normal expansion and contraction of the building is most likely the cause of these claims.

None of the claims made by the Family were witnessed during this investigation but activity often times does not happen during an investigation. The Family is there every day and the PIM team was only there for a few short hours. More time may need to be spent at this residence to fully experience what this family is witnessing.

John did experience the feeling of something strange in the Yellow Room. It is undetermined what could have caused that feeling but the highest levels of EMF are found in that part of the apartment.

PIM would like to thank the Family for inviting us into their home. We would like to further our investigation in the future and until that time ask that they continue to record any activity in the home. If any issues should arise before PIM would return PIM would encourage the client to contact us. It is PIM's hope that we might be able to a have access to the storage portion of the building since the client's claimed to have seen things in this portion of the building as well.