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Rhode Opera House
December 9th, 2011
Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee (PIM)

INVESTIGATORS: Karen, Gravy, Chris P, Eric and Jared

OUTSIDE CONDITIONS - Time Taken: 9:00 pm

Weather Outside: Clear

Outside Temperature: 16 degrees

Wind Speed: 7 mph East

Barometric Pressure: 29.26

Humidity: 53%

Moon Phase: 100% Full Moon

Geomagnetic Field: Quiet

Solar X-rays: Active


Gravy, Eric and Jared arrived at the theater around 6:45 pm and unloaded their equipment - Karen and Chris would arrive later on.

In the meantime the group started to set up their equipment and covered up some of the exit lights in the theaters. Karen and Chris arrived at the location at 9 pm, and got their equipment quickly set up.

At 9:33 pm Karen and Gravy went around doing electromagnetic field (EMF) and temperature readings, along with sensitive impressions of the location. Chris, Eric and Jared stayed in the East Theater to investigate.


  • Lavender smell in the Women's Bathroom on the main level (no lavender products in the bathroom at that time)
  • Organ music heard in the West Theater
  • Door to the 4th Floor Dressing Room Balcony reported to have opened by itself
  • Male in blue clothes reported to have been seen walking through the wall in the Basement under the Men's Bathroom
  • In the Costume Room, someone seen walking along the catwalk around the old dome ceiling

START TIME: 9:33 pm

LOCATION: East Theater

The group started an electronic voice phenomena (EVP) session. During the time the group heard several small noises in both the back stage area and in the seating area. The group concluded these noises were most likely building noises, along with heating duct noises.

No activities occurred during this time and they concluded the session.

END TIME: 10:05 pm

START TIME: 10:06 pm

LOCATION: West Theater

Chris, Eric and Jared moved to the West Theater in hopes to get any reaction from any spirits that may be in the room.

At 10:10 pm a mechanical noise was heard, which the group assumed was from a fan. Shortly after at 10:12 pm Eric's thermometer he was holding rose from 68 degrees to 74 degrees. A few minutes later it was found there was a heating vent under the seat behind where he was sitting which was blowing hot air.

At 10:23 pm Karen and Gravy joined the rest of the group and headed to the lobby for a quick break as well as to move Jared's camera to another location.

END TIME: 10:23 pm

After the group took a few minutes for a break Karen went over her sensitive impressions. The group then decided to start the full-group investigation up in the Costume Room/Catwalk areas.

START TIME: 10:48 pm

LOCATION: Costume Room/Catwalk

Karen sat on the Catwalk area while Gravy sat in the same room as her, Chris sat in the doorway between the room and the Costume Room while Eric and Jared sat in the Costume Room. The group took about five minutes of silence to observe the normal noises of the building.

Several noises and bangs were heard throughout the rooms, which the group attributed to temperature changes. At 10:53 pm both Karen and Gravy heard a loud knock and a high pitch sound. They again felt this was part of the building noises.

At 10:57 pm the group started an EVP session. Karen picked up on a male spirit she stated followed her and Gravy earlier in the night in the West Dressing Room area - he was checking on the group.

No activities occurred at this time and the group decided to move onto another part of the building.

END TIME: 11:15 pm

START TIME: 11:33 pm

LOCATION: Basement

All group members spread out throughout the Basement with Eric and Chris in the one Furniture Room, Karen in the Hallway, Jared in the Prop Room and Gravy further down the hallway. The group took seven minutes of silence to observe the sounds of the area.

At 11:40 pm the group started an EVP session. While conducting the session no activities were noted until 11:52 pm when Karen, Chris and Eric all heard what sounded like someone walking across the East Theater stage.

Gravy and Jared headed up to the stage area and walked across it to see if they could recreate the sound. At times their steps appeared to be too loud, but on their way back downstairs their footsteps did sound similar to what the other group members heard. Unfortunately this noise was not captured on any recording device.

Deciding to move on, the group concluded the session.

END TIME: 12:00 am

START TIME: 12:06 am

LOCATION: East Theater

The group spread out in the theater with Karen in the back seating area, Eric a few rows in front of her, Jared in the middle area on the left with Gravy and Chris near the front of the theater.

At 12:09 am Jared claimed to have seen a shadowing moving along the left-side wall from front to back. It was thought to possibly be Gravy who was moving and heading to the area to place his Mel detector closer to where Jared was sitting. Gravy tried recreating the scenario several times, but was unsuccessful at recreating what Jared saw.

After resettling back into everyone's seats the group tried to sit in silence starting at 12:12 am. At 12:15 am Eric reported seeing something running by the stage, but was unsure if it was maybe his eyes playing tricks on him.

The group then decided to conduct an EVP session at 12:20 am. At 12:28 am Karen heard a seat make noise between her and Eric. It was not known if this occurred or not as it was not captured on audio.

The group concluded the session and took a brief break in the lobby area.

END TIME: 12:37 am

START TIME: 12:52 am

LOCATION: Karen, Chris and Eric near Concession Stand, with Gravy and Jared in the Women's Bathroom

Karen started the session trying to contact the "concession worker" she picked up on earlier in the night - the rest of the group remained silent during this time.

No activities occurred at that time, so Gravy and Jared conducted a mini EVP session in the Women's Bathroom.

Again, no activities occurred and the group concluded the session.

END TIME: 1:07 am

At that time Jared decided to pack up and leave as he had to work early that morning. He officially left at 1:26 am.

To finish up the night's investigation, the group decided to head back up to the Dressing Room Catwalk area to see if they could solicit any type of response.

START TIME: 1:33 am

LOCATIOIN: Dressing Room Catwalk

Gravy sat up on the Catwalk while Karen, Chris and Eric all sat near the same area in the room. The group conducted an EVP session in the hopes to solicit a response. No activities occurred at this time and the group concluded the night's investigation.

END TIME: 1:49 am

The group quickly went around and gathered all of their equipment. After everything was packed the group loaded their vehicles in the front of the building. Gravy then headed back into the theater and locked the front doors and then headed out the back side of the building.

All group members officially were out of the building at 2:15 am.




This was PIM's second private investigation of the historic Rhode Opera House. The group once again noticed sound does travel quite a bit throughout the building, and the heating ducts and vents increased these noises.

Although a few personal experiences were had during the investigation PIM at this time has not been able to gather any evidence of the paranormal at Rhode. Further studies would be needed to see if the group would be able to find any evidence of any paranormal activity at the location.

PIM would like to thank the Rhode Opera House staff for allowing us to investigate again. We look forward to being able to investigate the location again in the future.