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Private Residence
November 30th, 2012
Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee (PIM)

INVESTIGATORS: Gravy, Kyle, and Andy

ENVIRONMENTAL DATA - Time taken: 7:10 pm

Weather Outside: Partly Cloudy

Outside Temperature: 43.2 degrees

Wind Speed: 1.4 mph

Barometric Pressure: 29.28

Humidity: 79.6%

Moon Phase: 95% Full Waning Gibbous

Geomagnetic Field: Quiet

Solar X-rays: Active

Solar Wind Speed: 329.9 km/sec

Solar Wind Density: 5.4 protons/cm3

Radio Sun: 10.7 cm flux; 113 sfu

Planetary K-index Now: Kp=0; quiet

Planetary K-index 24hr Max: Kp=1; quiet

Interplanetary Magnetic Field Btotal: 3.7 nT

Interplanetary Magnetic Field Bz: 0.7 nT south

Sunspot: Yes; 89

Coronal Holes: Yes; 1


Gravy, Andy, and Kyle arrived at the location at 7:00 pm. Once there, they immediately brought their equipment into the Kitchen where base camp was going to be set up. After introducing the group to the homeowners, Gravy walked around the location with the male owner to get an idea of the activity in particular locations of the home. Meanwhile, Andy took outside weather conditions and Kyle did EMF and temperature readings in the home. After readings were done Kyle then took baseline photos of the rooms.

Once the initial walk thru was complete, control recorders were started and equipment was set up and placed throughout the house. During equipment setup, the group attempted to debunk some of the claims of activity. Shortly before the investigation, the female owner left the home taking away 1 of 2 of the cats and their baby. The second cat had medical issues and, therefore, remained in the Master Bedroom for the entire night.


  • The sounds of growling have been heard in different locations in the house. Experienced by both home owners
  • A dark figure was seen crouched down at the door of the Master Bedroom. It appeared as if it was looking through a non-existent keyhole
  • A dark figure was seen at the base of the stairs looking up. This was seen by the female home owner as she was exiting the 2nd Floor Bathroom
  • A cat was seen by both homeowners. It was noted that they have cats but both their cats were accounted for at the time of the activity
  • Movement was seen in the Basement Laundry Room from under the door
  • The Baby's Room was a point of interest. Strange pressure is reported by many people who enter the room. The baby cries anytime the baby is brought into the room then stops when brought out of the room. Female owner reported extreme temperature changes

During baselines, as the group went down to the Basement, the homeowners asked the group to take their camera with them into the Basement. The claim of activity was that the camera wouldn't flash in two consecutive photos in the basement. Gravy took the camera and took two consecutive photos of the Kitchen using their camera. The flash worked both times. Then he took the camera to the Basement and the camera flash did not flash during the second picture. After three attempts in the Basement, the camera flash worked for two consecutive photos. Then Gravy went back to the Kitchen to see if he could replicate the camera flash failing on the second picture. He could not replicate it. The camera flash worked for every picture. Gravy then proceeded to the Basement to see if it would happen again. Gravy could not get it to flash in two consecutive photos. One last try in the Kitchen showed that the camera flash worked for consecutive photos. The camera the group used for baselines flashed every time in the Basement.

The group spent time in the Basement trying to recreate a growling sound in the laundry room. Kyle went to the 1st Floor Bathroom and manipulated the sink faucet in ways to see if a growl sound could be made. It was also thought that the furnace pilot light might have made the same sound but it was in the opposite direction of the original growl. It was also noted that the home is a duplex and the other tenants have a mirror image floor plan. It is possible the sound could have come from the other side of the basement wall. It was mentioned by the homeowner that the person who experienced the growl sound was the only human in the building at the time it occurred. The growl sound could not be duplicated and therefore was not ruled out as possible paranormal activity.

The group also spent time in the Baby's Room in an attempt to figure out why the room felt awkward to many of its visitors. A stud finder with the ability to detect electrical wires was used in this room and showed there were possibly several electrical lines running through the outside wall of the room. From the outside, no power lines entered the house on that wall. There was also little to no EMF in the room which is uncharacteristic of the feelings felt in that room. The floor was also measured for the levelness and was found it was slightly unlevel but not enough to cause the feelings felt in this room. No other explanations could be found to cause the reports of headaches, nausea, pressure differences or drastic temperature changes in this room.


START TIME: 8:19 pm

LOCATION: 2nd Floor

The group spread themselves throughout the 2nd Floor. After observing several minutes of silence to get accustomed to the normal sounds of the building, the group began an EVP session. Kyle sat in the Baby's Room, Andy at the top of the stairs, and Gravy, with male homeowner, sat in the Master Bedroom. At 8:28 pm, Andy heard the sound of scratching noises. The homeowner thought it might have been the cat in the adjacent building. No other activity occurred during this time and the group moved on.

END TIME: 8:57 pm

At this time, the homeowner's wife came into the house to change the baby's diaper. During this time the group spent time attempting to debunk the growling sound as noted in the debunking section.

START TIME: 9:23 pm

LOCATION: Basement

The group situated themselves throughout the Basement. They started by observing silence to get used to the normal sounds of the building. After a few minutes they began an EVP session. Gravy and owner sat in the Laundry Room while Kyle and Andy situated themselves in the Rec Room. At 9:52 pm, two thumps were heard and a cat "meow" or female voice was heard shortly after. At 9:59 pm, two scraping noises were heard and it was determined the neighbors had come home which explained the noises. No other events occurred during this session.

END TIME: 10:10 pm

START TIME: 10:16 pm

LOCATION: 1st Floor

The group situated themselves throughout the 1st Floor and observed several minutes of silence before beginning an EVP session. Gravy sat in the Kitchen, Andy by the bathroom door, Kyle sat in the Living Room while the owner sat by the stairs. At 10:25 pm a loud bang and a female voice was heard. It was uncertain where exactly the sound came from and was dismissed as it was thought to have possibly come from either outside or next door. No other activity occurred and the group ended their EVP session.

END TIME: 10:43 pm

START TIME: 10:45 pm

LOCATION: 2nd Floor

The group spread throughout the 2nd Floor and began an EVP session. Andy sat in the Baby's Room this time while Gravy sat at the top of the stairs. Kyle sat with the homeowner in the Master Bedroom. Gravy didn't inform Kyle or Andy of the activity in the Baby's Room and wanted to get separate impressions of that room for each of them after this EVP session ended. No other activity occurred and the group ended the EVP session and took a short break.

END TIME: 11:07 pm

The group took a break. During this time, Gravy finally disclosed the claims of activity in the Baby's Room to Kyle and Andy. Neither reported feeling anything when in the room. Both were sitting against the wall with the windows. It was also determined the homeowners would switch places. The male was going to stay with the baby while the female remained in the home to investigate. It was during this time the female homeowner told Gravy she felt and heard what she thought was someone walking past the car where she and the baby sat in the parking lot next to the house. It was thought that maybe the activity surrounds her or her baby. So the female home owner was brought in to investigate to see if activity would increase. The baby would be brought in later for a short EVP session.

Gravy was also informed, during the break, that there is a Kachina doll in the house that when moved to disapproving locations or mishandled, has negative activity occurring to the homeowners, particularly the male owner. A Kachina doll is a doll carved by Native American cultures in the southwestern portion of the United States. The doll represents Kachina spirits or personifications of real world things. These dolls are carved by the male elders and handed down to the tribes' children as gifts during time of ceremony.

START TIME: 11:26 pm

LOCATION: 2nd Floor

The group situated themselves throughout the 2nd Floor and began an EVP session. Gravy stood in the middle of the Baby's Room while Andy and the female homeowner were in the Master Bedroom, and Kyle was at the top of the stairs. Immediately, Gravy felt pressure in his head and had gotten full body chills multiple times during the EVP session. Gravy then decided to switch places with Andy to see if he would experience anything. Gravy had Andy stand in the middle of the room also. At one point Andy felt light headed and also experienced chills. Then Andy switched places with Kyle. Kyle, too, stood in the middle of the room. However, Kyle did not experience what Gravy and Andy experienced. No other activity occurred during this time and the EVP session was ended.

END TIME: 12:00 am

START TIME: 12:04 am

LOCATION: 1st Floor

The group spread throughout the 1st floor. Gravy sat in the Kitchen while Andy, Kyle and female homeowner sat in the Living Room. At 12:07 am, Gravy heard three thumps on the floor above him coming from the Master Bedroom. Kyle quickly went up stairs to see if the cat was moving around but discovered the cat was under the bed in the same spot it was in all night long. Upon returning to the 1st Floor, Gravy and Kyle both heard the same three thumps. No sources of the thumping sounds were found. Kyle also noted that the Baby's Room was colder than it had been during the previous EVP session. After getting re-situated, at 12:19 am, Kyle felt something brush against his shin but nothing was there.

END TIME: 12:20 am

START TIME: 12:22 am

LOCATION: Basement

As we entered the Basement, the female homeowner felt dizzy but wanted to continue. The group spread throughout the basement area. Kyle and Andy sat in the Laundry Room, Gravy by the stairs and the homeowner sat in the Rec Room. At 12:34 am, the homeowner described a dark child size mass had rushed towards her milliseconds before a flashlight was turned on. It was first thought the light from the flashlight had played tricks on her eyes but this event could not be replicated. The group ended the EVP session shortly after.

END TIME: 12:41 am

The group decided to do an EVP experiment with the baby in the house. Since it was thought that the activity might surround the baby, with the consent of the parents, the baby was brought back into the house and a short, non-provoking EVP session was performed.

START TIME: 12:45 am

LOCATION: 1st Floor

The group spread throughout the 1st Floor. With the baby in the room, an EVP session was performed. No activity occurred during this time. This did not prove or disprove the theory that activity surrounded the baby. Since it was getting late the investigation was called to an end.

END TIME: 12:57 am

Gravy, Kyle, and Andy gathered and packed up their equipment before turning off their control recorders, thanking the owners for having them, and leaving for the night. No known activity occurred during packing up.




The claims of activity ranging from audio to visual to object manipulation have been very interesting. Though none of the activity was captured, via equipment or personally experienced, the night of the investigation, it is the opinion of PIM that further research would need to be conducted before a final conclusion could be made about the paranormal activity at this particular residence. The Baby's Room, in particular, would need to be further investigated as it was one of the most unexplainable areas in the home.

PIM would like to thank those who made this investigation possible and would be happy to come back to do a follow-up investigation at a later date.