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Private Residence
February 12, 2011
Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee (PIM)

INVESTIGATORS: Noah, Karen, Chris P along with 4 clients


Noah and Karen arrived at the residence at 4 pm, while Chris would arrive later on. Upon Noah and Karen's arrival, the client provided them with a tour of the house. They then would go around and do baseline electromagnetic field (EMF) and temperature readings along with documenting any sensitive readings of the location.

Reported Activity Includes:

  • Wine glass moving from a hutch and fell - breaking into dust in a pile
  • Apparition sightings - including that of a little girl
  • Male client being negatively affected by black mass - lack of sleep, not eating much, mood changes

Noticing there was an Attic panel in the Master Bedroom closet, Noah and Karen asked the clients if they could borrow a ladder to look into the space. It has been theorized that if there are entities in a location, they may try to hide in areas that are not frequented. After taking baseline readings and Karen looking into the space to see if she could pick up on anything, she placed the Attic panel flat prior to leaving the room.

Noah and Karen then sat with the clients to go over their findings and provide some feedback about the house. Chris would arrive at 5:15 pm, and would be directed by Noah to go around and do baseline photos.

Once all baselines were done, all PIM members decided to try to set up all their equipment prior to leaving for dinner. At 5:50 pm, Karen headed to the Master Bedroom to check on something, and upon entering the room she noticed there was a grey-plastic piece to some sort of a Nintendo controller that was now lying in the middle of the floor between the bed and the dresser. She then took a look at the Attic panel, which was now sitting ajar.

Chris was the only person who would have been in there after Karen and Noah, and a step ladder would be needed to move it - he said he didn't even know that the panel was there. No one appeared to recognize the plastic piece either and wasn't sure where it came from. Karen made note that it would have had to have gotten there sometime after Noah and her left the room as the piece was in a place that would have been very noticeable and would have probably been stepped on.

NOTE: Prior to Chris' arrival, after Noah and Karen opened the Attic space to look around and returned downstairs, the client's two dogs were barking at the bedroom - they were in cages in the Loft area. Since the dogs barked at Noah and Karen previously, they thought the dogs were just barking at them again. Karen remembered when the dogs were barking during this particular incident that they weren't looking at her and Noah but straight into the bedroom.

After turning on all voice recorders and video cameras, everyone left the house to allow about an hour of baseline time with no one in the house - they left at around 6:45 pm and returned at 7:45 pm.


Upon returning to the house Noah, Karen, and Chris went around putting up the IR lights by the cameras while two of the clients talked. Once everyone else had returned to the house, all seven people broke into two smaller groups.

START TIME: 8:29 pm

GROUP 1 - Basement

The group consisted of Noah, Chris, and two of the male clients. They began the investigation by doing five minutes of controlled silence to determine what the normal "house" noises were. During this time it was noted it was very easy to hear the other group that was located in the 2nd floor.

After the five minutes, it was decided to do an EVP session using the Panasonic RR-DR60. A large pop that seemed to come from the 1st floor kitchen area was heard but later determined to be coming from the refrigerator. No other activities occurred during the EVP session.

The group then listened to the session that was recorded on the RR-DR60 recorder to see if any responses to their questions could be heard. No responses were heard at that time and upon review of the session later again nothing was found.

The group then spent some time inspecting the basement for possible reasons for some of the activities reported. It was noted there was a large EMF field directly underneath the young male's room and may have resulted in some of the activity he reported, either acting as an energy source for a possible entity or causing adverse effects on him if he is sensitive to EMF fields.

The group wrapped up their investigation of the Basement at 9:00 pm and returned to the 1st floor.

GROUP 2 - Master Bedroom/Loft

Karen led the two female clients to the upper portion of the house to do an electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) session. They took about five minutes of silence to observe the building's natural noises. Karen at one point would note she felt a breeze move past her, but not sure if it were paranormal in nature or not.

After the EVP session started, it would be noted of several knocks and pops from the lower level, while Karen would hear movement coming from the closet. There were a few times the clients heard loud sighing, but no equipment picked this up. It would also be noted that voices from GROUP 1 could be heard at times. Also, one of the clients reported a cold spot near her, but Karen's thermometer didn't show any temperature fluctuations.

No other activities would occur at that time.

END TIME: 9:04 pm

After taking a quick break, two of the clients left at 9:27 pm to go to another location for a few hours, while the two younger clients stayed with the group members. The group spread throughout the main floor with Karen in the Guest Room, Noah the stairwell, Chris the Kitchen, the younger female client at the bottom of the stairs and the younger male client in his bedroom.

Starting at 9:30 pm, the group took about five minutes of silent time to observe the building's noises at that time. The group then conducted an EVP session. During this time, a few members would hear sighing, but were unable to find the source. There were also knocks that appeared to be coming from the young male client's closet. Karen went over to the room at one point to see if she could sense anything, but didn't come up with anything. After opening the closet door at 10:12 pm and leaving it open, the male client felt uncomfortable and switched spots with Chris. No other activities occurred at this time, and the group concluded the session at 10:30 pm.

Taking another quick break, the group then headed upstairs to conduct another EVP session. Karen and the male client were in the Master Bedroom while Noah and the female client were in the Loft - Chris sat on the stairs. They started the session at 10:43 pm. While asking questions, the male client, who was in the closet, kept feeling there was a creepy feeling in the Attic above him. There were no unusual changes in EMF readings during this time. No other activities occurred, and the group concluded the session at 11:07 pm.

In order to determine if the spirits in the house would act out more with the investigators absent, all PIM members left at 11:15 pm. Leaving the clients with a two-way radio, they were asked to radio the group (who were out driving around) only if they wanted them to come back.

While alone in the house, the clients sat in the Loft area. They attempted an EVP session during this time. At one point, they would report hearing a loud knock come from the Master Bedroom/Attic area. They then went downstairs and continued asking questions, and at one point both individuals thought they saw a woman standing near the dresser in the male client's bedroom. They then tried radioing the group at approximately 11:30 pm asking them to come back. The group would arrive at about 11:45 pm.

After hearing the clients' accounts of what happened, the group went around and tried to figure out what had happened. Noah would make a note that depending on the angle you stood, and using the UV light, you might think you're seeing a person standing by the cabinet, but it's just how the light reflected on things. The knock that was also heard by the clients was picked up by several pieces of equipment, although it does not seem to be coming from the 2nd floor closet at the clients had believed. It seems the knock is coming from the 1st floor, possibly the young male client's bedroom or the Kitchen area. Nothing appears to be moving to cause the noise and at this time it is unknown if it is paranormal in nature.

Karen then called the female client who left earlier and told her she could come back. In the meantime, the two younger clients in the house left to see if a switch in individuals would cause any increase in activity. The group was alone starting at 12:04 am and conducted their own EVP session with Karen in the Master Bedroom, Noah in the Loft and Chris on the stairs. Nothing occurred during this time and they concluded at 12:14 am when the female client returned.

At 12:19 am, the group retook their places with the female client sitting in the Loft and Noah now sitting in the Kitchen. The group conducted an EVP session, but nothing occurred at this time. They concluded at around 12:45 am.

All group members then met back on the first floor and sat in the Living Room. At approximately 12:50 am, all group members heard a loud sigh that appeared to come from between Noah and Chris. All members stated they didn't make the noise, and it was thought at 12:58 am it occurred again.

Calling the young clients back, they came into the house around 1:15 am. All three clients would then be part of the next EVP session where everyone spread out throughout the house. Noah was in the young male client's bedroom; Karen was in the Kitchen, Chris in the Master Bedroom, the one female client in the Loft and two younger clients in the Guest Room. They conducted an EVP session from 1:21 to 1:45 am. No activities occurred during this time.

Trying one last experiment, Noah wanted everyone to leave but him and the young male client - he seemed to be affected most by the entity that had been reported. Karen and Chris would leave at 1:50 am and drive around for a while, and the female clients would do the same.

During this time, Noah and they male client conducted an EVP session in the upstairs area in the Loft and Master Bedroom. While there, they conducted an EVP session, and had several knocks occur in the Loft when they were in the Master Bedroom (See Audio Clips). They then moved down to the male client's bedroom and continued their EVP session. Nothing occurred during this time and at around 2:30 am they decided to end the investigation.

Karen and Chris would arrive back to the house at 2:30 am. Shortly after they returned, there was a loud bang that came from the first floor bathroom. The shower curtain had fallen right after the young male client used the restroom (See Audio Clip). He stated the curtain never falls. It is not known if this was paranormal in nature or not.

The group then decided to pack up their equipment as they had an hour drive back to Milwaukee. Upon retrieving the voice recorder from the Attic space, Chris and Karen made sure it was flat upon leaving.

NOTE: The client later in the week would report the Attic panel was ajar once again a few days later. They stated no one in the family moved it and it never moved prior to the group coming.

The group left the house a little after 3 am.


AUDIO: See clips in Evidence tab.


PIM was very interested in this investigation as we wanted to be sure to do our best to help out the family. During the investigation there were a few noises that occurred but nothing that couldn't be attributed to "house" noises. The two greatest occurrences of the investigation occurred in the very beginning and the very end.

1) The movement of the Attic panel after Karen placed it back in place after she and Noah looked in the space. All investigators can personally attest no one can move that panel without a ladder, which was not even in the house at the time the panel was moved.

2) The falling of the shower curtain shortly after the investigation concluded. Although this could simply be coincidental, the timing of the event after active investigation was over, along with the young male client recently using the restroom, made it almost seem like a statement by the entity that it could do things but on "its" terms - not ours.

That is left up to speculation however and confirmation would require future investigations to try and gather evidence to back up the theory. The actual evidence captured from the investigation is not ground breaking and mainly backs up claims from during the investigation of sounds heard. PIM is dedicated to providing continuing support for the family in the future including a return trip to investigate again if the client deems it necessary. PIM would like to thank the clients for allowing us to investigate their home.

02/12/11 Private Residence
6:56pm young male client's room:

Footstep heard in room when no one is in house.
02/13/11 Private Residence
2:16am Loft:

Two knocks heard in response to question.
02/13/11 Private Residence
2:40am Loft:

Shower curtain falling.