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Tinker Swiss Cottage
December 7th & 8th, 2012
Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee (PIM)

INVESTIGATORS: Noah, Missy, John, and Gravy

ENVIRONMENTAL DATA - Day One - Time taken: 7:00 pm

Weather Outside: Cool and Windy

Outside Temperature: 42.9 degrees

Wind Speed: SW 2.3 mph

Barometric Pressure: 29.09 and rising

Humidity: 44.1%

Moon Phase: 38% Full Waxing Crescent

Geomagnetic Field: Quiet

Solar X-rays: Normal

Solar Wind Speed: 282.2 km/sec

Solar Wind Density: 1.6 protons/cm3

Radio Sun: 10.7 cm flux; 97 sfu

Planetary K-index Now: Kp=0; quiet

Planetary K-index 24hr Max: Kp=1; quiet

Interplanetary Magnetic Field Btotal: 1.5 nT

Interplanetary Magnetic Field Bz: 0.7 nT north

Sunspot: Yes; 49

Coronal Holes: None

ENVIRONMENTAL DATA - Day Two - Time taken: 5:30 pm

Weather Outside: Partly Cloudy

Outside Temperature: 47.5 degrees

Wind Speed: 1.8 mph

Barometric Pressure: 29.22

Humidity: 39.8%

Moon Phase: 27% Full Waxing Crescent

Geomagnetic Field: Quiet

Solar X-rays: Normal

Solar Wind Speed: 285.4 km/sec

Solar Wind Density: 2.1 protons/cm3

Radio Sun: 10.7 cm flux; 97 sfu

Planetary K-index Now: Kp=0; quiet

Planetary K-index 24hr Max: Kp=1; quiet

Interplanetary Magnetic Field Btotal: 4.2 nT

Interplanetary Magnetic Field Bz: 2.6 nT north

Sunspot: Yes; 23

Coronal Holes: None



At 6:05 pm Noah, John and Missy arrived at Tinker Swiss Cottage. Noah met with Steve, the Executive Director of Tinker Swiss Cottage, and he unlocked the doors and let us in. The group was led into the Kitchen which is where they decided to bring all of the equipment and set up home base. Steve immediately began to explain the architecture of the beautiful Kitchen. Since Tinker Swiss Cottage was a home but is now a museum the team was not allowed to touch any of the furniture or artifacts inside the museum. When all of the equipment was brought in it was set safely onto the floor as not to disturb any of the items in the Kitchen. Steve took the group on a tour of The Cottage. He explained not only the paranormal activity in the building but about how The Museum is the home to all of the Tinker family's personal possessions. The tour took the group throughout all three floors of the cottage. During the tour John felt as though the Master Bedroom had a very heavy, sad feeling. He also reported that he felt as though someone had run past him while in the 2nd Floor Library.

At 6:55 pm the tour ended and it was time to start deciding where to put equipment. By that time Gravy had arrived and began the process of covering the windows with dark plastic to darken the rooms. This allows for less video contamination from the street traffic outside. Missy was given the task of taking outside conditions and inside baseline readings. While Missy was taking baseline readings she felt as though someone ran past her in the Master Bedroom. When that happened she looked down at the EMF detector she was using and it gave a reading of 2.0 mG. The room had been at a consistent reading of 0.47 mG just moments before. She continued to sweep the room, checking the EMF readings but was unable to replicate the experience. John began his walkthrough of The Cottage to take his Sensitive Readings and overall impressions of the place. Noah began to plan and place equipment throughout The Cottage. When the group's investigators finished their tasks they join Noah in setting up equipment. By 8:19 pm everyone was ready to help with set up. This task took until 10:12 pm and then the group was ready to begin the investigation.


  • The door leading to the entryway from the Dining Room slammed on its own
  • The door under the Basement Stair Case opened on its own
  • The rocking chair in The Parlor (it is also sometimes located in The Library) has been seen rocking by itself
  • People have felt very uneasy upstairs in the Red Room
  • Shadows have been seen throughout the home
  • The sound of footsteps and laughter has been heard throughout The Cottage
  • A woman has been heard screaming in The Basement
  • A male figure has been seen standing in The Library

The Cottage has an abundance of windows. That in conjunction with the surrounding trees and street lights could be causing the shadows to be seen throughout the home. The door in The Basement was locked with a skeleton key and so it was not possible to try and debunk that claim. The group was unable to debunk all other claims.


START TIME: 10:22 pm

LOCATION: Basement

The first place that the group decided to investigate was The Basement. The Basement is very long and in order to cover the place fully the group situated themselves throughout from one end to the other. John was in the Basement Kitchen, Gravy sat in the Blue Bedroom, Noah sat in front of the closet under The Stairs, and Missy was at the end of the hallway in front of the exit near The Bridge. After the group settled themselves in their places, Noah called for five minutes of controlled silence to accustom themselves to the various sounds of The Basement. The first thing they noticed was the trains are very close to The Cottage. The noise is very loud and trains do seem to come past The Cottage often. The second noise that everyone noticed was the sound of the heat. The Furnace Room is in The Basement making that noise very loud as well. During the group's time in The Basement they asked a lot of questions but no activity was reported. After a while it was decided to leave the Basement to return at a later time in the evening. The group decided to make their way to the 1st Floor.

END TIME: 10:54 pm

START TIME: 11:02 pm

LOCATION: 1st Floor

The group headed up to the 1st floor. The 1st Floor is large as well and it was decided to place a different person in each room. Missy sat in the Living Room, John sat in the Main Entryway, Noah sat in the Parlor, and Gravy sat in the Library. After five minutes of controlled silence the 2nd EVP session of the evening began. At 11:08 pm Gravy noticed a light that appeared on the ceiling in the Parlor. Noah thought it might have been a car that had just passed by outside causing a reflection to appear on the ceiling.

At 11:10 pm Missy thought she heard a voice coming from near the game table in front of her. She immediately asked if it could be said again. Noah thought he might have heard a noise coming from near the Living Room. There was a voice recorder placed on the game table. Missy got up to be certain it was operating since activity was centered in that area at the time. Unfortunately Missy discovered that the battery in that recorder was dead even though it had only been running for a short time. Gravy changed the battery and placed the recorder back on the game table.

Once the group was settled back in their places the EVP session resumed. This time Missy sat right next to the game table in hopes to better hear any voices that may be coming from that area. Gravy began by asking questions while sitting in the library.

At 11:15 pm the hair on his head felt to him like they began to stand up. The sensation stopped after a few moments. At 11:22 pm Missy again heard what sounded like a female voice coming from near her in the Living Room. Nobody else was able to hear this voice. Shortly after at 11:31 pm Gravy heard what sounded like a snapping noise close to him. It is unclear as to what caused the noise and nobody else was able to hear it.

At 11:34 pm Noah and John heard a noise coming from between them and Missy heard what she described as a woman's voice coming from the Living Room. Since a lot of the noises seemed to be coming from near Missy, Noah decided to join her in the Living Room in hopes of hearing the same noises she was hearing. Once Noah was settled, the black plastic that Gravy had used to block the light from coming into the Living Room fell down. Gravy went out to fix it at 11:43 pm. It only took him a short time to fix it but once he came in it was decided to end this EVP session and move on to the 2nd Floor.

END TIME: 11:44 pm

START TIME: 11:49 pm

LOCATION: 2nd Floor

The group decided to make their way to the 2nd floor. Once they arrived upstairs it was decided that Missy would sit in the Knitting Room, John in the Master Bedroom, Noah in the Nursery, and Gravy at the top of the stairs (just outside of the Red Room). The team observed their usual five minutes of controlled silence and discovered that the train and traffic noise can be heard on this floor as well. The windows were able to be well covered before beginning the investigation. This made it quite dark up there resulting in less contamination from the street lights and cars going by.

At 11:49 pm it was time to begin the next EVP session. Noah introduced the team by name and asked if anyone would want to communicate. Nothing was heard directly after but after a few more questions at 11:08 pm Gravy heard three noises that he thought might have been footsteps. He then began a line of questioning asking if anyone would like to play a game with him. He explained that he had brought jacks to play with and if anyone would like him to get them from downstairs he would.

At 12:02 am both Gravy and Missy heard the sound of a little girl whimpering. Gravy then asked if she would prefer he bring up a toy kitty or toy horse for her to play with. At 12:08 am Noah asked if the little girl could say her name. John heard a 2 syllable whisper and Missy distinctly heard the name "Katy" being said. Unfortunately this was not captured on audio or video making it only a personal experience. The group tried very hard to communicate with "Katy" or anyone else but nothing else was experience on the 2nd Floor during this EVP session.

END TIME: 12:24 am

The group decided to take a break.

START TIME: 12:26 am

During the groups break they made sure all batteries were operational throughout the house. They checked all trigger objects to make sure nothing had been moved and made sure all windows are still covered.

END TIME: 1:30 am

START TIME: 1:35 am

LOCATION: 2nd Floor Red Room

The group headed back up to the 2nd Floor, this time specifically focusing on the Red Room. This room was claimed to be where two deaths have occurred. It is also the original Master Bedroom of Robert Tinker before he expanded the cottage. This time the group sat in a circle on the floor. The group had also placed a paintbrush and paints along with a picture of Robert Tinker in this room as trigger objects. Mr. Tinker was an accomplished painter and the grouped hoped that the objects would interest him. Noah brought a set of flash cards with various pictures and shapes to play a "game". This was also a tactic to peak interest and curiosity. Before the group began their EVP session John stated that the general feel of this room was "heavy". He also felt that someone was watching from outside of the room but wouldn't enter.

Once the group was settled in their positions they began an EVP session. They asked many questions about the deaths that occurred in that room without response. They also made it known that the paints and brushes were set out specifically for Mr. Tinker. They also tried to communicate with "Katy" but had no success. At 2:04 am Noah felt a vibration on the floor where he sat but nobody else had felt it. It was then decided that it was time to move on to a new location as it was nearing the end of the evening.

END TIME: 2:06 am

START TIME: 2:12 am

LOCATION: 1st Floor Library

The group decided to spend the remainder of their evening in the Library. The Library has two floors but they specifically sat on the 1st Floor. The group sat on the floor in a circle. It was much quieter outside now. The group began their next EVP session at 2:12 am. The group asked many questions about the family. They called out names of the Tinker family members hoping to stir up activity. They asked about the rocking chair and asked someone to rock it for them.

At 2:18 am Missy thought she saw a flash of light near the rocking chair but there was no movement of the chair itself. Shortly after at 2:21 am, Gravy saw a shadow in the Dining Room. The group had placed trigger objects in the Smoking Parlor near the Dining Room (a cigar, liquor, a bullet, and a deck of cards) and asked if anyone had noticed they were there. The group made it known that they had brought it for Mr. Tinker and his guests. They also asked if Mrs. Tinker could bring them some tea and cookies into the Parlor. There was no more activity and it was now 2:30 am so the group decided to wrap up the first night of the investigation and began to break down the equipment.

END TIME: 2:30 am



The group arrived at the location at 4:30 pm. Gravy arrived shortly after at 5:00 pm. They set up base camp in the main floor Kitchen area. While John did his impressions of each room in the building, Gravy began to darken all the rooms by covering windows and taping over lights. Missy began to take outside conditions and interior EMF and temperature baselines. Noah began to assemble and place equipment. Once John, Missy, and Gravy's jobs were finished they reconvened at base camp and began taking equipment to their locations. As the equipment was set up, it was started and time stamped. By 6:00 pm, all the equipment was setup and recording. The group then left to get dinner.

The group returned to the location at 7:34 pm and checked the equipment to make sure it was still running. At 7:41 pm, John went over his impressions and the group began their investigation.


START TIME: 7:51 pm

LOCATION: 2nd Floor

The group spread throughout the 2nd Floor. John sat in the Knitting Room, Missy in the Red Room, Gravy sat in the Master Bedroom, and Noah sat in the Hallway. The group observed several minutes of silence before beginning an EVP session. At 7:59 pm, John and Missy went downstairs so John could get something to settle his stomach. At 8:19 pm, Noah saw a flash of light on the hallway wall. No known source of the light was found. No other activity occurred and the EVP session was concluded.

END TIME: 8:21 pm

START TIME: 8:30 pm


The group situated themselves in the Library. During this time, the group attempted to debunk the movement of a rocking chair that was captured by a previous investigating team. No natural explanation without physically touching the chair could be determined as a cause for the chair to rock on its own. The group then observed silence before beginning an EVP session. Gravy sat in the Dining Room doorway, Noah in the Parlor doorway and Missy and John sat in the middle of the Library. No activity occurred during this time and the EVP session was concluded.

END TIME: 9:03 pm

START TIME: 9:14 pm

LOCATION: Basement

The group situated themselves throughout the Basement. Missy say by the door under the stairs, Noah sat on the stairs, John sat in the Basement Kitchen, and Gravy sat in the doorway of the downstairs Office. The group observed silence before beginning an EVP session. No activity occurred during this time and the EVP session was concluded.

END TIME: 9:40 pm

During this time, the group checked their equipment. They changed any batteries that needed to be changed, and restarted and time stamped any equipment that needed it. They reconvened at base camp and took a short break.

START TIME: 10:16 pm

LOCATION: Main Floor

The group spread throughout the Main Floor. Missy sat near the base of the stairs. Gravy sat on the stairs with a Mel-Vibe on a few steps above him. John sat in the hallway along the stairs. Noah sat in the Living Room. The group observed several minutes of silence before beginning an EVP session. At 10:26 pm, the manager of the location joined the group for part of the EVP session. He sat with Noah in the Living Room. No activity occurred during this time and the EVP session was concluded.

END TIME: 10:45 pm

While the Manger, Missy and John went upstairs to check equipment, Gravy and Noah went to the Basement to check equipment before rejoining the group on the 2nd Floor.

START TIME: 10:50 pm


The group sat in the Red Room and casually discussed the history and activity of the location with the Manager. An EVP session was also conducted during this time. No known activity occurred during this time and the EVP session was concluded.

END TIME: 11:34 pm

START TIME: 11:43 pm

LOCATION: 2nd Floor

The group spread throughout the 2nd Floor. Missy sat in the Library and Master Bedroom doorway. Noah stood in the Nursery and Library doorway. John sat in the Master Bedroom along with the Manager. Gravy sat in the hallway. Silence was observed for a few minutes before an EVP session was started.

At 11:55 pm, Noah went down stairs to use the bathroom. Shortly after, at 11:56 pm, Missy saw, straight on, a child size shadow figure run past her in the Library. At the same time, John felt the presence of a young girl. John moved closer to Missy and they continued to ask questions. Gravy offered the Mel-Vibe for Missy to use. When Gravy approached Missy and John, John felt as if the young girl backed off. Gravy left the location quickly. Noah arrived and Gravy updated him on the activity that Missy and John were experiencing. John felt the young girl was staying away from the area. The group continued the EVP session a short time longer but no other known activity occurred during this time and the group ended their EVP session.

END TIME: 12:14 am

The group decided to split into two groups. Missy and John (Group 1) remained on the 2nd Floor in an attempt to further investigate the young female that was thought to have been in that area. Noah, Gravy, and the Manager (Group 2) went into the Basement as it was thought that the little girl did not like them for some reason.

Group 1

START TIME: 12:21 am

LOCATION: 2nd Floor

The group situated themselves in the 2nd Floor Library and started an EVP session. At 12:23 am, John asked if Katie, the name of a young girl supposedly heard in response to a question the night before by Missy, was there and a knock was heard. No known source of the sound was found.

At 12:34 am, both investigators heard a voice. No source of the sound was found and it was thought that the wind might have been the reason for the sound.

At 12:59 am, John felt the presence of a women looking in on them from the Nursery. John felt she was protecting Katie from them. John and Missy assured her they weren’t there to hurt Katie and the presence of the women felt, to John, to have left the area.

No other activity occurred during this time and the EVP session was concluded.

END TIME: 1:09 am

Group 2

START TIME: 12:21 am

LOCATION: Basement

The group spread throughout the Basement and observed silence before beginning an EVP session. At one point everyone heard what sounded like an animal coming from outside. This could have been mistaken for the sound of voices coming from within the property. No activity occurred during this time and the EVP session was concluded.

END TIME: 1:06 am

Both groups reconvened in the main floor Kitchen. The Manager left the building to finish up some work at his office.

START TIME: 1:14 am

LOCATION: 1st Floor Dining Room

The group spread throughout the Dining Room on the 1st Floor and began an EVP session. The group spent the remainder of their time casually discussing the investigation and intermittently asking questions. Since time was limited, the group called an end to the investigation.

END TIME: 1:32 am

The group began to gather their equipment and return the building back to its original condition from when they arrived. Gravy removed the plastic covering the windows. Control recorders were turned off at 1:45 am. Equipment was packed and loaded into the cars and the group contacted the Manager so he could lock up the building. The group left shortly after 2:00 am.




There are many claims of activity at Tinker Swiss Cottage, some of which that have been captured as evidence by other investigative teams. This was PIM's first investigation of this location and PIM made sure to cover all areas of the building to ensure that if anything happened it would be captured. Unfortunately, PIM did not capture any evidence during this investigation. However, there were several personal experiences had during the investigation and PIM feels this location warrants further study to try and elucidate what may be transpiring on the property. The well-documented nature of the history of this building makes it a unique location and this combined with the personal effects of the family makes this location perfect for a haunting. PIM would like to try some new experiments when it returns.

PIM would like to thank Steve from Tinker Swiss Cottage for allowing us to investigate this historic building and staying up late with us. PIM looks forward to its next investigation at Tinker Swiss Cottage.