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Private Wauwatosa Residence
May 15th, 2010
Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee (PIM)

INVESTIGATORS: Karen, Tony, Melissa

OWNER: Name kept private per confidentiality agreement.


All PIM members arrived at the property at 6:30 pm. They unloaded their equipment, and Karen asked the owner if she could give Tony and Melissa a tour of the home and describe the activities she has experienced – Karen was here for the original investigation back in February.

  • The wash machine lid was lifted up two days after PIM originally investigated. The owner stated they never leave it open.
  • A pair of reading glasses was found in a coat they hadn't worn in a long time. The owner had the glasses with them the previous weekend, and the coat she was wearing during that weekend was in a different closet than the coat the glasses were found. They stated the glasses could NOT have fallen into the other coat due to this reason.

After the tour, the group members went outside to do baseline electromagnetic frequency (EMF) readings around the house and the property. The last time the group was there, there were unusual EMF fluctuations that could not be explained.


Once outside, it was found the majority of the house had no abnormal EMF readings. It was found a WE Energies meter gave off EMF (even when the power was shut off) that ran up and down the kitchen side of the house – there was metal piping that ran up the side of the home.

In relation to the house, there was a metal pipe that appeared to come from inside of the house that looked capped off. It would later be found to possibly be a water pipe that, while inside the home, had very high EMF. This could be the ground for the house.

The garage had high levels of EMF, and was found the garage's electricity ran from the house. Once the power was shut off, the EMF readings were down to almost 0.

It was still hard to understand why there were large jumps in EMF readings during the investigation. There was no source that was found to cause this. Possible outside sources (e.g. cell phone towers, etc) might be the reason, but further research will have to be done to determine this.


The group members had less equipment to set up than last time. All floors had at least one type of electronic media on it. A pair of magnets that were reported to have moved years ago was set up as trigger object in the room they were found in.

Each PIM member went around the house performing different duties: Melissa went around and took baseline photos, while Tony did baseline EMF readings. Karen took her time and did weather readings while also trying to see if she could sense any spirits in the house. Shortly after this was done, Tony and the owner turned the power off at 9:50 pm, and EMF baselines were retaken with the power off.

Karen and Melissa went down to the basement around the same time to check on a video camera during this time, and around 9:52 pm, all PIM members heard a voice that seemed to come from the area by the stairs. Karen went upstairs to check to see if anyone was on the street at the time, but she didn't see or hear anyone. An audio clip of this is included.

After all members returned upstairs, Karen wanted to try to prime the environment by playing different genres of music on the owner's piano. After Karen and Melissa played, all PIM members went outside to do baseline readings once again, while the owner continued to play for a while.


All group members and the owner headed up to the second floor at 10:30 pm. Each sat in a different room: Karen/Yellow Room; Tony/Orange Room; Melissa/Lavender; Owner/Green Room. Everyone sat in 5 minutes of silence, and then the group started an EVP session.

Around 10:48 pm, Karen felt the presence of a male standing behind her. She took one of the EMF detectors out and did a quick sweep around her. To her left side there was an EMF spike (0.2 up to 0.6), but no electronics were around that would have caused it. Tony came with another detector that verified some type of EMF was being detected. A few minutes later the EMF levels went back to 0 with no explanation.

At this same time, Melissa thought she heard a cat from the Lavender Room. Tony went outside to see if it could have been from outside by attempting to sound like a cat. He was heard very clearly by everyone inside. It was not found if it was a cat or not.

After Tony came back inside, everyone switched rooms at 11:07 pm – Karen/Green Room; Tony/Yellow Room; Melissa/Orange Room; Owner/Yellow Room. At this time, they continued the EVP. Melissa at one point would report feeling as if someone was standing right in front of her.

Around 11:13 pm, Tony stated he heard what sounded like a woman laugh on the first level. After the EVP session was done at 11:30 pm, Karen tried to recreate the voice on the first floor quietly, which Tony (from the Lavender Room) was able to verify the loudness of it sounded like what he heard. A clip of the original voice is included.

The group then took a small break and then headed to the basement at midnight. The group decided to split up into different parts of the basement. Tony did a quick sweep of the Cellar, while Karen decided to check to see if the teenage spirit she felt earlier was there – she noted he was. Telling Tony this information, they brought their EMF detectors to the right corner of the cellar door and noticed there were EMF fluctuations, which quickly vanished. Karen would later find the EMF levels rose again in the middle of the room and got lower if you moved the EMF detector toward the ceiling and the floor.

As Tony swept the rest of the room, he found a sickle hanging on a nail on the opposite wall from the cellar door. It was thought by everyone they didn't remember seeing it, and the owner stated they always kept it behind a loose door that was in that room. It was also noted that part of the cabling for the light that is in that room was also hanging down.

The group then decided to move the camera that was in the basement into a different position pointing into the Cellar. The sickle was also placed on a chair in the middle of the Cellar to see if the spirit would try to move it. NOTE: It would later be found in baseline photos from the February investigation the sickle was indeed on the hook.

Around 12:12 am, Karen and Tony heard what sounded like something being pulled across the floor on the first floor. After setting everything up, the group headed to the main level to investigate to see if they could see if anything was moved around 12:20 am. It was thought the one chair that was sitting in the kitchen had moved, but no visual evidence was captured to prove this.

From 12:40 am to 1:01 am the group conducted an EVP session on the main floor. Karen was in the Kitchen, Tony the Family Room, Melissa the Parlor and the owner the Dining Area. Karen stated at one point she felt a large cold spot hover over her. There were EMF fluctuations over her that went from 0 to 0.3. It was not found if this was paranormal or not during that time.

From 1:01 am to 1:12 am the group headed back down to the basement to check on the sickle. It did not move. Tony then moved the sickle to a different room and placed it on a chair that was still in view of the camera to see if it would move. The group attempted to do an EVP session at this time. No activities occurred.

Around 1:12 am, the group then went back to the second floor to do another EVP session. Karen and Tony were in the Orange Room, while the owner and Melissa were in the Green Room. No activities occurred during this point – ending this session around 1:40 am. The group then headed back to the basement at 1:57 am.

The sickle still did not move, and the group did an EVP session in the Cellar for a while and then moved into the area by the stairs. Around 2:30 am it was noted the group heard a moan. No other activities occurred at this point.

The group wrapped up the investigation at 2:45 am, packed their equipment, and headed out.


AUDIO: See clips in Evidence tab.
VIDEO: Private


The goal of coming into the home this investigation was to better understand the EMF fluctuations that were noted during the investigation back in February. Unfortunately, we aren't closer to understanding the reason for the fluctuations. Further research into the area might better explain this phenomenon.

But there were a few personal experiences experienced by several members of the group, with some evidence to confirm those experiences. Although these pieces of evidence were caught, we cannot for certain come to a conclusion that the location is haunted. They are interesting though, and a return to the location may help us to come to a better conclusion about the activities that have been reported.

PIM would like to thank the owner for allowing us to reinvestigate their home. We look forward to reinvestigating the location in the future to further understand the EMF fluctuations in the home.

05/15/10 Wauwatosa Private Residence
9:37pm Yellow Room:

Male whisper
05/15/10 Wauwatosa Private Residence
10:00pm Kitchen:

Voice after chair moves.
05/15/10 Wauwatosa Private Residence
10:02pm Basement:

Knocking in basement.
05/15/10 Wauwatosa Private Residence
11:01pm Kitchen:

Humming or voice.
05/15/10 Wauwatosa Private Residence
11:13pm Yellow Room:

Voice, which Tony also hears.
05/15/10 Wauwatosa Private Residence

Similar humming sound.