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Private Residence
April 11th, 2014
Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee (PIM)

INVESTIGATORS: Tony, Missy, Denys, and Tea


Time taken: 9:04 pm

Weather Outside: clear and mild

Outside Temperature: 51.0 degrees F

Wind Speed: 5.0 mph

Barometric Pressure: 29.98 steady

Humidity: 39.0%

Moon Phase: 87% Full Waxing Gibbous

Geomagnetic Field: Quiet

Solar X-rays: Active

Solar Wind Speed: 355.9 km/sec

Solar Wind Density: 2.5 protons/cm3

Radio Sun: 10.7 cm flux; 137 sfu

Planetary K-index Now: Kp=1; quiet

Planetary K-index 24hr Max: Kp=2; quiet

Interplanetary Magnetic Field Btotal: 7.7 nT

Interplanetary Magnetic Field Bz: 6.4 nT south

Sunspot: Yes; 78

Coronal Holes: Yes, 2


This home is a duplex and is located in a quiet neighborhood in Wauwatosa, WI. Although PIM does not have record of the history of this home, PIM does know that the Tenant has only lived there since November of 2013 and the Owner moved in shortly thereafter. Both claim to have experienced things they can't explain since moving in and this is why they called PIM.

First PIM members Gravy and Tea did an initial walkthrough of the residence and determined that the residence would indeed require an investigation. Upon that walkthrough the Owner showed Tea and Gravy where the claims of activity occurred. Here is what the Owner and her Tenant have experienced:


  • On the 1st Floor (where the Owner's lives) the Owner has heard footsteps going from the Kitchen towards the Living Room
  • The Owner has also heard footsteps upstairs on the 2nd Floor (where the Tenant lives) while the Tenant was not home
  • The Tenant and his eight year old Daughter have both heard footsteps in the Owner's Apartment on the 1st Floor while the Owner was not home
  • On three separate occasions the Tenant has found his dishes moved from his kitchen sink into the oven
  • One of the two pictures in the Tenant's Bedroom was rotated 180 degrees
  • A shadow figure was seen by the Tenant moving from East to West by the door to the enclosed Porch in Tenant's Apartment
  • The Tenant's heavy tube style TV (which is located in the Tenant's Bedroom) was found in the middle of the room, upside down upon waking up in the morning. Neither Tenant nor Owner heard the TV crash during the night
  • The back door to the outside has opened on its own on several occasions. Both Owner and Tenant have access to this door
  • On one instance the Tenant went out the back door to take out garbage. When he came back the door was shut and locked. The door does not automatically lock when it is closed

At 8:06 pm on Friday April 11th the team arrived at the residence for the investigation. They were greeted by the residence Owner and welcomed in.

Once the Owner gave the team access to the residence she left for the duration of the investigation. The team brought in all their equipment and set up base camp in the Owner's Apartment. Since Tea had been on the initial walkthrough he gave Tony and Denys a walkthrough of the home. They began the process of deciding where equipment would go during the investigation.

Missy took outside weather conditions, EMF (electromagnetic field) and temperature readings throughout the residence while the walkthrough was being conducted. The results of those readings are as follows:

EMF Before Investigation (with power on; denoted in mG)
Temperature Before Investigation (Fahrenheit)
Entrance to Owner's Apartment
Owner's Living Room
Owner's Dining Room
Owner's Bathroom
Owner's North Bedroom
Owner's South Bedroom
Owner's Kitchen
Back Door Entrance
Stairway to 2nd Floor
Tenant's Kitchen
Tenant's Bathroom
Tenant's Bedroom
Tenant's Porch

NOTE: EMF detection of 1.0 or higher can make a person have symptoms of nausea, dizziness, paranoia and the feeling of being watched. Some people are more sensitive to higher levels of EMF than others.

At 8:27 pm Tony asked that everyone start their control recorders. Control recorders are controllers that each investigator wears on their person to act as an audio record of any noises each investigator makes during an investigation. Control recorders are used to ensure that the investigators are not contaminating the investigation, creating noises that later may be misconstrued as Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVPs) but are actually caused by the investigator.

Tony then told the team where the equipment would need to be set up. At 8:30 pm Tony set up his Sony DCR-DVD610 video camera in the Tenant's Kitchen. He set it up so that it would have a clear view of the sink and oven. This was done in attempt to capture dishes moving from the sink into the oven which has been claimed to happen on three separate occasions.

A Sony HDR-SR5 video camera was placed in the Tenant's Bedroom with the TV in clear view. It was set up this way because the Tenant claimed that the TV crashed to the ground and landed upside down without the Tenant or Owner hearing it happen even though they were both home when it occurred.

A Sony HDR-XR200V was placed on the Tenant's kitchen counter angled to capture both the Porch, where a shadow figure has been seen, and the back door at the bottom of the stairs. The back door has been claimed to open on its own accord and has also closed and locked while the Tenant was taking out the garbage.

Lastly Denys set up his Sony HDR-SR5 in the Owner's Living Room. This was done because of the claim of hearing footsteps between the Living Room and Kitchen.

H1 audio recorders were set up in the Tenant's Bedroom and Kitchen. Another H1 audio recorder was set up in the Owner's Living Room.


Before the team began to darken the residence they decided to try debunking some of the claims. First they tried to figure out why the door would open by itself. They observed that the door is pretty solid and does not open or close on its own easily. As both the Tenant and Owner have only lived at the residence during the winter months it is possible that the doors and or door frames could have contracted during the cold weather making it easier for the door to open. This does not explain why the door would close or lock on its own though. However, since the door is hard to open it is possible that someone closed the door thinking it had latched and locked it and when the Tenant went to take out the garbage the door was actually locked already which could an explanation for the report.

Next the team went upstairs to look into the claim of the TV that was found in the middle of the floor upside down by the Tenant. The TV is placed on top of a storage tote which is not designed to support the weight of a TV. It is possible that the TV fell forward off of the tote and landed upside down onto the floor.

The team could not come up with explanations for the picture that was found rotated 180 degrees, the sound of the footsteps, or the dishes that were found moved from the sink to the oven.

At 9:05 pm the team closed blinds and turned off lights so they could set up the illumination for the NightShot features on their video equipment. Once this was done it was then time to begin the investigation.


START TIME: 9:14 pm

LOCATION: Owner's Living Room

The team decided to start in the Owner's Living Room. First they sat quietly to accustom themselves with the normal noises of the residence. They also want to find out if they could hear anything that would sound like the footsteps that the Owner sometimes hears in the Tenant's Apartment. Nothing was heard during the five minutes of controlled silence except for some people who were talking outside on the sidewalk. The residence itself was very quiet.

At 9:19 pm it was then time to begin the first EVP session. Tony began by asking "if anyone wants to make themselves known to please make a sound". Nothing was heard at that time. Missy then asked "Did you own this house?" A knock was heard by everyone. She asked if whoever knocked could knock again but nothing was heard.

At 9:24 pm a car drove by and shadows were cast throughout the residence.

At 9:32 pm everyone began to hear constant popping noises that seemed to come from the Owner's Kitchen/Dining Room area. It was concluded that the noises must be coming from the refrigerator.

It was then decided at 9:32 pm that the team would move upstairs to the Tenant's Apartment to continue the investigation.

END TIME: 9:32 pm

START TIME: 9:35 pm

LOCATION: Tenant's Apartment

Once the team arrived upstairs Tony suggested that they spread out throughout the Tenant's Apartment. Tea sat on the Kitchen floor, Denys went into the Bathroom, Tony sat in the enclosed Porch, and Missy sat on the Bedroom floor facing the TV.

Almost immediately after everyone was seated in their places, at 9:36 pm, a rattle noise was heard by everyone. The noise seemed to come from the Kitchen. Tea got up to check if the windows in the Kitchen were closed. Everything seemed fine and Tea could not replicate the sound.

At 9:42 pm Tony began an EVP session by introducing the team. After they asked a few more questions Tony tried enticing activity by trying the "shave and a haircut" routine. A knock was heard but it was quickly realized that the Kitchen floor and Bathroom floor seem to make frequent popping noises. It was determined that it is probably settling.

At 9:47 pm Denys and Tony heard two popping noises come from the Porch. The wind had picked up at approximately the same time so it is possible that is what caused the popping noises.

At 9:55 pm Tony asked if anyone from the team wanted to stay in the Tenant's Apartment alone while the rest of the team went back to the Owner's Living Room. This was done because the Tenant would be upstairs by himself when his Daughter is not staying with him and the team thought this might better replicate the circumstances when activity was reported. Also this would give the team downstairs a better understanding as to the noises that would be normal while both Tenant and Owner would be home.

Missy volunteered to stay in the Tenant's Bedroom and have an EVP session for ten minutes. During this time Missy did not get any responses to the questions she was asking. The only sound she heard was the sound of the refrigerator turning on. She could not hear any noises from the rest of the team sitting downstairs although they could clearly hear her. After ten minutes, at 10:06 pm Tony came back to the Tenant's Apartment and told Missy to go downstairs and he would stay upstairs and try another ten minute EVP session while he sat alone.

At 10:09 pm Tony began his EVP session while sitting in the Tenant's Bedroom. He was clearly heard by the rest of the team sitting in the Owner's Living Room.

At 10:14 pm Missy and Denys heard something either shift or move in the Owner's Living Room. Denys got up to see if he could identify where the noise had come from. He then noticed that the battery in the video camera placed in the Owner's Living Room was dead so he changed it. At this time Tony came back downstairs because he heard all the noises from Denys walking around. Tony reported that he did not experience any activity while sitting in the Tenant's Bedroom.

At 10:20 pm it was Tea's turn for a solo EVP session in the Owner's Apartment. He too sat in the Bedroom. He was not as easy to hear downstairs but he has a quiet voice.

At 10:26 pm Missy was sitting in a chair at the table in the Owner's Dining Room. A car drove by and she felt her whole chair vibrate. Another car drove by almost immediately but her chair did not vibrate that time. It is unclear why her chair only vibrated the one time but it may be due to the size of the car that went by or the particular path that car took when it was driving past the house.

At 10:30 pm Denys went upstairs to take his turn at an EVP session and Tea came back into the Owner's Living Room. It was very noticeable to everyone that the traffic had picked up outside. Missy sat in the same chair in the Owner's Dining Room but never felt her chair vibrate.

At 10:41 pm Denys came back downstairs and noted that once the amount of traffic picked up a lot more shadows were seen around the Tenant's Apartment.

The team decided to take a short break and then continue the investigation in the Basement.

END TIME: 10:41 pm

START TIME: 11:00 pm

LOCATION: Basement

At 11:00 pm the team decided to investigate the Basement. Neither the Owner or Tenant has made any claims in the Basement but this is an area of a home that most people don't spend a lot of time. The team decided that perhaps they could gain some answers for the Owner and Tenant by giving it a try.

Once Tea, Missy and Denys were in the Basement, Tony closed the door between the Basement and Back Entry Way. The basement is large and wide open. The team spread themselves out around the Basement.

First the team observed five minutes of controlled silence to accustom themselves to the natural sounds of the Basement. They then began an EVP session at 11:05 pm.

At 11:08 pm Missy asked if she could hear a knocking noise. Immediately everyone heard a loud knock. She asked for another knock and another one was heard. Shortly after that another knock was heard although nobody asked for one. Everyone then realized that the knock was most likely coming from natural settling of the residence.

It was then decided at 11:15 pm to head back up to the Tenant's Apartment to try another EVP session.

END TIME: 11:15 pm

START TIME: 11:17 pm

LOCATION: Tenant's Apartment

This time the team decided to spread themselves out around the Kitchen to do another EVP session in the Tenant's Apartment.

The team asked many questions and tried very hard to communicate with anyone who was there but no responses were heard and no activity was witnessed.

END TIME: 11:49 pm

START TIME: 11:50 pm

LOCATION: Owner's Living Room

The team sat around the Owner's Living Room and Dining Room.

Again the team asked many questions but no activity occurred. It was then decided to call the Owner and end the investigation for the night.

Once the team was done packing up their equipment, the Tenant came back home. He spoke briefly with the team and said goodbye to them. The team then left for the night.

END TIME: 12:01 am


PHOTO: Due to the nature of photographic evidence, PIM does not believe photos are accurate evidence of the paranormal. However, photos are taken for baselines and documentation of trigger object starting positions.


Both the Owner and Tenant had many interesting claims of activity. PIM did its best to try and debunk or find explanations for what might be going on in this home. It was very clearly heard throughout the night that the residence does make many pops and creaks but this is most likely due to settling. PIM was also able to find possible alternative explanations for some of the other claims, such as the door closing and locking when the Tenant took out the garbage. It is PIM's opinion that the people living in the residence should not be concerned about the activity as PIM does not believe there is anything malevolent present.

PIM would like to state that their time at this residence was brief in comparison to the amount of time the people who live there spend. We would like to further our investigation in the future and until that time ask that they continue to record any activity in the home. If any issues should arise before PIM would return please feel free to contact us.

PIM would like to thank both the Owner and Tenant for inviting us into your home. PIM would be happy to return to the residence if activity continues.