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West Allis Residence
March 6, 2011
Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee (PIM)

INVESTIGATORS: Noah, Karen, Gravy


The group arrived at the location at 7:30 pm. Karen and Gravy previously did a walk-thru of the location a week and a half prior, so they knew the locations they wanted to place equipment ahead of time. Because the location was above a bar, the group went in with the impression that the bar would close at midnight so they could investigate the bar area and basement - this was confirmed by the client.

Upon unloading the group's equipment, the group went around and did baseline readings, which included electromagnetic field (EMF) and temperature readings, baseline photos along with sensitive impressions.

There were two living space levels in the location, and after the group completed both of these levels, they headed to the bar area as it opened at 8 pm to get those baseline readings done ahead of time. Upon being in the bar area, the bartender then informed the group she would probably stay open to 2 am. This was news to the group who thought they would be able to investigate the space starting after midnight.

After having all baselines done, the group then started to set up their equipment throughout the living spaces. They also covered all the windows on the floors to ensure no light was leaking in that could cause paradolia - psychological phenomenon involving a vague and random stimulus being perceived as significant (per Wikipedia). They finished at 9:30 pm.

The clients then left, but would then come back shortly after to talk with the group. After talking with PIM about the activities they've had, they left at 10:30 pm. Then group then started the night's investigation.

  • Footsteps on the stairs leading to the 3rd Floor space
  • Shadows seen in the main residence kitchen and 1st bedroom
  • Client heard "Mommy" be called out to her
  • Older woman seen in the basement of the bar area - seen wearing a floral dress
  • Apparition of a man seen near chimney on 3rd Floor

Due to the noise from the bar that could be quietly heard in the residence, they spread out throughout the living space with Karen in the 1st Bedroom, Noah the Dining Room and Gravy in the Master Bedroom. The group sat in silence for about five minutes to observe the normal noises of the living space, and then started an electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) session.

Noah moved into the 2nd Bedroom at 10:43 pm to see if he could contact the older woman Karen picked up in there earlier in the night. No activities occurred during this time, and the group concluded at 10:50 pm.

They then headed to the 3rd Floor. Karen sat near the living space bar while Gravy and Noah sat on the front side of the building. They group could still hear the bar noise from below, but stay in silence to see if they could observe the building's normal noises. They started their EVP session at around 10:57 pm. No activities occurred during this time and the group concluded this session at 11:20 pm.

Heading back to the 2nd Floor the group noticed the noise level from the bar area had increasingly grown. They spread out through the Living Room and tried to contact the little girl from the Office/Closet area. Gravy brought out a small stuffed cat to see if it would grab her curiosity - Karen noticed it did.

While trying to contact the girl, Gravy tried to have her walk over to him and touch his hand. Karen felt she moved from the Office/Closet area and was standing in the doorway from the Master Bedroom and Living Room, but didn't want to touch his hand. She also liked the cat.

As midnight approached, the group kept conducting an EVP session to contact any spirits that were in the residence. There were no activities that occurred during this time, and due to the noise level from below, the group concluded the night's investigation at 12:30 am.

Karen called the clients and let them know they were done for the night, in which they apologized for the bar not closing as they were originally told it would.

The group packed up their equipment and left around 12:45 am.




PIM was very interested in investigating this historic building. The claims of activity were numerous and varied. However, due to some circumstances beyond our control, we weren't able to conduct as controlled an investigation as we had hoped. We still gathered and reviewed all of our evidence, but unfortunately we did not come up with any evidence. PIM would like to come back to try and investigate the location again in the future under more controlled conditions.