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Willow Creek Farm
April 8-10, 2011
Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee (PIM)


Day 1: Noah, Karen, Chris, Tony, Aaron from Forest City Paranormal Society (FCPS), Wyatt from Paranormal Researchers of Illinois (PRI)

Day 2: Noah, Karen, Chris, Tony


The group arrived at 7:40 pm while Aaron from FCPS arrived at the location just a few minutes prior to get some film footage for a documentary he and PIM have been working on since November 2010. Once the group arrived, they unloaded their equipment and started to get ready for the night's investigation.

Karen went around and did environmental and sensitive readings while Tony took EMF and temperature readings inside. Meanwhile Noah and Chris set up equipment. Aaron followed Karen around as she did her readings to document what she felt for the documentary. Wyatt from PRI arrived at 8 pm and would be a special guest investigator for the evening.

After Karen completed her walk through, she helped Aaron set up in the Old Basement for interviews he wanted to do for the documentary with all PIM members. After she did her interview, she asked Chris to head to the basement where he did his interview. Al, the owner, would leave around 9 pm to head into town to get something to eat.

Noah and Tony set up all of the equipment on the first floor, and then Karen helped with set up on the second floor - Tony would be sent down to the Old Basement to do his interview during this time.

Once all of the equipment was set, Noah went downstairs for his interview, and the group would then break up into two smaller groups to begin the night's investigation.


DAY 1:

Group 1: Noah, Tony, Wyatt Group 2: Karen, Chris, Aaron

START TIME: 11:15 pm

Group 1 - outside including Machine Shed and Barn:

The group began their investigation in the haymow of the barn where Noah, Tony and Wyatt spread out and began an EVP session. During the session it was noted there was some sort of animal that was in the rafters of the barn that was making a lot of strange scratching noises. At one point Tony thought he heard something moving on the floor in one corner of the barn but nothing was observed. No activities occurred during this time, however, upon reviewing the evidence two EVPs were captured during this EVP session (see attached Audio files).

The group then moved to the Machine Shed where Noah, Tony, and Wyatt would spread out in and began another EVP session. No activities occurred during this session. Time was up for this leg of the investigation and Noah radioed Karen to meet on the first floor of the house.

Group 2 - second floor of house:

To begin the group's investigation inside the house on the 2nd floor, Karen had everyone spread out with Aaron in the Master Bedroom, Karen in the Nursery and Chris near the Hallway by the Northeast (NE) Bedroom. The group sat in silence for about five minutes to hear the normal sounds of the house. Al returned shortly after they started an electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) session and went to bed in the Family Room.

While asking questions, the group heard what sounded like a weird voice around 11:32 pm, but it ended up just being the sound of the wind coming through the air conditioner in the Master Bedroom. Chris then moved more toward the Master Bedroom doorway and the group continued asking questions. No activities occurred at this time.

They then decided to move to different spots, so Karen went to the Northwest (NW) Bedroom, while Aaron was in the NE Bedroom and Chris was in the temporary Southwest (SW) Bathroom. The group continued their EVP sessions and would occasionally hear weird knocks and noises, but couldn't attribute it to anything paranormal.

Once Noah radioed the group, they concluded their session and met with Group 1 back on the first floor.

END TIME: 11:54 pm

After taking a mini break, the groups then decided to switch locations.

START TIME: 12: 15 am

Group 1 - second floor of house:

The group began by checking all the equipment on the second floor to ensure that it was still running. Noah discovered one of his recorders had dead batteries and went to retrieve replacements on the first floor. After he had restarted the recorder it was decided that himself, Tony and Wyatt would all be in the Master Bedroom.

An EVP session was started. No event occurred during the EVP session but between sessions Noah and Wyatt were chatting when Tony heard a female laugh. Upon review of the evidence this laugh was captured and is included in the evidence. A new EVP session was started in an attempt to communicate with whoever made the laugh but no activities occurred. The other group radioed that they were headed back in so everyone headed downstairs to meet with the other group shortly thereafter.

Group 2 - outside including Machine Shed and Barn:

The group started their outdoor investigation in the Machine Shed. While there, the group spread out with Karen standing near the tractors and Chris sitting on a tractor that was near the bathtub in the building - Aaron walked around videotaping the session. While there, the group tried asking questions that could possibly stir up some type of reaction. Nothing occurred.

Karen then mentioned she was getting upset with the spirits for not interacting, and shortly after a loud bang was heard within the building around 12:34 am. It appeared to have a rippling effect, and they thought they heard footsteps near the main open door to the building. It is not known if this was paranormal in nature, or just a weird coincidence since it was windy that night as well.

The group then headed to the barn around 12:45 am to see if they could contact with the male Karen noticed there during previous investigations. The group started near the animal stall area, but she kept feeling pulled to the other side of the building. While in the other half that had the set of stairs the group normally uses to go to the haymow, she got a very strong feeling they should go up to the Loft area. Reluctant at first to go up because of the set of stairs, and knowing the floor boards could be rickety in some spots, she led Chris and Aaron to the Loft.

The group conducted an EVP session, but once up there, she didn't feel anyone was up there at that time. The group radioed Group 1 and headed back in at 1:03 am.

END TIME: 1:24 am when Group 1 came back to the first floor

Both groups then headed to the Old Basement to finish up on some video footage Aaron wanted for the documentary. They would conclude that at 1:50 am, and Wyatt decided to head home at 2 am as he had to wake up early for work.

The group as a whole then headed back upstairs at 2:07 am to conduct another EVP session. All group members spread out throughout the entire floor: Noah - Nursery, Karen - Master bedroom, Tony - NE Bedroom and Chris - NW Bedroom; Aaron went from room-to-room to record the session on camera.

After sitting in silence for a short while, the group conducted an EVP session trying to contact the "regulars" of the house. Around 2:22 am, Noah and Tony both thought they heard a voice, but wasn't sure where it came from - see Evidence. Tony then commented on the lack of activity that was going on and was getting frustrated with the spirits. At that time, Karen thought she saw the K2 meter that was leaning against the mirror in the Master Bedroom go off, but upon watching her video evidence, it did not.

About five minutes after she thought she saw the K2 go off, Noah asked Karen if she sensed anyone in the Nursery as he thought he saw a child-sized shadow with a hat standing near the Master Bedroom doorway. She stated she didnít feel anything, and no evidence was captured on video.

The group then concluded the EVP session at 3:01 am, and concluded the night's investigation.

All group members, and Aaron, slept in the Living Room. No activities occurred during the evening hours.

DAY 2:

The group woke up around 9:30 am and went around charging their batteries for the coming night's investigation. Since Aaron had to leave by 11:30 am, the group sat around and did some evidence review (which is a normal tradition for PIM at Willow Creek Farm), which he captured some video for the documentary. He would then come back later that evening to interview Al for a segment.

While sitting and doing evidence review, the group was extremely surprised at how many EVPs they caught in such a short amount of time during the prior night's investigation despite it not being obviously active (see Evidence).

The group, needing to get something to eat, headed into town at 12:25 pm and would return around 2:23 pm. They had a few voice recorders running as they left. One piece of audio that turned out to be interesting during this time sounded like someone skipping into the Living Room. One of the cats was in the house at the time, and when it walked (and meowed which differentiated it was a cat vs. paranormal) sounded comparable to the audio segment being submitted. Due to a camera not being on, it is not known if the segment being submitted was a cat or actual paranormal activity. An almost identical recording was captured by another paranormal team earlier. This leads PIM to believe that the event is either residual in nature, or has a natural explanation that is unknown at this time.

Once the group returned to the house they continued to do evidence review and would compare their evidence against each other if someone found a clip. They would continue doing this until about 4:45 pm, when they would leave with Al to head into town to take a walk through of a house a couple towns over. They then headed to dinner, and would head back to Willow Creek Farm at 7:05 pm - Aaron arrived back at 8:15 pm.

Aaron and Al went outside to do the documentary interview, while all of the PIM members headed to the Old Basement at 8:30 pm to see if they could contact the spirit who was captured singing on Karen's recorder from the night before (see Evidence for singing).

Noah sat on the stairs while the rest of the group members spread out. Karen immediately felt the presence of a young teenage girl that was near the furnace area whose name could possibly be "Emma". The group attempted to communicate with the teen during their EVP session.

At 8:32 pm, some of the members thought they did hear a girl's voice say something, which was not caught on a recorder. Karen soon after heard what she thought was her name and asked the group if anyone else heard it (see Evidence). She then shortly after felt a boy was in the room too that was attached to "Emma" but was unable to glean any additional information out about him. Tony asked during the EVP session if other spirits from the house could come to the basement. Karen then noticed a few minutes later the presence of three to four other individuals standing in front of them, but they were just shadows.

No other activities occurred during this time, and the group then concluded the session at 9:10 pm.

Aaron came back into the house to let the group know he was done filming and was going home at that point. The group said goodbye to Aaron, and headed to the barn to see if they could contact the male who appeared to respond to some of the questions that were asked by Group 1 the night before.

After all members were in the Barn Loft at 9:27 pm, they conducted an EVP session. Karen noticed a male was in the Loft and was on the south end of it pacing. She kept getting the impression he was the person who was involved in the possible rape situation that occurred there, and he may have killed himself after. This was the usual male she picked up on prior visits to the location.

Also during the EVP session, all PIM members took their white lights and placed them against the beams of the Loft to create some form of light for them to see. The light Noah had appeared to not be connecting correctly with the battery spring , so the light would dim but would come back on and off throughout the EVP session. At one point, it seemed very coincidental that the light went out at some point, but when asked if whoever was there could turn the light back on, that it would come back on almost immediately. The group tried this a few times - asking it to turn on or off the light - and most of the time it did. After a while, the light just stayed dim. Noah then picked up the flashlight and held it for the remainder of the session in the barn.

During the light session, Karen did pick up on a boy named "Brian James" who was a little overweight. She was unable to pick up on any other information about him at the time.

No other activities occurred, and the group headed to the Machine Shed at 10:15 pm.

Once inside, the group spread out with everyone sitting on different tractors, except for Chris whose knee was starting to act up. The group conducted an EVP session to see if there was anyone who was attached to the farm equipment or the building, but nothing occurred. They then decided to head into the house at 10:27 pm.

When everyone was back inside, the entire group sat in the Family Room and talked with Al for a little while. A few of the members at one point thought they heard mumbling coming from somewhere in the house, but was unable to find the source. While talking, Tony claimed to hear a buzzing/popping sound in one of his ears, which Al then said it was probably a spirit trying to talk to him.

NOTE: Although this is a theory in the paranormal field, it was also taken into account that the barometric pressure was changing as a storm system was rolling into the area at that same time. The change in pressure could have also had an impact with Tony's ear.

Al then went into the Living Room for a quick second and then asked Karen if she could go in there and see who was in the room. Upon entering, she noticed the atmosphere wasn't as positive as it was before, and the woman who she usually found in the closet appeared to be irate. There was also a gentleman she picked up on who was blocking the front door and didn't want anyone to leave.

To continue the night's investigation, the group headed back upstairs, and did a quick walk through of the rooms to make sure all of the equipment was still running. At 11:06 pm when Noah walked into the Master Bedroom, he thought he saw the K2 light up. However, the camera in that room did not pick up on any K2 activity at that time.

It was then decided to head to the attic to investigate. All group members headed up to do an EVP session while Al stayed in the Family Room to take a quick nap. While up in the Attic, Karen didn't notice any spirits hiding, and no activities occurred during the EVP session from 11:08 to 11:34 pm. They then headed back downstairs and spread out through the second floor.

Noah and Tony were in the Master Bedroom, while Karen was in the Hallway and Chris was in the Nursery. During the EVP session, no activities occurred, but Karen kept feeling "Lillie" was trying to peer around the corner of the NE Bedroom into the Hallway around 11:47 pm. Karen told "Lillie" it was okay to go into the other bedroom, and she said she almost could feel energy passing through her legs. Within a few seconds, Tony reported seeing a black shadow in the Master Bedroom about child's height, which seemed to become tar-like in nature as it went to the ground and then into the closet. Upon opening the closet, there wasn't anything unusual to be found. This again was not captured on video.

The group concluded the EVP session at 12:03 am and headed downstairs to conduct a seance in the Old Basement with Al.

Noah opted out of the seance so he could observe for any activity that could occur during that time. The group started the seance at 12:31 am and concluded at 1 am. No activities occurred during this time, and the house appeared to be very quiet in regards to paranormal activity.

Wanting to try a seance in the Living Room, the group took the table and chairs along with other items used for the seance upstairs and reset everything. The seance was tried again from 1:05 to about 1:35 am, but once again no activities, nor spirits, were noticed during the session.

Going back outside to try another session in the Barn Loft, all PIM members headed back outside at 2:30 am while Al went to bed. The group tried talking to the male who was up in the Loft before, but there appeared to be no response. Wrapping this session up, the group headed back inside at 2:49 am and took a quick break.

To wrap up the night's investigation, all PIM members headed upstairs at 3:05 am and sat in the Master Bedroom with Tony in the room's chair, Karen on the bed, Noah on the floor in front of the bed and Chris standing next to the bed. During the group's EVP session, no activities occurred and the group wrapped up the night's investigation at 3:35 am.

The group then packed up all their equipment prior to going to bed for the night, which they did at around 4 am.

They would wake up around 8:30 am the next day, packed up their vehicle and headed back home.


AUDIO: See clips in Evidence tab.


This investigation at Willow Creek Farm was different than our recent investigations. There seemed to be new entities present than we encountered previously. Although no major events occurred during our investigation, the evidence review yielded a plethora of EVP's of intelligent spirits answering the questions we were asking. This is a textbook case of you never know what you are going to get. The change in entities reported by Karen, as well as other mediums to Al prior to our investigation, along with the evidence captured in areas of the Willow Creek Farm that previously had not yielded any evidence for PIM seems to be true. How or why did this occur? Does it have something to do with the loud noises that Al heard a couple weeks prior to this change? PIM's theory of loud unexplained noises occurring at haunted locations being the actual coming and going of spirits may hold some validity. PIM looks forward to its next investigation at Willow Creek Farm to see if the same entities that were there most recently are still there or if a new set have arrived. PIM would like to again thank Al for allowing us to investigate his home.

04/08/11 Willow Creek Farm
11:38pm Barn Loft:

When asked to knock in response voice says "I don't want to play".
04/08/11 Willow Creek Farm
11:46pm Barn Loft:

Wyatt asks "Who are your parents?" and a male voice responds "My parents are here by me" or "My parents are nearby me"
04/09/11 Willow Creek Farm
12:57am Master Bedroom:

Female laugh after Noah says "Mikey".
04/09/11 Willow Creek Farm
12:57am NW Bedroom:

Second recording, female laugh after Noah says "Mikey".
04/08/11 Willow Creek Farm
10:03pm Dining Room:

Voice saying "Hurry".
04/08/11 Willow Creek Farm
9:51pm Dining Room:

Voice saying "You're crazy".
04/08/11 Willow Creek Farm
10:50pm 2nd Floor:

Child's voice saying "Hello".
04/10/11 Willow Creek Farm
1:22am Family Room:

Hum sound heard during seance.
04/09/11 Willow Creek Farm
1:45pm Living Room:

Shoe slapping sound recorded when we are at lunch.
04/09/11 Willow Creek Farm
8:32pm Old Basement:

Child's voice.
04/09/11 Willow Creek Farm
8:55pm Old Basement:

Voice heard over Tony at second 5.
04/08/11 Willow Creek Farm
8:15pm Old Basement:

Robotic voice saying "You will be".
04/08/11 Willow Creek Farm
8:03pm Old Basement:

Female or child singing.
04/10/11 Willow Creek Farm
2:19am Nursery:

Child's voice saying "Mommy".