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Willow Creek Farm
September 30-October 2, 2011
Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee (PIM)


Day 1: Noah, Karen, Mary, John

Day 2: Noah, Karen, Mary, Eric, Gravy


Day 1:

Time Taken: 8:25 pm

Weather Outside: Clear with a few clouds

Outside Temperature: 52.4

Wind Speed: 0

Barometric Pressure: 29.21

Humidity: 64%

Moon Phase: 16% Waxing Crescent

Geomagnetic Field: Quiet

Solar Xrays: Active

Day 2:

Time Taken: 7:45 pm

Weather Outside: Clear

Outside Temperature: 49

Wind Speed: 0

Barometric Pressure: 29.33

Humidity: 73%

Moon Phase: 27% Waxing Crescent

Geomagnetic Field: Unsettled

Solar Xrays: M Class


All PIM members for Day 1 arrived at Willow Creek at 8:15 pm. They unloaded their equipment and quickly settled in to get ready to start doing baseline readings and setting equipment up. When Karen and Mary were in the Living Room together, Mary said she thought she heard a female say "Yea!" No equipment was running at this time, so it was considered a personal experience.

Karen went around and did baseline electromagnetic field (EMF) and temperature readings, along with sensitive impressions while Noah took Mary and John on a tour of the location - they had never been there before.

At 8:43 pm Noah reported hearing noises coming from the Living Room. It was not found what could have caused the noises, and no recording device was on at the time to capture it.

Al, the owner, left for dinner around 9 pm but would come back later near 10:15 pm when the group finished placing their equipment. Everyone sat in the Dining Room for a while talking. It should be noted that the owner's two cats were left outside for the majority of the weekend so no unnecessary noises were made.

While talking about the activities that have happened in the house, Al noticed John seemed very concentrated on something or was concerned about something. At that point John mentioned he was taken aback by what he thought he picked up in the Northeast Bedroom. He stated he thought he envisioned a girl about 8-years old wearing a floral dress with blonde curly hair with a red ribbon. John was unaware of any of the prior accounts of "Lillie," the little girl who appears to stay in the room and occasionally comes out, who appears to fit the description he gave. John claimed to also have no sensitive/psychic ability and was always skeptical about people who claimed to have the ability.

At 11:11 pm the group decided to start the night's investigation on the main floor before Al would fall asleep in the Family Room.


LOCATION: Karen - Parlor, Mary - Living Room, Noah/John - Dining Room

START TIME: 11:11 pm

The group took about five minutes of controlled silence to observe the normal building noises. They then started to conduct an electronic voice phenomena (EVP) session.

Karen kept reporting feeling a male spirit standing near her during the session. At some point John stated he had the name "Mary" pop in his head about the older woman spirit Karen picked up that was also in the Parlor, but he wasn't sure why this happened.

While the group kept asking questions Karen also picked up on another male spirit in the Living Room who was standing near the windows. She stated he appeared to be very tall, thin, wearing tan pants, a white shirt and suspenders. She was unsure as to why he was there.

No other activities occurred during this part of the investigation, so the group ended the session and decided to head outside.

END TIME: 11:36 pm


START TIME: 11:50 pm

All of the group members spread out in the Barn Loft and tried conducting an EVP session to see if they could contact the male they spoke with on a prior investigation.

After trying to direct several questions toward any spirits who might respond, and after no activities occurred, the group decided to head back in to continue investigating.

END TIME: 12:12 am

LOCATION: New Basement

START TIME: 12:20 am

All group members spread out in the space and conducted a mini EVP session to see if they could contact the male Karen picked up on earlier in the night. They asked several questions, but when no activities occurred they decided to move to the other basement.

END TIME: 12:32 am

LOCATION: Old Basement

START TIME: 12:35 am

John sat on the stairs while all other group members spread out throughout the space. They sat in silence for a few minutes to observe the normal building sounds.

The group then started an EVP session directing their questions to anyone who would respond. Karen did pick up on an older male spirit who appeared not to like Mary. Wanting to see if the male would stay where he was, Noah asked Mary to move to another part of the basement. Karen stated she felt the male did follow Mary, but continued to have a stern face looking at her.

At 12:47 am it was reported by the group that they thought they heard running and then a little girl noise. Unfortunately none of the voice recorders picked up the sounds.

The group then decided to end the session and headed back upstairs for a quick break before heading to the second floor.

END TIME: 12:50 am

LOCATION: Karen - Northwest Bedroom, Mary - Master Bedroom, Noah - Hallway, John - Nursery

START TIME: 12:56 am

The group took five minutes of silence to observe the normal sounds of the building and to establish controlled silence. The group then started an EVP session at 1:01 am.

While the group was asking questions, someone reported hearing a little kid's voice at 1:11 am. No words were able to be made out, and none of the voice recorders caught this.

The group then switched spots with one another with Karen going to the Master Bedroom, Mary to the Northwest Bedroom, Noah to the Nursery and John into the Northeast Bedroom. The group continued to do an EVP session, but no other activities occurred at this time.

END TIME: 1:40 am

LOCATION: Living Room

START TIME: 1:45 am

All group members spread out in the space. Noises were heard, but it was thought they were possibly from outside.

At 1:59 am a loud bang was heard, which came from the Old Basement as was confirmed from the voice recorder left in the Old Basement. It is not known as to what could have caused the noise as a video camera was not placed in the space.

The group then decided to carry on casual conversation for the rest of the session as they have found in the past most EVPs were captured while not "actively" investigating.

They concluded the session and decided to have Karen and Mary go to the New Basement.

END TIME: 2:04 am

LOCATION: Karen/Mary - New Basement; Noah/John - Dining

START TIME: 2:06 am

Karen and Mary headed to the New Basement to see if the male Karen picked up earlier would interact with them - Noah and John stayed in the Dining Room to observe.

While conducting their EVP session no activities occurred in either location. The women returned back upstairs shortly after for a quick break.

END TIME: 2:20 am

LOCATION: Karen/John - Northeast Bedroom, Mary - Stairs, Noah - Nursery

START TIME: 2:30 am

Because of John picking up on the little girl in the Northeast Bedroom earlier, Karen sat with him and tried to encourage the girl to play with them. They rolled a ball back and forth a few times, and tried directing questions that they hoped would get responses to.

At 2:35 am a high-pitch noise was heard. No one was able to figure out where it came from.

After trying a little bit longer, the group wrapped up the EVP session and decided to call it a night for the first night of investigating.

END TIME: 2:43 am

All group members then gathered all of their equipment that needed to have their batteries recharged. One recorder was kept on upstairs as well as one recorder on the main level. All group members slept in the Living Room/Parlor area and fell asleep around 3:30 am.


At around 9:15 am the group woke up to get a head start on doing evidence review. Al left around 9:30-10 am to help someone on their farm for the day. He would return at around 11:30 pm.

After a couple hours, the group headed into town to grab some food at 12:20 pm. Two recorders were left running while the group was gone. They would then return back to the house at 1:53 pm.

The group would then continue working on evidence review until Gravy and Eric arrived around 4 pm. At that point Noah gave both of them a tour of the house as they had never been there before either. Once the tour was done, their equipment was quickly set up. John at that time left Willow Creek using Gravy's car to get back to Milwaukee as he had to be home that night.

Once all equipment was set up, the group left at 6:08 pm to go to dinner. A few recorders were left running while the group was gone. They returned at 7:39 pm and started the rest of the equipment for the night's investigation.

LOCATION: Mary - Northeast Bedroom, Noah - Stairs, Karen - Master Bedroom, Eric - Northwest Bedroom, Gravy - Nursery

START TIME: 8:05 pm

The group took a few minutes of silence to observe the normal sounds of the building. Shortly after at 8:11 pm a loud noise was heard where all but Karen heard it. It was caught on audio, but the team was unable to discern where it came from.

At 8:14 pm Noah thought he saw a light in the hallway, but no one was flashing any flashlights nor were there any cars on the road at the time.

The group officially started an EVP session at 8:15 pm, and right away Gravy thought he heard a whisper.

At 8:17 pm, Eric's IR light in the Master Bedroom blew an adaptor and the group quickly got a power pack and plug to get it working again. They were all back in their original places at 8:20 pm.

The group continued to ask questions, and at 8:34 pm Noah thought he heard footsteps on the main floor. No evidence of this was captured. Before the group ended the session Gravy reported seeing a red light coming from either the Nursery or the hallway. No cameras captured this.

After no other activities, the group decided to try to head up into the attic.

END TIME: 8:46 pm

While in transition from location to location, Mary reported hearing a child's voice coming from the Master Bedroom at 8:50 pm. No recording device picked up the reported activity.

LOCATION: Attic and 2nd Floor Hallway

START TIME: 8:52 pm

After the ladder to the Attic was pulled down Noah, Karen and Gravy headed up to see if they could contact any of the spirits that were previously reported up there. Eric and Mary would stay on the 2nd floor in the hallway in which Mary thought she heard movement coming from the Master Bedroom at 8:55 pm. No evidence of this was captured on any of the recording devices in that room.

When no activities occurred while asking several questions to try to elicit a response, Karen and Mary switched spots at 8:57 pm. To try to limit the amount of noise heard in the Attic Karen sat in the Northeast Bedroom while Eric went to the Nursery.

Shortly after the group settled, Noah and Gravy noted there was a bat in the Attic and decided to end the session in the space. All members left the Attic at that time.

END TIME: 9:01 pm

The group then headed downstairs to the main floor. Noah and Gravy headed outside quickly while Karen, Mary and Eric did a mini EVP session at 9:08 pm around the Dining Room table.

Karen stated that it felt like several individuals were standing around the table having a discussion about the group and wondering why they were there. She stated she felt the individual leading the meeting was the tall, thin gentleman she picked up on the day before in the Living Room. She mentioned that what she envisioned were several people - men and women - standing around the table using an oil lamp or a candle to help illuminate the room for them to see.

No activities occurred during their mini EVP session, but when Gravy and Noah returned they decided to break the group up and have everyone sit in a different location.

LOCATION: Karen/Mary - Dining Room, Gravy - Living Room, Noah - Family Room, Eric - Kitchen

START TIME: 9:24 pm

The group continued to do an EVP session directing their questions to the individuals Karen picked up. At one point to see if she could pick up on anything, Karen headed into the Living Room and reported at one point seeing a white-orbish object. This was not captured on video.

After trying the EVP session for a bit longer, the group wrapped up the session.

END TIME: 10:00 pm

LOCATION: Old Basement

START TIME: 10:20 pm

The group returned down to the Old Basement in hopes to see if the older male from the day before would respond to the group. Karen did report someone was by her, but she was unable to tell who it was.

Several of the group members would report hearing the duct work making loud noises, but no other activities occurred.

END TIME: 10:54 pm

Deciding to hit the 2nd floor one more time before Al returned, the group quickly went upstairs and spread out throughout the space.

LOCATION: Eric - Master Bedroom, Karen - Nursery, Gravy - Northeast Bedroom, Mary - Stairs, Noah - Northwest Bedroom

START TIME: 11:00 pm

The group started an EVP session hoping they'd be able to get in touch with any of the report spirits in the area. The group noticed Al came home at 11:23 pm and ended the session.

No activities occurred during this time. The group gathered some of the equipment they would not be using this part of the night as Al would be sleeping upstairs.

END TIME: 11:23 pm

Once back downstairs, the group talked with Al for a little while. At 12:05 am, Noah, Karen and Gravy headed to the outside buildings and left Mary and Eric in the house to investigate.

LOCATION: Outside buildings

START TIME: 12:12 am

Noah, Gravy and Karen started this part of the investigation back in the Barn Loft area. It was noticed that the cows across the street were extremely active that night, which made it hard to hold an EVP session because of how loud they were.

After trying several minutes to see if they could solicit a response, they headed down the ladder at 12:35 am and went into the Machine Shed for a little bit.

When no activities were experienced, the group headed back inside.

LOCATION: New Basement

START TIME: 12:10 am

Al went to take a shower while Mary and Eric headed to the New Basement. They conducted an EVP session, but no activities occurred. They then headed back upstairs and waited for the outside group to come back in.

END TIME: 12:43 am

Once everyone was back in, at 12:44 am Eric reported feeling as if his left arm was hit by something. No one was near him at the time, and nothing was reported on any video footage.

They then decided to head back down to the Old Basement.

LOCATION: Old Basement

START TIME: 12:51 am

The group spread out in the space and conducted another EVP session.

Unfortunately no activities occurred during this session, and the group headed back upstairs.

END TIME: 1:16 am

LOCATION: Dining Room

START TIME: 1:28 am

The group sat throughout the space and conducted another EVP session hoping that maybe some of the individuals Karen picked up earlier were still there.

At one point Noah stated he thought he saw a shadow move by the stove. No video evidence was captured at this time.

After no other activities occurred, the group decided to try an EVP session upstairs one last time.

END TIME: 2:15 am

LOCATION: Noah - Nursery, Karen/Mary - Hallway, Eric - Northeast Bedroom, Gravy - Northwest Bedroom

START TIME: 2:15 am

The group attempted to do an EVP session and was very quiet in the house during the time.

After trying for several minutes, the group decided to conclude the investigation and started to take down their equipment.

END TIME: 2:30 am

Once all equipment was packed, the group spread out on the main floor for the night with Gravy in the Family Room, Mary in the Parlor and Eric, Noah and Karen in the Living Room. They would wake up around 8 am to get started on packing up the vehicle.

Al woke up shortly after and came down to say goodbye before the group left. They officially left at 8:40 am.


AUDIO: See clips in Evidence tab.


This was another interesting investigation at Willow Creek Farm. Though not much was detected during our investigation, we again came up with some interesting evidence. It seems that the "cast" of spirits that occupy Willow Creek Farm at any one time seems to change depending on when you visit. It should be noted that the owner had recently increased his renovation activities which may have resulted in more unrest in the spirit population than usual, though we did not capture any evidence to support that assumption. However, PIM considers this investigation a success and looks forward to returning to Willow Creek in the spring to continue its study of the location. As usual Al, the owner, was incredibly hospitable and PIM would like to thank him for once again opening up his home to us.

09/30/11 Willow Creek Farm
9:34pm NW Bedroom:

Male voice saying two syllable word.
10/01/11 Willow Creek Farm
9:20pm NW Bedroom:

Two notes of music are heard. The music can not be explained and was not captured on other devices running at the time.
10/01/11 Willow Creek Farm
9:51pm Nursery:

Female voice heard when no one was upstairs.