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Willow Creek Farm
April 27-29, 2012
Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee (PIM)


Noah, Tony, John


Day 1:

Time Taken: 10:00 pm

Weather Outside: Cloudy/Rainy

Outside Temperature: 50

Wind Speed: 10

Barometric Pressure: 29.15

Humidity: 42.6%

Moon Phase: 31% Waning Crescent

Geomagnetic Field: Quiet

Solar Xrays: Active

Day 2:

Time Taken: 7:45 pm

Weather Outside: Cloudy

Outside Temperature: 51.4

Wind Speed: 2.6 mph

Barometric Pressure: 29.80

Humidity: 89.1%

Moon Phase: 40.6% Waning Crescent

Geomagnetic Field: Quiet

Solar Xrays: Active


All PIM members arrived at Willow Creek at 8:50 pm. They first went and shut off the barn lights so that the house would be darker for the investigations. They next let the cats outside so they wouldn't contaminate the investigation. They then unloaded their equipment and quickly settled in to get ready to start doing baseline readings and setting equipment up.

Noah, Tony, and John got their cameras ready to go. Tony then went outside to record the outside conditions and then went around recording the EMF and temperature readings in the house. While Tony was doing that, Noah and John put out the equipment. This was completed around 10:30 pm, and all cameras and recorders were started shortly thereafter. Everyone decided to take a short break before starting the investigation, so everyone sat around the table in the Dining Room and chatted about the investigation. It was noted during this time that it was quite windy outside and that this would have to be kept in account since the house was making a lot more creaking noises than usual.

At 11:08 pm, the group decided to start the nightís investigation on the main floor.


LOCATION: Noah - Family Room, John/Tony - Dining Room

START TIME: 11:08 pm

The group took about five minutes of controlled silence to observe the normal building noises. They then started to conduct an electronic voice phenomena (EVP) session.

It was again noted that the only sound was that coming from the wind outside and the noises the wind was making the house make. Noah noticed that the light was on in the garage still so he asked Tony to shut the door, but when he tried to do it the cats kept running out and tripping the safety switch causing the door to go back up. It was decided to just leave the door open.

The EVP session was continued but no events occurred during this time and it was decided to move upstairs.

END TIME: 11:32 pm

LOCATION: Noah - Nursery, John - NE Bedroom, Tony - Master Bedroom

START TIME: 11:34 pm

Noah went to the Nursery, John sat in the NE Bedroom, and Tony sat on the bed in the Master Bedroom. We started out with 5 minutes of control silence.

After the control silence, it was noted that the wind was much louder on the second floor than on the first floor. An EVP session was started. John noted that the woman in the Master Bedroom seemed amused at what we were doing. The "Midwife" that was supposed to be in the Nursery was attempted to be contacted since John didn't think she liked us being there. Unfortunately no events occurred during the EVP session and it was decided to take a break and head back downstairs.

END TIME: 12:09 am

At this time, everyone went down to the Dining Room and had an energy drink and chatted for a while. It was decided to see if casual conversation instead of active investigation would cause some events to occur since the owner thinks this is the best way to investigate. So the group sat around the Dining Room table and talked about a wide variety of topics to see if anything might occur. Unfortunately no events occurred during this session and it was decided to head back upstairs shortly before 2:00 am.


START TIME: 2:02 am

Everyone walked around the upstairs to ensure all equipment was still running. It was decided to sit in the NE Bedroom as John felt that "Emily" wanted someone to play with. So after a short time of control silence, an EVP session was started trying to communicate with "Emily".

At 2:15 am, Noah asked John if he thought that "Emily" might be behind him near the closet. Noah thought he felt a breeze on his right arm which was closest to the closet. John said he did think that "Emily" was in the closet. Noah took EMF readings but did not see any anomalous levels.

No other events occurred during this session and it was decided to end the investigation for the evening.

END TIME: 2:45 am

Noah, Tony, and John went around and turned off all the equipment except for the recorder in the Dining Room and the recorder and video camera in the Master Bedroom since John was going to sleep up there alone that night. Everything else had the batteries set to charge while the team slept. Everyone went to sleep at around 3:15 am.


At around 10:00 am the group woke up and checked the equipment that was still running. It was decided to turn it off until they left for lunch. The group then checked the charging batteries and swapped out any that had been fully charged.

Noah asked John how he slept and John informed him that he had had a series of nightmares where a woman that he perceived as "Sarah" was continually trying to pull the covers off of him while he slept. He said that her expression was that of cruel pleasure. John stated he tried to call out to Noah during the nightmare and at one time was able to call out his name. This was captured on the audio recorders that were running in both the Master Bedroom and the Dining Room downstairs. Unfortunately, the camera in the Master Bedroom did not pick up anything while John was having the nightmare.

Noah thought this was interesting because the only other person to sleep in the owner's bed was a previous member who also reported having strange dreams while sleeping there. It must be noted, however, that John may have simply had these dreams because he knew of the activities that occurred in the Master Bedroom previously and his subconscious may have just responded to his apprehension of sleeping by himself in the room. John also mentioned that he used to have night terrors when he was younger. Unfortunately, no video or audio evidence was captured other than John calling out in his sleep so the event has to be disregarded as possible evidence.

Noah then contacted Wyatt as they were meeting him for lunch and then heading back to Wyatt's house so Noah could have his head shaved for cancer research. It was decided to meet Wyatt in Pearl City at noon. The group then got ready to leave, leaving a recorder on each floor running while they were gone. The group left at 11:45 am for lunch.

The group returned to Willow Creek shortly after 2:30 pm and shut off the two recorders that were running. Nothing was captured on the recorders while they were gone. The group then settled down to do some evidence review starting at 3:00 pm.

The group reviewed evidence until about 5:30 pm. Everyone then made sure that their equipment was ready to go for the night's investigation. The group then headed to Lanark for dinner at around 6:45 pm. A recorder was left running on the 1st and 2nd floor while they were gone.

The group returned to Willow Creek at 7:45 pm. Tony then took EMF and temperature readings inside the house while John took outside weather conditions and Noah went around and started the rest of the equipment recording. The group then turned off the lights and prepared to investigate.

Wyatt had been invited to join the investigation and he arrived at Willow Creek at 8:15 pm. Wyatt geared himself up with his equipment. The group then decided to start the night's investigation outside in the Barn.

LOCATION: Noah, John, Tony, Wyatt - Barn

START TIME: 8:48 pm

The group all headed up into the hay mow of the barn, as last time, Tony, Wyatt, and Noah had conducted an EVP session up there they had captured some great EVP's. Unfortunately Mr. P also followed them up there as well.

The group spread out in the hay mow and allowed for 5 minutes of control silence. It was again quite windy which caused the structure to emit many different noises. It was also noted that Mr. P would randomly rub onto people's legs which would startle them since they canít really see or hear him coming.

After the control silence an EVP session was started. Tony and Noah tried to build on the questions that received responses the last time they had been in the hay mow together. Some strange noises were heard during this session, but with the wind it was disregarded. After about 15 minutes Wyatt pulled out his KII meter and asked if there were any spirits there to come and try to make the lights change. A few times the lights seemed to respond to questions, but it couldn't be replicated so it was considered a coincidence.

After some further questions, it was decided to head back into the Machine Shed and end the session in the Barn.

END TIME: 9:21 pm

LOCATION: Machine Shed

START TIME: 9:25 pm

The group spread out in the Machine Shed and allowed a couple of minutes of control silence. During this time it was noted that the wind outside caused the door to the Machine Shed to bang randomly.

An EVP session was started to try and communicate with anything that may have been present. Noah tried to communicate with anyone that may be attached to some of the tractors in the Machine Shed since this had been sensed by another PIM group sensitive previously. No events occurred at this time and after a while it was decided to head back into the house to continue the investigation.

END TIME: 9:39 pm

The group headed back into the house and a few of the members used the Bathroom while the other members checked the equipment on the first floor to ensure it was still running. After the short break, it was decided to head to the Old Basement.

LOCATION: Noah, Tony, John, Wyatt - Old Basement

START TIME: 9:48 pm

The group spread out in the Old Basement with Wyatt on the stairs, Noah sitting under the stairs, John sitting along the west wall, and Tony sitting next to the water softener on a paint can. After a short period of control silence and EVP session was started at 9:51 pm.

John noted during this time that he had picked up on an older gentleman who was down here but had moved to the New Basement when we had come down. John didn't think he wanted to communicate, but was aware of us and just wanted to be left alone. Interestingly enough, this matched exactly what another PIM sensitive had reported on the previous investigation, although John may have remembered this subconsciously from conversations that he heard or had read on the website, so it can't be said for certain if that played a role in what he sensed.

No other events occurred during this EVP session and it was decided to head back upstairs.

END TIME: 10:11 pm

LOCATION: Noah/Wyatt - Family Room, Tony/John - Dining Room

START TIME: 10:15 pm

After some control silence and EVP session was started trying to communicate with anyone that may be present. During the EVP session, a couple people reported seeing a shadow moving in the Kitchen that was accompanied by a noise. Noah asked if "Big Mike" was there, but not other noises or shadows were seen. Unfortunately the shadow was not captured on video and the noise was attributed to the wind outside.

No other events occurred during this session.

END TIME: 10:59 pm

The group then decided to head upstairs to continue the investigation.

LOCATION: Noah - Master Bedroom, John - NW Bedroom, Tony - Nursery, Wyatt - NE Bedroom

START TIME: 11:02 pm

The group allowed a few minutes of control silence and then started an EVP session. Again, it was windy outside, so there were many creaking and popping noises coming from the house. At 11:40 pm, Tony thought he heard voices and shortly after that a strange noise was heard. Unfortunately, the voices were not captured audio and after review the noise was caused by the wind.

No other events occurred during this session.

END TIME: 11:45 pm

Once back downstairs, the group took a short break and had some refreshments. After talking for a short time it was decided to continue the investigation in the Living Room/Parlor area as John thought he was picking up on a middle-aged man in that area.

LOCATION: Noah/Tony/Wyatt - Living Room, John - Parlor

START TIME: 12:32 am

After some control silence, an EVP session was started. At 12:34 am, a noise was heard by Tony that sounded like a flute being played. Tony was the only one to hear it, and unfortunately the noise is too quiet to make out on the audio recorders.

The EVP session continued with Noah trying to contact Mr. or Mrs. Boardman as they had been reported in this area before and could have been who John had picked up on. At 12:49 am a thump was heard behind John in the Parlor. No cause for the thump could be found at the time, but due to the windy conditions was disregarded as possible evidence.

At 1:05 am, Noah decided to try using an app on his iPod called iOvilus to see if any intelligent responses could be captured. Wyatt also had the same application on his iPod so it was decided to see if the two separate iPods could get the same answers on them at the same time. The theory being that since they are both the same device running the same app, if the app was reliable it should be able to give the same results if the devices were next to each other. However, this was not the case as Noah's iPod said many more words than Wyatt's iPod. Nothing of significance was found using the iOvilus app the session was ended shortly thereafter.

At this time Wyatt said that he had to leave and the EVP session was ended.

END TIME: 1:25 am

The group helped Wyatt gather his equipment and pack up. They all wished him a good evening and he left Willow Creek at 1:30 am.

After Wyatt had left, Noah decided that maybe they could try a seance to see if that may attract any spirits that were around. They decided to hold the seance in the Living Room.

LOCATION: Living Room

START TIME: 1:35 am

The group set up a table and chairs in the center of the room and started the seance. Tony and John conducted the seance while Noah remained on the outside of the circle to be able to investigate any noises or events that may occur during the seance.

Shortly after beginning the seance, a winding mechanical noise was heard coming from the Dining Room area. This is the same noise that has been heard and captured twice before by PIM during seances. However, although coincidental, PIM would be very surprised if the noise was paranormal in origin. The seance continued without incident.

After about 15 minutes, John stated that there was a woman in the Parlor that seemed to want to rush out and attack us. She was attempted to be contacted but no noticeable activity occurred so it was decided to move the seance into the Parlor to see if this may cause her to respond to our inquiries.

Unfortunately, nothing happened during this portion of the seance either and it was decided to end it shortly thereafter.

END TIME: 2:08 am

At this point, the group put all the seance items back and decided to head up to the Attic since they hadn't investigated there yet this time.


START TIME: 2:12 am

The group spread out in the Attic as much as they could and talked briefly about the events that had occurred previously in the evening. Noah asked John if he had picked up on anything since the previous night he had thought that a teenage boy was located toward the ceiling of the NW Bedroom. John stated that he felt the boy and the man in the far back portion of the Attic, the portion above the Master Bedroom.

It was decided to conduct an EVP session which was started at 2:30 am. No event occurred during the EVP session and after some time it was decided to head back to the 2nd Floor.

END TIME: 2:42 am

After closing up the Attic again, the group decided to end the night in the NE Bedroom.

LOCATION: Noah/Tony/John - NE Bedroom

START TIME: 2:55 am

The group started and EVP session again trying to communicate with the little girl that has been reported to be there along with anyone else on the 2nd Floor that might want to communicate. No events occurred during this session and it was decided to end the investigation at this time.

END TIME: 3:30 am

The group packed up the majority of their equipment except for the camera and voice recorder in the Master Bedroom in case John had another nightmare as he did the previous night. Everyone went to bed a little after 4:00 am.

The next morning John stated that he slept much better with no nightmares that he remembered. The group packed up the car and let the cats back into the house before leaving at 8:45 am.




This investigation did not yield the evidence that we had hoped for but it was a great opportunity to investigate this location. One thing this investigation did yield was the possible strong sensitive ability of a newer PIM member. John was spot on in many of the events and spirits that he described while investigating Willow Creek Farm. It must be noted that John was aware of past reported activities in the home and he may have subconsciously been recalling this information when he was doing his readings. John will be tested more intensely in other investigations to come to see which explanation is the correct one.

It was also interesting that John had strange dreams the first night that he slept in the Master Bedroom. It is completely possible that his subconscious was acting on his fears about staying in the room alone. However, since a previous member had also reported strange dreams it is something to keep in mind. PIM plans to test this again the next time they investigate and have different people sleep in the Master Bedroom to see if they experience similar dreams as reported previously. PIM would also ask that other teams that investigate Willow Creek Farm try the same experiment and let us know the results.

The other interesting thing that occurred was the mechanical winding noise that was heard during the seance. This was the third time this has occurred for PIM, and it didn't happen during the first night at all as it was not captured on audio. There have been times when it has not been heard at all during a weekend and the source of the noise has not been determined. However, the chance that this is paranormal is very small.

Overall the investigation was very interesting, as it always is. It has given PIM some new things to test in the future. PIM looks forward to their next investigation at Willow Creek Farm in September.

PIM would like to thank the owner of Willow Creek Farm, Al, for allowing them access to his home for this investigation and his continued support for PIM's study of his property.