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Willow Creek Farm
September 28th-30th, 2012
Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee (PIM)


Day One: Noah, Gravy, Jann, and John

Day Two: Noah, John, Jann, Missy, Chris

ENVIRONMENTAL DATA - Day One - Time taken: 8:42 pm

Weather Outside: Clear

Outside Temperature: 54.6 degrees

Wind Speed: 0.0 mph

Barometric Pressure: 29.18 and steady

Humidity: 62.5%

Moon Phase: 98% Full Waxing Gibbous

Geomagnetic Field: Quiet

Solar X-rays: Active

Solar Wind Speed: 353.8 km/sec

Solar Wind Density: 0.0 protons/cm3

Radio Sun: 10.7 cm flux; 133 sfu

Planetary K-index Now: Kp=1; quiet

Planetary K-index 24hr Max: Kp=1; quiet

Interplanetary Magnetic Field Btotal: 2.5 nT

Interplanetary Magnetic Field Bz: 0.6 nT north

Sunspot: Yes; 97, w/intensity

Coronal Holes: None

ENVIRONMENTAL DATA - Day Two - Time taken: 4:13 pm

Weather Outside: Clear

Outside Temperature: 80.9 degrees

Wind Speed: 2.2 mph

Barometric Pressure: 28.4 and steady

Humidity: 78.8%

Moon Phase: 100% Full

Geomagnetic Field: Quiet

Solar X-rays: Active

Solar Wind Speed: 279.6 km/sec

Solar Wind Density: 1.0 protons/cm3

Radio Sun: 10.7 cm flux; 133 sfu

Planetary K-index Now: Kp=1; quiet

Planetary K-index 24hr Max: Kp=2; quiet

Interplanetary Magnetic Field Btotal: 1.0 nT

Interplanetary Magnetic Field Bz: 3.0 nT north

Sunspot: Yes; 77, w/intensity

Coronal Holes: None


Noah, John and Jann arrived at 7:00 pm and let themselves into the house. They unloaded gear and set up a base camp in the dining room area and placed personal items in the living room where Gravy, Jann, and Noah would be sleeping. It was established that John would sleep in the Northeast Bedroom as he had had a personal experience while sleeping upstairs during a previous investigation.

Jann went outside at 7:12 pm to take readings of outside conditions using the Kestrel 3500 weather station while Noah and John began to unpack gear and determine where it would be set. Gravy arrived at approximately 7:45 pm and he, Noah and John set up gear while Jann took indoor EMF and Temperature baseline readings using a MEL-8704REM meter for temperature and the Magnii DSP-523 three-axis EMF Detector.

The house on Willow Creek Farm is a beautiful old farmhouse with fabulous woodwork and a great wood burning stove in the Family Room. Despite its reputation for paranormal activity, this is a very cozy and comfortable home. Willow Creek is currently being renovated by its owner, so rooms are in various stages of remodeling.

When entering through the door from the garage, one is in a large open area comprised of the Kitchen, Dining Room and Family Room. There is a Laundry Room off of the Kitchen, and a hallway off of the Dining Room. The hallway leads to the Old Basement and this is also where the downstairs bathroom is located. There is another basement that was added in the 1970s when the house was added on to that is accessible at the bottom of a small stairwell off of the Family Room. This basement is called the New Basement.

There was a Sony HDR-SR5 camera placed in the Family Room directed at the Dining Room and Kitchen. A Zoom H2 audio recorder and an Extech temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure datalogger were set on a small table in the Dining Room and a single-axis MEL-8704REM EMF detector was on the Dining Room table. EMF detectors such as the MEL-8704 detect changes in the electromagnetic field which are hypothesized to be indications of possible paranormal activity.

In the Living Room a geophone, which is used to sense vibrations, was placed on a side table on the west wall, as was a negative ion generator. The release of negative ions into the air has been reported to occur when paranormal activity is increased. We use the negative ion generator in hopes to create an environment more suitable for paranormal activity to occur. A motion detector was placed in the entryway between the Parlor and Living Room and a Tri-Field Natural EMF meter was placed on a chair in the Parlor. A Sony HDR-SR5 camera was set up in the Living Room to capture the motion detector should it go off. A Zoom H1 digital audio recorder was also placed in the Living Room.

The upstairs of the house contains four bedrooms and a bathroom. The bathroom is to the left of the staircase when you reach the top, and contains a toilet that is operational; however the room is being renovated and is mainly used for storage at this point. Across from the bathroom is the Northwest Bedroom. The renovations are mainly complete in this room and it too is used to store items such as paint and tools that are being used for the remodeling. A Zoom H2n digital audio recorder was placed in this room as well as a Sony DCR-SR85 video recorder. A small ball was placed on the window sill on the west wall with a touch activated flashlight within the view of the camera. The ball was a trigger object as it is believed that a male child entity named Robbie resides in this room as well as an adult male entity believed to be named Dr. Archibald Graham.

Down the hall and on the same side as the Northwest Bedroom is the Northeast Bedroom. This room has been remodeled and has a full sized four poster bed and a dresser. There is a tiny rocking chair with stuffed animals on it near the foot of the bed. Across from the foot of the bed is an empty closet. A Sony HDR-SR7 camera was placed next to the head of the bed, aimed toward the closet. A Zoom H1 digital audio recorder was placed on the dresser with a toy horse, a doll and a slinky for trigger objects as the entities in this room are believed to be Lily, a four year old girl, and Mary, an eleven year old girl. On the first night of the investigation there was also a MEL-8704-R Vibe EMF detector in this room which in addition to detecting temperature and EMF also detects vibration.

Across the hall from the Northeast Bedroom is the Nursery which contains some bookshelves and two wooden rocking chairs. A second door to this room leads to the Master Bedroom. A motion sensor was placed in the doorway between the Master Bedroom and the Nursery to capture any possible movement between these two rooms. During the investigation when the owner was not sleeping in his bedroom, the Spectercamcorder was placed in the Master Bedroom as was an Extech temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure datalogger. When the homeowner was using his room, these items were moved to the Nursery. A third datalogger and an Olympus WS-500M audio recorder were placed in the Old Basement of the house.

Once equipment was set up, everyone gathered at the dining room table and John went through his impressions after which everyone went upstairs. Al went into the Northeast Bedroom to say hello to Lily and Mary before the investigation got started and then went into the Master Bedroom.


There are reports of several resident spirits on this property including: Archibald Graham who may have been a doctor, reverend or both, and a young male named Robbie who are said to reside in the Northwest Bedroom, Sarah who resides upstairs mainly in the Master Bedroom, Lily and Mary who are believed to stay mainly in the Northeast Bedroom, and an older woman, possibly a nanny, who is said to stay in in the Nursery.

The reported activity is varied and is spread throughout the house and out buildings. Reports include seeing balls of light, objects being moved, being touched, the sound of a barking dog heard in the house, unexplained tapping noises and many more reports. Please see previous PIM reports and the owner's online journal for a complete account.

Day One


START TIME: 10:41 pm

LOCATION: 2nd Floor

The group began the investigation on the second floor of the house. Noah was in the hallway with the FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera. Jann was in the Northwest Bedroom, Gravy was in the Nursery, John was in the Northeast Bedroom and Al was in the hallway as well.

Shortly into the investigation at 10:48 pm, Gravy stated that he felt a pinch on his arm. At this same time John said that he heard a noise coming from the wall between the Northeast Bedroom and the Nursery. Noah asked if someone pinched Gravy and there was no audible response.

An EVP session was started with Noah stating that we did not want to hurt anyone or make them leave, and that we just wanted to communicate as is standard procedure. Noah went on to talk about the toys that were brought for the children, and told them about the touch light that they could touch to let us know they were there.

After several minutes, Noah used the Inductive Amplifier which is a device that converts EMF into sound. At 11:04 pm, Jann heard what sounded like a voice at the same time Noah experienced ringing in his ear. The voice that Jann believed she heard was most likely the same high pitched noise that Noah was hearing as it was picked up by her recorder. Noah and Jann also heard a tapping sound however, when they asked if the sound could be repeated there was no response. Shortly after this, at 11:11 pm, Gravy felt another pinch on his left arm. At 11:28 pm Jann and Gravy switched rooms.

At about this time John began describing a girl that he sensed in the closet of the Northeast Bedroom stating that he noticed her once the closet door was open. His impression was that this girl was very miserable and resented Lily. John and Noah repositioned the trigger objects in the room to try to draw attention to them. Al asked John what the girl's name was and John said possibly Sophie or Mary. Noah asked if she would like him to come in the closet with her and John stated that she did not want anyone in the closet with her.

At 11:43 pm what sounded like the bark of a small dog coming from the kitchen was heard by several group members. This noise was caught on Noah, John and Jann's recorders, but it is very faint. At 11:55 pm, Al heard a growl; however it was not heard by any other members, or captured on any recorders.

The EVP session ended at around 12:00 am. The group went downstairs for a break after checking that upstairs batteries were still charged. Noah set a motion sensor outside of Al's room and Al went to bed.

END TIME: 12:00 am

The group held a passive investigation on the first floor until 12:50 am when they decided to head outside to continue the investigation.

START TIME: 12:52 am

LOCATION: Machine Shed

All group members went to the Machine Shed to investigate. A passive investigation was conducted until approximately 1:35 am when the group decided to move to the Barn. No audible responses were heard or recorded during this session.

END TIME: 1:35 am

Before moving to the Barn, Jann went into the house to retrieve her clipboard. She then joined the rest of the group and they all went to the Barn.

START TIME: 1:43 am


The group went up into the Hay Loft to do their investigation. During the control silence, it was noted that there were some sort of animal moving around between the wood of the old barn roof and the metal of the new barn roof. The group then started an EVP session. The group investigated until 2:00 am with no observable responses. At 2:06 am, Gravy commenced an experiment using a touch flashlight. This is a more reliable experiment compared to a commonly used flashlight experiment where a flashlight that is activated by turning an end is turned almost to the point of lighting. This is an unreliable test as movement, or changes in temperature within the flashlight can cause it to light when the end is turned to the point immediately before lighting. The flashlight that Gravy used is activated by touch and therefore if it is lit, it is done by activating the light by the intended method.

Gravy stated that if anyone touched the light that it would turn on. The experiment ran until 2:14 am with group members encouraging anything there to turn the light on without any noticeable result. The group then decided to go back to the house.

END TIME: 2:14 am

The group headed back into the house. At 2:21 am the group did battery checks on all equipment that would be left running during the course of the night. At 2:57 am the group moved to the Old Basement.

START TIME: 3:01 am

LOCATION: Old Basement

The group spread out in the Old Basement with John sitting on the stairs, Noah sitting on the group just to the left of the bottom of the stairs, Jann sitting in front of Noah, and Gravy sitting near the shelves of paint. A brief EVP session was started when Noah noticed something coming from the wall that was 70 degrees with her thermal camera. Upon examination it was determined that this was a wasp nest that Al had sprayed earlier, but apparently there were still wasps living inside. The group decided to continue in the basement because it was assumed that it was cold enough that the wasps would be inactive. A short time later, Noah felt something land on his chest. He shined a light on it and Jann saw that it was a wasp. The group decided that it would be wise to move to a different area.

END TIME: 3:20 am

START TIME: 3:23 am

LOCATION: 1st Floor

The group investigated the first floor of the house. At approximately 3:28 am, Gravy stated that he saw something briefly block light in the Kitchen. This was not captured on video. No other events occurred during this session and the group decided to move to another location.

END TIME: 3:31 am

The group decided to move upstairs for one more EVP session.

START TIME: 3:41 am

LOCATION: 2nd Floor

The group headed upstairs. Jann was in the Nursery, Gravy was in the hallway, John was in the Northeast Bedroom, and Noah was in the Northwest Bedroom.

The group conducted a passive investigation until 3:41 am. No replies were heard or recorded and the group decided to end the investigation for the night.

END TIME: 3:41 am

The group then went to bed. Jann slept on the first floor in the Living Room as did Gravy and Noah. John spent the night in the Northeast Bedroom.


In the morning John reported having been awoken while sleeping in the Northeast Bedroom by what felt like a hand grabbing his butt. He stated that he checked to see if his wallet was in his pocket or if anything else around him could have caused the sensation, but was unable to find anything. This was not captured on video.

Gravy left at 9:30 am and John, Noah, and Jann reviewed evidence from the previous night's investigation. The group left to go and eat lunch at around 11:45 am and they left a recorder on the first floor and the second floor running while they were away. The group arrived back at the house at 1:30 pm and continued reviewing evidence. During this time, Noah went around the house with a fly swatter to get rid of insects that had gotten into the house so that the following nights investigation would not have contamination from the insects movements. Jann went behind him with a vacuum to clean them up.

Chris and Missy arrived at 3:30 pm and Missy and Jann went around a final time to make sure all of the insects were taken care of. Chris placed his Polaroid PDR400 in the Living Room to replace Gravy's H1 Zoom that was there the previous night. John's Sony HDR-XR200V camcorder was used in the Northeast Bedroom on day two to replace Gravy's Sony HDR-SR7.

Once baseline conditions were taken, the group decided to try a daytime investigation. Most paranormal investigations are conducted at night out of convenience since both the client and investigators work during the day. Also, 80% of all paranormal activity is reported between 7:00 pm and 4:00 am. However, there are numerous reports of activity occurring during the daytime hours, so when PIM has the opportunity to try a daytime investigation at a location they always jump at the chance.

START TIME: 4:54 pm

LOCATION: 2nd Floor

The group began the daytime investigation on the second floor of the house. John was in the Master Bedroom, Missy was in the Northeast Bedroom, Jann was in the Nursery, Chris was in the Northwest bedroom, and Noah was in the hallway.

The group conducted an EVP session until 5:17 pm. No audible responses were heard or recorded during this session. Afterward, the group moved downstairs to discuss the plan for the rest of the day.

END TIME: 5:17 pm

The group discussed the investigation plan for the day and then decided to investigate the 1st floor.

START TIME: 5:23 pm

LOCATION: 1st Floor

The group spread out on the first floor. Jann was in the hallway off of the Dining Room, John was in the Kitchen, Chris in the Family Room, Missy was in the Parlor, and Noah was in the Living Room.

A brief EVP session was conducted from 5:23 pm until 5:39 pm. No responses were heard or recorded during this session. The group decided to end the daytime session and head to dinner.

END TIME: 5:39 pm

At this point the group stopped control recorders and did a check of all equipment to ensure that when they returned from dinner it would all be set up. It was Al, the owner of Willow Creek's, birthday so we all went to dinner with him to celebrate. The group again left a recorder running on the first and second floors while they were away. There were no animals or other living things in the house when they left.

The group returned at 8:13 pm and turned on equipment the remainder of their equipment. Noah went upstairs to start cameras and John went upstairs to the Northeast Bedroom to lie down because he had developed a migraine. Al went to sit outside with his cats.

START TIME: 8:45 pm

LOCATION: 1st Floor

The group spread out on the first floor of the house. Jann was in the Parlor, Noah and Missy were in the Living Room and Chris was in the doorway to the Living Room. John was upstairs as he was suffering from a migraine.

The group conducted an EVP session. At 8:58 pm, red lights lit up on the MEL meter as the batteries had died. This session continued until 9:12 pm when the group decided to move to the second floor.

No audible responses were heard or captured on recorders during this session.

END TIME: 9:12 pm

START TIME: 9:19 pm

LOCATION: 2nd Floor

The group went up to the second floor. John moved to the Master Bedroom. Missy went to the Northwest Bedroom, Chris was in the Nursery, Jann was in the Northeast Bedroom, and Noah was in the hallway.

The group conducted an EVP session on the second floor. At 9:36 pm Missy heard something slide across the floor in the bathroom across the hall. This noise was not captured on any recorder.

There were no other responses or unusual noises noted during this session.

END TIME: 9:43 pm

At 9:43 pm, the group including John, headed down to the Dining Room and gathered around the dining room table. Al had come in from outside and the group asked him if he would like to come upstairs to see if his presence would elicit a response.

START TIME: 10:07 pm

LOCATION: 2nd Floor

Everyone gathered in the hallway except for John who was sitting in a rocking chair in the Nursery. After some control silence, an EVP session was started.

Questions were directed mainly to the young female entities, Mary and Lily, who are believed to reside in the Northeast Bedroom. Missy stated that if one of the girls could tug on her sweatshirt that she would go into the Northeast Bedroom. Shortly afterward, Missy felt a light tug on the right arm of her sweatshirt.

This was not captured on any video, however, Missy is not one to overreact and she is certain she felt a tug. After feeling the tug Missy then moved into the Northeast Bedroom.

Missy continued addressing Lily and Mary in a conversational manner. She told the girls that she had daughters and told them about how she bakes with them. She also told the girls about how she used to live on a farm and tried to relate to them.

When Missy moved into the Northeast Bedroom she sat on the floor facing the closet which had the door open. Missy's legs were in the closet.

At 10:46 pm a whistle was heard from downstairs. This was followed shortly afterward by more whistling and a tapping noise that came from the Master Bedroom.

Missy stated that if someone could pull on her pants leg that she would go into the closet. At 11:01 pm Missy felt a firm tug on the leg of her pants. At this point, Chris had his video camera and was pointing it toward Missy. Her pants were within the shot, but no movement was seen on camera. The camera in the Northeast Bedroom had also captured Missy's legs during this time but no movement of Missy's pant leg was noticed on this camera either. Missy stands by the assertion that she did feel a definite, firm tug on the leg of her pants.

Missy moved into the closet and had a MEL meter with her. Missy asked if the girls were able to make the numbers change. Again, she was very conversational, speaking as though she was talking to small children. As if in response to her question, the temperature on the MEL meter went up by 2 degrees. Unfortunately, the MEL meter was not within the view of the camera.

The group investigated until about 11:15 pm when they decided to move downstairs for a break.

END TIME: 11:15 pm

The group gathered around the dining room table. While at the table Al and Noah both stated that they saw a light. At 11:24 pm, Noah saw a green light above the entry to the New Basement.

John at this point is still suffering from a migraine. It is 70 degrees outside and he is violently shivering and sweating profusely. Missy took his temperature with a laser thermometer, but his temperature was normal. Despite being in extreme pain for several hours, John refused to go to the hospital.

At 12:16 am everyone went outside and walked into the cornfield.

At 12:42 am the group decided to investigate the Barn.

START TIME: 12:42 am


The group went into the Barn in the hayloft. An EVP session was held. While in the Barn, John appeared to be recovering from his headache. He said that his head was still hurting, but the shivering and sweating had subsided.

The group investigated the Barn until 1:14 am when they decided to move to the Machine Shed. No audible responses were noted and none were recorded during this time.

END TIME: 1:14 am

START TIME: 1:17 am

LOCATION: Machine Shed

The group moved into the Machine Shed to do a brief investigation. The group investigated passively until 1:29 am when they decided to move into the house to have a break. No evidence was captured during this session.

END TIME: 1:29 am

The group had a break and then moved to do another EVP session on the 2nd floor.

START TIME: 1:47 am

LOCATION: 2nd Floor

The group spread out on the 2nd floor. Missy was in the Northeast Bedroom, Jann was in the Northwest Bedroom, Noah was in the hallway, and John and Chris were in the Nursery.

The group began an EVP session at 1:54 am. Missy once again addressed what are believed to be the young female entities named Lily and Mary that reside in the Northeast Bedroom. Missy attempted to get the girls to knock over a plastic toy horse that had been placed in the room as a trigger object by stating that if they could knock it over, they could keep it.

When there was no response to urging the girls to move the trigger object, Noah suggested that Missy move into the closet to see if that would encourage them to interact. Missy moved in to the closet with the Mel meter and attempted to get them to make the temperature rise. Noah also asked John to come into the Northeast Bedroom to see if he noticed any changes. It was now 2:03 am, and after a short time in the Northeast Bedroom John was once again experiencing violent shivering and sweating.

During the course of this session several knocks and taps were heard that may have been responsive. Noah heard one tap that sounded as though it came from either the bathroom or the Northwest bedroom. The taps from the closet were captured on audio but PIM is uncertain what could have caused them.

At 2:20 am, Missy stated that she was feeling strange. She described it like she was tingly all over. Noah asked if her legs had fallen asleep and she stated that they had not. A short time later John felt that there was something wrong and suggested Missy get out of the closet. At this point John was shivering quite violently and the group headed downstairs to take another break. Before Noah left the room he moved the touch flashlight into the closet and requested that if anyone was in the closet if they could touch the light to let them know.

END TIME: 2:27 am

The group went downstairs and then moved outside. John and Noah walked back behind the Barn to talk about what John was experiencing and to determine how they should proceed so that John was comfortable.

After figuring out a game plan, Noah and John returned at 3:09 am and the group headed back inside. Noah wanted to see if the same response that Missy felt would be felt by him as well. So the team headed back upstairs.

START TIME: 3:16 am

LOCATION: Northeast Bedroom

Noah sat in the closet, Chris sat on the bed and Jann and Missy sat on the floor in the in Northeast Bedroom, and John sat on the floor in the Nursery. The group conducted an EVP session during which time the EMF reading fluctuated but no audible responses were heard or recorded and no evidence appeared on video. Part way through the session John moved from the Nursery into the Northeast Bedroom so he could see what was occurring. Shortly after he moved, John started shivering violently again and needed to go back downstairs and outside. Missy went with him. While Noah was in the closet he felt a static electricity on his face at one point, but other than that he did not notice any strange feelings nor did he feel like he had been touched at any time. At the end of the session, Noah, Chris and Jann all heard what sounded like a yell coming from outside. They decided to end the session and check on John as they were concerned that maybe it was him.

END TIME: 3:55 am

Noah, Chris and Jann went outside to check on John and Missy. When they asked John and Missy about the yell they had heard, neither of them had heard it nor had either of them yelled. Unfortunately, this was only caught very faintly on the audio recorders running at the time, so it is not considered to be anything paranormal. It was decided to wrap the investigation for the night and at 4:00 am the investigation was concluded.

The team packed up their equipment and went to bed. John slept on the couch in the Family Room, Chris slept on the chair in the Family Room, Missy slept on a cot in the Dining Room and Noah and Jann slept in the Living Room.

The team woke up at 8:00 am the next morning, packed up the cars and headed back to Wisconsin by 8:30 am.




This was a very interesting investigation. Some different experiences were had during this investigation that had not been experienced before. Most of these things are only personal experiences due to the lack of evidence captured. However, the dog bark and the knocks were captured on our audio evidence, although we can't say for sure these are paranormal in nature.

Though neither instance where Missy experienced a tug on her clothing was captured on video, she stands by her assertion that she did feel these sensations. Unfortunately, because they were not recorded, they will remain personal experiences.

John made a full recovery by the next day. It is unknown what caused his headache, shivering and sweating, or why the symptoms increased when he was close to the house and why they subsided when he moved away from the house. PIM fully believes that John was experiencing what he reported, but he himself does not know what caused it and was not convinced it was caused by the house or anything seen or unseen inside of it. This was not John's first trip to the property and his prior two visits were uneventful and he never felt ill. John looks forward to his next investigation at Willow Creek Farm to see if he experiences similar effects or not.

This is was yet another intriguing investigation at Willow Creek Farm. Each investigation seems to spark more questions as to actually what is going on here. PIM would like to focus more of its investigations in the future on tangible evidence since there are so many reports from this location revolving around what sensitives and mediums are picking up or experiencing. Willow Creek is well enough known that there arenít any secrets about what is supposed to be here. Thus, PIM feels that focusing more on capturing actual evidence of those claims as opposed to just what people feel is a better way to spend their time, although it may be more difficult.

One noticeable difference between this investigation and previous PIM investigations is that it was a full moon this time. Increased paranormal activity has been reported when a full moon occurs, although it is uncertain if that is because of the full moon or because of the popular culture that tells us that creepy and strange things happen during a full moon (I.E. werewolf). Was the reason for the different activity due to the full moon? What about John's experience? We may never know for certain, but PIM is planning to have its next investigations during a full moon to try and test this hypothesis.

PIM would like to thank Al for once again opening his home to us and allowing us to have the pleasure of investigating this magnificent property. Willow Creek Farm is a very interesting place and we are grateful for the experiences we have had there. PIM looks forward to its next investigation.