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Wind Lake St. Residence
May 21st, 2010
Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee (PIM)

INVESTIGATORS: Noah, Michael, Karen, Jarod

Residence: Name has not been disclosed due to confidentiality agreement


Noah, Michael and Jarod arrived at the location around 8 pm on May 21. Karen would later arrive around 8:45 pm. The group decided they would only investigate 4 rooms of the residence: living room, kitchen, client's bedroom and bathroom.

  • Hearing their father's nickname being called out
  • Seeing shadows in kitchen
  • Being punched in the face in bedroom
  • Being pushed in bathroom
  • Cabinets opening in kitchen

After the equipment was set up, all PIM members and the client stood outside the front of the building at 9:50 pm to see if everyone leaving would stir up any activity. At 10 pm, the group moved to the back of the building to see if their location would change things in relation to the atmosphere of the residence.

At 10:10 pm all group members and the client returned to the residence to begin the investigation.


Weather Outside: Fog, misty
Outside Temperature: 65.6
Wind Speed: 1-1.2 mph
Barometric Pressure: 29.14
Humidity: 72%
Moon Phase: Waxing Gibbous 61% Full
Geomagnetic Field: Quiet
Solar X-rays: Normal


All members sat in the living room at 10:15 pm and had 5 minutes of quiet time. It was noted several of the neighbors living in the same building were moving around a lot - walking up and down the stair case quite often, as well as talking outside.

At 10:20 pm, Noah moved into the kitchen while the rest of the group stayed in the living room to conduct an EVP session. At 10:23 pm Noah stated he thought he heard someone whisper while he was in the kitchen, but no one was talking at that time.

Noah then moved into the bedroom at 10:41 pm, while Jarod moved to the kitchen – the client would move into the bedroom at 10:54 pm. While continuing to do the EVP session, at 10:56 pm, Michael's Single-Axis Cell Sensor went off that was on the entertainment center in the Living Room. It would go off several times during the evening, but no explanation could be found – even with using other EMF detectors.

The client moved back into the living room at 11:07 pm, and the group concluded this part of the investigation at 11:15 pm.

Trying something different, Michael and the client went into the bedroom, while Karen sat in the Kitchen - Jarod and Noah stayed in the Living Room. During this time Michael tried talking with the client about a particular individual that seemed to bring negative energy with him to the residence whenever he visited. Both Michael and Karen noted there seemed to be a change in the area while the client and Michael were talking.

At 11:40 pm, Karen claimed to have heard a whisper come from the Bedroom area, and around 11:53 pm Michael thought he heard laughter from the room. During this time the client went back to the Living Room at 11:48 pm.

Wanting to see if there would be any type of activity in the Bathroom, Karen moved to that part of the residence, while the client moved to the kitchen. The group ended this session at 12:04 am and headed outside for a little break.

The temperature dropped a bit from the beginning of the investigation, so the client and Jarod went back into the residence around 12:15 am, while Karen, Michael and Noah stood out in the front until 12:21 am.

After going back in, Noah and the client went back into the Bedroom around 12:24 am. The rest of the group stayed in the Living Room and observed. No activities occurred during this time.

At 12:47 am, Karen went to the Bedroom, while everyone else stayed in the Living Room. Again, no activities occurred during this time and everyone was back in the Living Room at 1:04 am.

The group decided to wrap up the investigation at 1:14 am, packed all their equipment and left the residence.


AUDIO: Private


Overall there was minimal activity during this investigation. The client was very helpful in allowing us to experiment with our different theories and was open to all possibilities. Since our investigation, no further reports of activity have been received. The few audio clips we found are inconclusive of a haunting. PIM is open to returning to do another investigation if activity should occur again at the location. PIM would also like to thank the client for allowing us to investigate.