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Noah L.
Lead Investigator

I have had an interest in the paranormal since I was a young child. Although I have never had a personal experience, I believe that there are too many reports to ignore them. However, I don't see the paranormal around every corner and would characterize myself as skeptically optimistic. I am a trained scientist (BA Biology, MS in Epidemiology and Cell Biology,) and I am employed as a scientist in my day job. I use my scientific training to run PIM's investigations as much like a controlled experiment as possible. I postulate that whatever can't be debunked may be real evidence of the paranormal, but careful measurements and observations need to be taken to ensure the validity of any data recorded. I firmly believe this can only be achieved by utilizing the best science has to offer in our investigations and to think outside the box.

If you would like to contact Noah, please email him at:

Michael G. A.K.A. Gravy

Only recently has the paranormal world become an interest of mine. Having never had a self-acknowledged paranormal experience, I have been condemned to be only a skeptic. Common sense being my greatest defense against the paranormal, I vow to remain open-minded to the possibilities while, at the same time, approaching every situation with a scientific method. After all is said and done and there is no scientific explanation, only then will I begin to believe in the paranormal. I look forward to providing entertainment, knowledge, and my skills to P.I.M. With extensive time spent behind both video and still photography, I plan to utilize these skills, when possible, in every investigation. The senses are powerful tools but if it isn't documented properly, it might as well not have happened. My goal is to document it and prove myself and my beliefs wrong. Being afraid of the dark is not an option for me but will be for anything that might be out there.

If you would like to contact Michael, please email him at:

John K.

I have been very interested in the paranormal for over 25 years. I have had unusual incidents at several locations which I could not explain. I retired after 21 years as a police officer and am looking forward to applying my investigative skills to investigating unexplained incidents. I keep an open mind but also look for a scientific explainations for unexplained incidents.

If you would like to contact John, please email him at:

Chris H.

An open minded skeptic, Chris approaches paranormal investigations from a scientific perspective. With a passion for filmmaking and visual effects, Chris is able to discern evidence with a trained eye and help determine if it is paranormal in nature or debunk it if not. He employs critical thinking when on investigations and is constantly learning and feels PIM is the right group to learn from. Starting at an early age, he has been fascinated with "true ghost stories". As an adult, his fascination became a passion when he discovered paranormal investigating. Chris joined PIM because he felt their skillset and approach set them apart from most paranormal groups. With a focus on scientific, controlled investigations, PIM was a perfect fit for his beliefs and practices. Chris is married and a father of four. He is a freelance writer and film critic who enjoys reading and painting in his spare time.

If you would like to contact Chris, please email him at:

Andy W.

The paranormal world has been an interest of mine for most of my life. I never had a personal paranormal experience, but always have had a fascination with the unknown. My strong science background makes me a skeptic to the paranormal. However, I keep an open-mind to all the possibilities. I approach every investigation in a professional, personable manner.
Only if, after all the evidence from an investigation is reviewed and still there is no scientific, logical reason, I may consider it paranormal.
I obtained many skills during my short career as a law enforcement officer that I can apply to investigations to help solve the mysteries.

If you would like to contact Andy, please email him at:

Jarod K.

Bio is coming soon!

If you would like to contact Jarod, please email him at:

Marilsa H.

As a young child I was fascinated by the unexplainable and my curiosity continues on as an adult. I love to travel and live life at its fullest. I earned a MS degree from University of Wisconsin - Madison where I trained in the scientific method. I especially enjoy filming, infrared (IR) photography, and electronic equipment used to investigate extra-sensory events such as electromagnetic fields (EMF). I have visited Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, PA, Lakeview Cemetery in Madison WI, and Edinburgh Manor in IA. After experiencing unexplainable events, I decided to search for a truth, a reality that I can hold onto, one where a hypothesis is tested and debated based on observations and collected scientific data. When current research and equipment fail, then a new reality can emerge. There are many paranormal groups located in Wisconsin. However, based on my research, I noticed that PIM is a serious, research-based group and the members impressed me with their systematic approach to their investigations. I love their YouTube Channel for their Paranormal Reviews as a great source of information.

If you would like to contact Marilsa, please email her at:

Tom H.

I enjoy history, photography and the outdoors. I am a scientist by training and I look for logical explanations and repeatable events. However, I experienced events that I cannot explain and became interested in searching for their roots. My personal experiences occurred in the Puerto Rico and in Wisconsin. All were fleeting events and, unfortunately, I did not possess the knowledge or equipment to help investigate them. I decided to attend the annual Paranormal Conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 2016, and met many different groups. I decided to join the Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee as they use a systematic approach to investigate client reports and I am excited to add my talents to the team. Once physical and biological explanations for an event are ruled out, then new explanations are permitted. I am interested in exploring and documenting these alternate explanations. However, I do possess a healthy level of skeptism and I look for simple explanations first, while staying open to possible alternate ideas.

If you would like to contact Tom, please email him at:

Jordan K.

For much of my life, the paranormal has been a reservoir of questions, wonder, skepticism, optimism and hopefully, the subsequent truth. After joining the Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee, I have been able to collaborate with others who share the same passion of gathering evidence in order to answer some of the most mysterious questions that could be asked. Since joining PIM, I have had the opportunity to hone in on methods used to gather potential paranormal evidence. While on my first investigation with PIM, I had a paranormal experience that had an affect on me for quite some time. Although it wasn’t documented and couldn't be concluded as evidence, it gave me a confidence to continue searching for answers that no extant being could articulate.

If you would like to contact Jordan, please email her at: