What is it?

This is a digital datalogger that can sample the environment once/minute and record temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure readings from the environment.  This device can then be plugged into a PC USB port and using free downloadable software, produce a graph of each of these variables over time.

Why do we use it?

PIM uses this device in two ways.  First, this device is set out to monitor an area, either where activity has been reported that this device can detect (IE, a “cold spot”) or in an area where PIM will be actively investigating such as part of a trigger object bank.

The second way this device is used is as a personal “anomaly” recorder.  Many times on investigations an investigator may report feeling a cold spot, or the hair on their arms sticking up, or the feeling like “something” is next to them.  The question always was is that in response to something external or was it a psychological response?  In order to try and discern that answer, PIM started requiring all investigators to wear this datalogger on their person at all times and is part of the control equipment first started before setting up any other equipment (along with the control recorder) on investigations.

Since this device is always recording, there is no concern about “catching” the activity when it occurs.  PIM simply plugs the device into a computer and then can compare any reported “anomalies” to actual changes in the dataloggers sensors.  This also allows PIM to see if any changes are noted in the dataloggers variables compared to other activity recorded during an investigation.

Technical Specifications:

  • Datalogs up to 30,000 readings (10,000 each of temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure) with a user programmable sample rate
  • Selectable data sampling rates from one minute to 18 hours
  • User programmable alarm thresholds
  • Dew point indication via Windows software
  • Status indication via red/yellow/green LEDs
  • Long battery life of approx. 1,000 hours
  • For more information, please see the manufacturer’s website here.
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