About Chris H

An open minded skeptic, Chris approaches paranormal investigations from a scientific perspective. With a passion for filmmaking and visual effects, Chris is able to discern evidence with a trained eye and help determine if it is paranormal in nature or debunk it if not. He employs critical thinking when on investigations and is constantly learning and feels PIM is the right group to learn from. Starting at an early age, he has been fascinated with “true ghost stories”. As an adult, his fascination became a passion when he discovered paranormal investigating. Chris joined PIM because he felt their skillset and approach set them apart from most paranormal groups. With a focus on scientific, controlled investigations, PIM was a perfect fit for his beliefs and practices. Chris is married and a father of four. He is a freelance writer and film critic who enjoys reading and painting in his spare time.


Hard to pick a favorite, they are all unique and bring something new to the table.


The Tower of London with all the historical significance I think it would be amazing.

What made you choose PIM over all the other groups out there?

PIM is very scientific in their approach and I thought that was a good fit for my beliefs.


If you are going to start investigating, research and follow the rules. Never trespass onto property without permission. Start off with the basic gear, a digital recorder and document everything.

Fun Facts

I am the co-founder of The Milwaukee Twisted Dreams Film Festival and the local blogging site Milwaukee Movie Talk. I work with the local film community and one project I was proud to be a part of played at the Cannes Film Festival.

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