About Gravy

Only recently has the paranormal world become an interest of mine. Having never had a self-acknowledged paranormal experience, I have been condemned to be only a skeptic. Common sense being my greatest defense against the paranormal, I vow to remain open-minded to the possibilities while, at the same time, approaching every situation with a scientific method. After all is said and done and there is no scientific explanation, only then will I begin to believe in the paranormal. I look forward to providing entertainment, knowledge, and my skills to P.I.M. With extensive time spent behind both video and still photography, I plan to utilize these skills, when possible, in every investigation. The senses are powerful tools but if it isn’t documented properly, it might as well not have happened. My goal is to document it and prove myself and my beliefs wrong. Being afraid of the dark is not an option for me but will be for anything that might be out there.


To date, my favorite investigation was at Bobby Mackey’s Music World in Wilder Kentucky. Though I did not experience anything personally, I was witness to a phenomenon that still has me scratching my head. I am always excited to return there in hopes of finding an answer normal or paranormal. Since that day, I have been fueled by the adrenaline still pumping in my veins. There is something and I want to know what that something is.

What is your dream investigation?

One location I’d love to investigate is the Pfister Hotel. I’d love to show what a bunch of babies baseball players are. To prove nothing exists in a reportedly haunted location can be just as exciting as proving something exists.

Gravy taking a selfie with the PIM logo at Ashmore Estates in 2018

Why did you choose PIM over other groups?

It has been too long for me to remember why I chose PIM but if I had to give a reason it would be PIM’s high standard placed on education. It isn’t just about educating our clients but educating the public too. The public is misinformed by television, internet, books, social media and even their own family members. It is an up hill battle to educate in a world where people believe their opinion over fact. It was a library event where I first saw PIM members educating the public and it is those same events where I get to do the same.


I find many paranormal books to be like fiction; just really good stories. I recommend reading books with critical thought processes, skeptical mindfulness or even science based books. Reading, learning, and understanding the world around you along with understanding the human body and mind is the most important way into learning more about what the paranormal most certainly isn’t. Be open minded to all possibilities of what the paranormal could be but be be diligent in weeding out what isn’t paranormal.

Fun Fact

I’d look for the needle in a haystack just to prove it could be done. I would just hope the needle was very valuable.

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