About John

I have been very interested in the paranormal for over 25 years. I have had unusual incidents at several locations which I could not explain. I retired after 21 years as a police officer and am looking forward to applying my investigative skills to investigating unexplained incidents. I keep an open mind but also look for a scientific explanations for unexplained incidents.

What made you choose PIM over all the other groups out there?

I researched all paranormal groups I could find online in Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. I did not agree with the investigative methods used by other groups for one reason or another. PIM was the only group I found that used investigative techniques and methods that I agreed with and was truly scientific.

Which was your favorite investigation and why?

Haunted Willow Creek Farm in Illinois. It was a very interesting place to investigate and I experienced several unexplained incidents during several investigations at that location.


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