About Tom

I enjoy history, photography and the outdoors. I am a scientist by training and I look for logical explanations and repeatable events. However, I experienced events that I cannot explain and became interested in searching for their roots. My personal experiences occurred in the Puerto Rico and in Wisconsin. All were fleeting events and, unfortunately, I did not possess the knowledge or equipment to help investigate them. I decided to attend the annual Paranormal Conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 2016, and met many different groups. I decided to join the Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee as they use a systematic approach to investigate client reports and I am excited to add my talents to the team. Once physical and biological explanations for an event are ruled out, then new explanations are permitted. I am interested in exploring and documenting these alternate explanations. However, I do possess a healthy level of skeptism and I look for simple explanations first, while staying open to possible alternate ideas.


The upcoming summer ones I have studied the sites and claims for.


Actually they are all good based on history and claims.

What made you choose PIM over all the other groups out there?

PIM is based on science and evidence and assumes natural / physical explanations over paranormal ones.


History goes bump. They show their research and are colorful but still assume all bumps are paranormal.

Fun Fact

I can walk three big German Shepherd dogs… using just one hand.

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