This interview occurred in February of 2009

Members of PIM arrived around 6:30 pm to conduct the initial interview at Chances with Stacy, the owner. Upon arriving, the group was led to the upstairs Ballroom, where Michael and Karen (both sensitives) started writing down their impressions of what they picked up while in the area. The group then continued to do a walk-thru of the building.

Later while interviewing Stacy in the Ballroom, Michael at one point thought he saw a shadow cut out part of the light coming in from the Front Room. Karen and Noah’s wife also thought they heard music playing near them during the interview. Karen said she thought it was a cell phone going off, but no one’s phone was ringing at that time.

The group also interviewed two employees about their experiences at Chances, which included being locked in the Front Room to smelling foul odors in the liquor closet.

A time and date was then set for the group to come back to conduct an actual investigation.

Karen’s Impressions:

Stairs Leading to Ballroom – Picked up on some sort of negative vibe, like we weren’t to go up there.

Ballroom – Possible male presence behind the curtain near the door in the back.

Front Room Upstairs – Negative feeling from near brown heater.

Outside – Had the impression of a boy, possibly early teens, walking the edge of the building. Like he was balancing and walking it for fun.

Dining Room – I pictured a woman who was dressed in a dress with puffy shoulder sleeve. Almost looked like a waitress/beer server. I pictured beer steins in her hands.

Basement – there was at least one spirit, possibly two, hiding in the one corner near the furnace.


Five of the six members of PIM arrived at Chances at approximately 7:00 pm to have dinner prior to the investigation – one member would arrive later in the evening. It was felt this was a good way to see if anyone would experience anything while eating just as several customers have in the past (e.g. the woman in blue) – the group sat at a round table near the kitchen doors.

During dinner, Candace, another sensitive in PIM, stated she felt someone was looking at her from across the room. She would also state she felt there was an older woman in the bathroom.

The group then headed upstairs around 9:00 pm to set up their equipment prior to beginning their investigation.

IR Light and Chris’ Video Camera – Front Room
IR Light and Steve’s Video Camera – Ballroom
Another Steve Video Camera – aimed toward bar
Another Steve Video Camera – Coat Room/office
Michael’s Panasonic Video Camera – Table in dining room looking at kitchen door

Candace – 1
Karen – 1
Chris – 2
Steve – 2
Michael – 2
Noah – 1

Five recorders were left stationary:
Chris (1) – left by camera in front room
Chris (1) – Dining room
Steve (1) – left by camera in ballroom
Michael (1) – left in the bar
Noah (1) – front part of dining/residence area

Motion Sensors – 1 in coat room area, 1 in kitchen/dining room area
Laser Light – in dining room area
Two-way radios


After Stacy and another employee left the building, the group began its investigation approximately at 10:00 pm The group was split into teams at that point. Team 1 consisted of Noah, Michael and Karen, while Team 2 consisted of Steve, Chris and Candace. Team 1 started in the Basement and Team 2 was in the Ballroom/Front Room.

Member in Team 1 noticed footsteps were heard in the Basement from the Ballroom area. This was confirmed by Noah using his two-way radio to ask members of Team 2 to walk on the floor in the Ballroom. Team 1 would then move from the Basement to the Kitchen at approximately 10:45 pm and would continue to investigate the Bar and Coat rooms.

Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) sessions were done by both groups during this time. No one noted any suspicious activities occurring at any of the locations.

At approximately 11:45 pm the groups switched locations. A short while after continuing the second part of the investigation, Candace had to leave due to having to work in the morning. Before leaving, she and Michael went outside to investigate the back of Chances. They were both drawn to the tree. Karen and Noah stayed in the Ballroom to observe, while Steve and Chris remained on the first floor to hold the door open for them.

When both groups returned to investigating, no suspicious activities were noted.

After a while, Karen left the upstairs area to go by Steve and Chris. Noah and Michael then further investigated the Front Room.

Also, it was observed the Front Room had a very high electromagnetic field (EMF) running through the room – starting about 3 feet from the ceiling to about 3 feet off the floor. It was noted the source of this high EMF was a city power line that runs along the front of the building at the same level as the windows. People who are sensitive to high levels of EMF are reported to having feelings of being watched, uneasiness, headaches and sometimes paranoia.

PIM then packed up their equipment and headed out at approximately 1:30 am.


Basement – 10:51 pm

A voice is captured close to the recorder


All members of PIM thank Stacy for allowing us to conduct an investigation at Chances. we look forward to re-investigating the property in the future!


Michael’s Impressions:

Basement – Odd feeling but nothing too much, drawn to the wall to the right of the outside door but don’t know why.

Bar Area – I can feel a spirit but can’t tell anything about it.

Coat Room – Male spirit. Very strong and aware of me.

Kitchen – Female spirit, by stove very aware, older (50’s-60’s), worked and lived there.

Front Room – A female spirit older, unaware of me.

Back of Ballroom – A very strong male whom I believe moves around the building and is very aware and talkative. I followed him outside to the big tree. He tells me he died there by the tree. His age looks to be somewhere between the age of 17-25 to me, but I think he is telling me his age is 22. I couldn’t get a name but he lived nearby but came to the bar a lot. I think he is telling me he danced there.

*NOTE:  It should be noted during Team 1’s investigation of the Ballroom, Michael felt there was a woman who was interested in dancing when Noah and Karen were attempting to ballroom dance. Michael felt she was in the one corner of the room. Noah went over to where Michael thought she was and offered his hand to dance. No activity occurred, but Noah thought his hand tingled at one point. This is not enough to say there was something there or not.

Karen’s Impressions:

Main Dining area – during dinner I felt a female energy was hovering over my right shoulder while I sat with my back to the kitchen doors.

Side Dining area – Felt there was a young child in the room – a boy maybe.  Not sure if he’s the same boy I felt during the initial walk thru or not.

Basement – I felt the female presence from the dining room come downstairs. I got that she may be a thin-framed black female. She seemed sad. I believe she’s the same spirit I felt in the basement during our initial walk-thru.

Women’s Bathroom – Felt there was an older woman in the handy-cap stall initially. Throughout the night I would feel her presence move around in there. I also got the impression she did not like one of the Chances worker.

Front Room Upstairs – I felt there was a male presence that kept looking through the window at us in the ballroom. When in the Front Room, I would feel his presence in the corner near the window that’s next to the Ballroom.

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