Prior to the investigation, PIM and Phil and Vicky Elsing held a special paranormal event at the shop for those interested in the paranormal. The group arrived around 8:50 am that morning. After setting up their equipment for display, group sensitives Michael and Karen did a walk through and wrote down their impressions.

After the event was over, Vicky took the Elsings’ two dogs home. After she came back to the store, PIM and the Elsings went to dinner around 6:00 pm. Two voice recorders were left running in the building while no one was in the building – one in the Furniture Room and one in the Tool Room.

Upon returning to the building, Noah and Michael began to set up equipment throughout the building.

Sony Handycam DCR-HC26 (Michael) – Middle aisle of Tool Room
Panasonic DV701D (Michael) – Far left aisle of Tool Room
Sony DCR-SR42 (Noah) – Pointing toward doorway in Furniture Room
Sony DCR-SR82 (Noah) – Pointing from cubby down Holiday/Book Room Hallway

Sony P520 (Karen) – Left in Furniture Room for dinner/Carried during investigation
Sony ICD-UX70 (Michael) – Tool Room
Olympus WS-2105 – Furniture Room

Tri-Field Meter
K2 Meter
IR Illuminators
2-Way Radios
UV Flashlights/Headlamps
Point-And-Shoot Digital Cameras


While waiting for guest investigators Pamela and Jennifer to arrive, Vicky stayed on the first floor while Noah, Michael and Karen headed to the basement level to begin their investigation around 8:30 pm. Heading to the back of the basement near Simon’s Room, both Michael and Karen felt it would be a good place to start.

During their time in this part of the basement, Michael and Noah stayed in Simon’s Room, while Karen was in the hallway. She conducted an EVP session. During the session, she would hear noises in front of her but couldn’t figure out where they were coming from. No other activities occurred during this time with any of the group members.

The group headed to the ramp that leads from the basement to the street level, and then they went down the hallway by the Holiday Room. Michael thought he saw something move into the Furniture Room, but couldn’t figure out what it was. The group moved into the space for a little while, but no activities occurred.

Noah and the other members did smell a musty-smell at one point that seemed to move around. The smell could have been from some of the old furniture that was in the area, but the group was unable to confirm that.

At this time Pamela and Jennifer arrived to the shop to join the group in investigating. It was decided there would be two groups at this time – Noah and Michael would head to the Attic while Karen, Vicky, Pamela and Jennifer would head to the Furniture Room.

The group of women sat around one of the dining-room tables that were in the Furniture Room. Karen read a few children’s books to try to see if the little girl, who is reported to be down there, would try to turn the book pages upon being asked.

Although the pages didn’t turn, there was at one point Karen’s right-ear hearing seemed to be affected by something – this has happened on previous cases. At that point, she felt there was someone standing between her and Jennifer. Jennifer asked Karen if she had felt a cold breeze in between them, which Karen did say she did. It was checked to see if any breeze was coming from the door separating the Furniture Room to the back area, but the door was closed tightly. After a while the coldness dissipated, but Karen thought she felt something at one point touching her right leg.

In the Attic, Noah and Michael attempted to do an EVP session, but no activities occurred.

Regrouping around 9:45 pm on the first floor, the groups were then split into smaller groups to cover the first floor and the Pizza Room of the basement.

Noah and Michael were in the Freezer Room, Vicky and Jennifer were put in different aisles of the Tool Room, while Karen and Pamela were in the Pizza Room.

During this time, it was noted by Karen and Pamela that there were some strange knocks and noises in the Pizza Room, but they were unable to figure out where the noises were coming from. Also, the two-way radio they were using to keep in contact with Noah upstairs kept going off with static at point one. Karen attempted to see if her cell phone was affecting it, but when putting it near the radio, it didn’t do anything.

No one on the first floor experienced anything strange, and all of the groups met back upstairs shortly after.

Once again deciding to break up into groups, Noah and Michael went to the Furniture Room while the women went upstairs to the Attic. There were no activities in either location during this part of the investigation.

Pamela and Jennifer then headed out as it was getting late, and Vicky went to bed. Noah, Michael and Karen then headed to the Furniture Room. No activities occurred during this part of the investigation, and the group members moved to several other parts of the basement trying to see if anything would happen.

After nothing occurred, the group members then sat around the Holiday/Book Room hallway for a while. Around 1:30 am the group decided to wrap up for the night and went to bed.

Noah and Michael slept in the Tool Room, while Karen slept in the front of the store next to the counter. Karen would report there were two times she was woken up to the sound of what sounded like someone taking a couple steps in the room.


Due to the time change, the group would wake up around 8:00 am and finish packing. No activities occurred during this time, as the group left around 8:30 am.


This investigation was our first in 9 months and we were hoping that the large time between our investigations would result in some new or renewed activity.  We did have some personal experiences in regards to some unexplained noises, but nothing too spectacular. This was our 11th investigation of Elsing’s and PIM is well aware that the location is haunted.  Unfortunately, we did not have a particularly active investigation this time around, with only one possible EVP captured.  The public event that we had earlier that day was wonderful and we look forward to doing another one in the near future at Elsing’s Second Hand Shop.  PIM is always looking for new equipment and techniques and plan on using some of both during our next investigation.




Business man in the front (have felt him there before)

Male in Holiday Room. He was there and then disappeared.

Little girl in Furniture Room. She ran out when I was with Group One.

Male butcher was there.

Woman in her 30’s walking around. Wearing a dress with a sweater covering it.

Felt strong negative energy coming from Simon’s Room area.

Picked up on a male following us into Simon’s Room. He may have been drunk. Wearing a shirt covering a T-shirt.

Main Floor
Older woman walking around in Tool Room. (Have felt her before)

During Day Event
Older male following a mother and daughter.

Young girl shopping being followed by ghost girl.

Male in his 20’s came into store. He walked around and followed a lady.


First Floor:

Woman near entrance to Tool Room from the Front Room. She seemed curious about what was going on.

By the fridge behind the curtain seemed to be a male who thought I was intruding when I went to get something from the fridge. He was tall, thin and I thought in his upper 20’s.

Older woman in the middle aisle in the Tool Room. Have felt her there before.

Felt a man was in the Private Room near the bathroom. Unable to pick up detail.

Male in Freezer Room was very aggravated we were in this area with our stuff.

Little girl in the Toy Room. Around 5 or 6-years old. Seemed to be something about the little red chair in there.

Upon waking up in the morning, felt the young boy I’ve felt before in that area. He seems to really like the front part in the mornings.

Lower Level:

Man by Holiday Room – seemed curious.

Huge amount of energy in the hallway by the Holiday/Book Rooms. Not necessarily associated with individual spirits, but it’s just energy.

Woman in the Furniture Room – in her 30’s. Seemed to be interested looking at the furniture, but also seemed to be hiding from me.

While investigating, felt there was an older gentleman in the Furniture Room. Possibly in his 70’s. He seemed to be looking for his daughter “Jackie”.

In the Pizza Room I felt there was a male in his early 20’s sitting on the stairs kind of curious about me when I went into the room.

Simon’s Room area – upon going through before investigating, this area seemed very, VERY negative. Was so intense I didn’t really go near the door alone because I wasn’t sure if anything would happen to me or not as I was by myself.

Felt a male while we were investigating follow us as we went to Simon’s Room. The male seemed to be very interested in me. I pictured him almost my height, white T-shirt with a stripped long-sleeve shirt over it. He had that James Dean-slicked back hair. Possibly from the 1950’s.

Ramp to street level – It was more an event I was getting, that there were women in period-style dress (1920’s maybe) walking in to get a drink from the bar that was once down there.

Attic Level:

Felt a male near the top of the stairs who seemed to be a greeter or some sorts.

In the back right corner, during investigating felt there was a man, possibly from the 1800s, who was interested in doing some “business”. He seemed to be in a black suit with coattails and a white shirt. Maybe had a top hat and a cane.

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