PIM met at Elsing’s around 6:00 pm.  After introductions, all parties went to the Koffee Kup for dinner.

After dinner, PIM setup equipment throughout the location.  The equipment used was:

EMF detectors:  Natural and Standard Tri-field meters, Cell-sensor, KII meter

Temperature detectors:  Pyrometer, Kestrel Weather Station

Digital cameras:  Sony Cybershot DSC-P52 3.2 megapixel camera w/Hoya R72 infrared filter, Canon Powershot A5 zoom camera, GE 7.0 megapixel digital camera, Argus 5 megapixel full spectrum digital camera, Digital Concepts full spectrum 4.1 megapixel camera, Nikon D50 camera w/18-55 mm and 70-300 mm lenses, and 720nm IR filter, Canon Powershot SX10IS 10 megapixel camera

Video cameras:  Sony DCR-SR80 hard drive camcorder w/Opteka R72 IR filter, Sony DCR-TRV350 camcorder, Sony DCR-TRV110 camcorder, Sony DCR-TRV280 camcorder w/720nm and 950 nm IR filters and Sony IR Illuminator, Sony DCR-HC28 w/ external IR Illuminator, Panasonic 500 mini DV camcorder, Sony 800 mini DV Handycam, 2 Sony HVL-IRM IR lights

Digital recorders:  H2 voice recorder, Olympus PC3100 voice recorder, Olympus WS300M, 2 Sony ICD P620, Sony ICD P520, Olympus WS-210S digital voice recorder, Sony IC digital voice recorder ICD-UX70

Flashlights:  UV flashlights, IR Flashlights, Windup LED flashlight

Other Equipment:  Two-way radios, Geiger counter, Air Ion Counter, IR spot light and IR flood light, 2 battery packs


Voice recorders were left running when everyone left for dinner in the same locations as the previous investigation conducted on Nov. 1st. We left for dinner around 6 pm and arrived back at the shop at around 7:15 pm. We got our equipment together and discussed the game plan. Before starting, Michael went around with his full-spectrum camera and took pictures of all areas of the shop.

Michael also went around again and wrote down his impressions. The impressions are listed below:

Man in the holiday room
Something in the book room
Pizza room has the angry black man / goes between the two back rooms
Furniture room 2 sprites young boy older man
Storage room (next to furniture room) female sprite

First floor
Back hall way main floor something hiding back there not sure yet
Middle room older woman
Front sales room older man
Young girl close to client (Vicky)

Second floor
Margaret in back right
Middle age man near stairs
Male older far front

While setting up my video camera in the furniture room the boy/young man sprite had come close to me and I was talking to him but I did not pick up his voice on my equipment.

While up on the 2nd floor with Noah something touched my earring on my right side. I was sitting by the back porch door facing the front. This went on for maybe 5 minutes.

Baseline readings were taken and Steve took baseline photos as well. Once again the power was turned off to the building just before beginning the investigation.

This time Steve placed one of his cameras on the 3rd shelf in the tool room shooting down the third aisle towards the bathroom and another camera on the 2nd shelf of the tool room on the wall closest to the bathroom shooting down the main aisle towards the front of the shop. Chris had his camera placed on the 3rd shelf in the tool room shooting down the second aisle toward the bathroom. Michael placed one of his cameras in the furniture room facing the doorway by the stairs and the other camera in the very back basement storage room where Simon is believed to reside. Steve and Noah also carried video cameras with them to document the activities of the two groups as they investigated. Voice recorders were placed with each camera except in the case of the tool room where only one voice recorder was placed to cover the entire area.

The investigation started in the same way as the previous one with the group gathered in the toy and tool room areas playing music from the 19th century. Michael sensed a younger girl that was dancing to the music in the middle of the main aisle that he had not sensed in the prior investigation. No activity was noted during this time. This was again repeated in the furniture room and the back basement storage areas.

Next it was decided to have Vicky leave the shop for about an hour to see if the activity or atmosphere would change when Vicky was not in the building. Vicky left at around 9:30 pm. Steve, Noah, Chris, and Michael headed down to the furniture room and set up for an EVP session. We again played the 19th century music and Michael sensed that the room was filling up, but there was also a negative presence that was in the doorway that led to the back basement area. Michael could not pinpoint the spirit so he did not know if it was Simon or something else. At one point Michael felt very cold and possibly that he had been touched. Noah came over to him and checked the temperature readings which were normal. Noah continued filming the doorway and caught a piece of evidence on film. It looked like a wispy strand of long hair fell from the ceiling going from top left to bottom right. This video clip was included on the DVD given to Vicky. Shortly there after Noah asked for a sign that something was there and a knock was heard by all present. Noah asked if it could do that again and no other sound was heard. However, a voice recorder located in the Bookroom hallway picked up the first knock that was audible to everyone as well as two subsequent knocks that occur immediately after Noah asked for the noise to be repeated. The noise is so loud on this voice recorder it sounds like all three occurred extremely close to where the voice recorder was located, possibly on the table that the recorder was sitting on. Later on Michael asked for a loud sign that someone was there as we had not heard anything for a while. A loud cracking sound was heard by all and was captured on several voice recorders.

Nothing more of note happened during that session. The group then headed to the 2nd floor to conduct an EVP session there. Although Michael did sense spirits there once more, nothing of note occurred and nothing was out of place when the team headed back to the main floor.

Vicky returned at 11 pm and it was decided to try and again recreate the circumstances that resulted in the movement of the horse. Unfortunately Vicky had sold the horse in question the previous week so we could not try and get the same horse to move. In the future any objects that are moved during an investigation will be bought so that it is not sold. Other groups may want to do this as well. Luckily there was another brass horse that we could refer to. Steve, Chris, and Vicky headed down to the basement and Michael and Noah went to the 2nd floor. This time there was no movement of any objects while we were there, but Michael did sense something touching his earring while he was sitting in the very back part of the 2nd floor. Michael indicated that it occurred for about 5 minutes of time. Noah tried using EMF detectors, temperature gauges, and Geiger counters to try and find some recordable evidence of this but none was recorded.

An investigation of the “L” shaped room on the main floor also proved to be fruitless with Michael not sensing the presence he had sensed on the previous investigation.

A final group EVP session in the basement also did not yield any activity.

We wrapped up at around 1:30 am. A voice recorder was left in the “L” shaped room overnight. The cameras that were shooting down the 2nd and 3rd aisles of the tool room were left recording over night. Steve and Noah slept in the furniture room again and Chris and Michael stayed on the main floor with Vicky sleeping in her usual location in the toy room.

Nothing occurred while people were sleeping. We awoke at 8:30 am, packed up our stuff, and headed home.


Bookroom hallway – Music and the sounds of an angry woman

Bookroom hallway – Response to request for a noise, occurs twice

Furniture room – Knocking in response to Noah

Furniture room – Loud cracking sound in response to Michael request a noise be made

Furniture room – Noises in response to Michael requesting a noise

Bookroom hallway – Voice saying “Help” and other unintelligible words


There were multiple EVPs and noises in response to questions captured during this investigation along with the video evidence consisting of the wispy hair-like object.  PIM must make note that most of the evidence captured on this investigation occurred when Vicky was not in the shop.  This is the first time that PIM did any part of an investigation with Vicky not there and we were surprised at the amount of evidence that we captured.  Even the vast majority of the EVPs captured occurred when Vicky was gone. Now PIM can not confirm that the reason we caught the evidence was due to Vicky’s absence as it could have simply been a coincidence.  However, in future investigations we will probably request a period of time when Vicky is not there to see if we get a repeat occurrence of increased amounts of evidence captured, as long as Vicky agrees of course.  We did not tailor any of our EVP questions to the fact that Vicky was not there which is something PIM plans to do in the future.

PIM would again like to thank Phil and Vicky for being wonderful hosts and allowing us to investigate their shop.  Vicky was a great sport as usual and Phil already had the windows upstairs covered when we arrived. PIM is eagerly looking forward to our next investigation.

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