The group arrived at the restaurant at 5:30 pm to meet with the owner – a newspaper photographer was to be there at 6 pm. After the photo was taken, the group brought all their equipment inside and began to set things up around 6:25 pm. The owner then left the location to go to a friend’s place not too far away.

During the set up period, Karen and Marty – the group sensitives – went around and did their impressions while the rest placed equipment around the building. At one point, a flashlight appeared to fly off one of the tables that were near the bar area. Tony claims he didn’t touch it.

After setting everything up, the group started the investigation in the Dining Room at 8:55 pm.


Spread throughout the Dining Room, the group sat in silence to observe the sounds of the building. At one point, Marty thought he heard a whisper, Karen felt she was being touched on the right side of her neck and Tony felt someone walk in front of him behind the bar. The group then attempted to do an Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) session. Noah noticed there was an EMF spike where he was sitting at the bar that went from 0.33 to 0.5 around 9:16 pm. There were also several instances of hearing things moving around. It was not found if any of these instances were paranormal in nature. The group concluded their normal EVP session, but then attempted to use what is called a Frank’s Box to communicate with the spirits. There appeared to be a few voices that came through the box – please review audio CD for this.

After concluding the Frank’s Box session at 10:05 pm, Karen felt a stabbing pain to the left side of her neck around 10:13 pm. No conclusion was found as to why she experienced this. At 10:17 pm, the team broke into two groups of three. Team 1 consisted of Noah, Karen and Tony while Team 2 consisted of Marty, Melissa and Jarod.


Group 1 – The group began their session near the Cooler Room. During their session, Karen felt her left arm being touched at 10:26 pm. Tony also during this time thought he heard footsteps and other noises coming from the main area of the basement.

Trying to see if she could sense anything, Karen moved to the stairs that lead to the bathroom side of the first floor at 10:36 pm. She would hear at one point a very loud noise that sounded like it came from the first floor at 1056 pm. There was also a point around 11 pm that a high pitched sound occurred, but the group couldn’t figure where it came from – it lasted about 40 seconds. They radioed Team 2, but they stated they didn’t hear anything. The sound was so high pitched that it became painful to hear it. When the group started looking for the source of the noise it abruptly stopped. There also appeared to be noises coming from the stairs at one point.

Karen and Tony switched spots at 11:03 pm and the group concluded their EVP session at 11:10 pm.

2nd Floor

Group 2 – The team started their investigation in the office/closet room at 10:17 pm. Marty felt a woman in the room who sat in a rocking chair. There were a few jumps in the K2 meter during the session, including one behind the clothes. Concluding this session, the group went to the Master Bedroom at 10:32 pm. There appeared to be high EMF near the head of the bed yet there didn’t appear to be anything to be emitting EMF. Mel at one point felt the pillow move, and there was a spike in the EMF. While near the closet, the team recorded a K2 jump around 10:53 pm. It had gotten up to 3 on the K2 scale, which is approximately 25 mG.

No other activities occurred during this time.

Both teams met back on the first floor but didn’t discuss the things that occurred. Noah noticed for the second time during the evening one of his IR lights on his camera in the kitchen was off. It was not noted if it was paranormal or if it was because his battery was low. After he replaced the battery there were no other issues with the light. The groups then switched locations and got settled into their spots at 11:43 pm.


Group 1 – The group spread out throughout the floor with Karen in the hallway, Noah in the Massage Room and Tony in the Master Bedroom. They conducted an EVP session during this time, but nothing occurred. They concluded at 12:35 am.


Group 2 – The group started their investigation in the Storm Cellar room. Jarod at one point thought he heard a big noise by the stairs. No other activities occurred at this time.

The team then moved to the bottle area near where the camera was set up. No activities occurred, but Marty picked up that “Jameson” wanted to strangle Jarod and smack Mel. No other activities occurred.

While in the Cooler Room at 12:08 am, there was an EMF spike. Shortly after around 12:27 am the group heard three knocks come from the Dining Room area. It was not found if it were paranormal in nature or not.

Both teams met back on the first floor at 12:35 am and went over the activities they experienced in both locations. They then decided to head to the second floor and go into the attic to see if they could stir anything up – one person at a time took a chance to use the ladder to look into the space. No activities occurred during this time, and they returned to the first floor at 1:22 pm.

After taking another break, the group decided to try an EVP session in the Dining Room once again. At 1:40 am. When no activities seemed to occur, Marty stated “Jameson” wasn’t letting anyone from the second floor come down to talk. Noah and Tony headed upstairs to see if they could make the spirits come downstairs, but no activities occurred and they returned to the main floor.

With having no luck, the group decided to bring out the Frank’s Box again to see if they could hear anything with it. Noah wore noise-canceling headphones that eliminated all noise except for the Frank’s Box – he stated he couldn’t hear anything the rest of the team members were saying. The group would ask questions, while Noah would tell them what he heard – most of the time it corresponded to what the group was talking about.

After trying the experiment until 3:10 am, Jarod saw one of the pennies in the men’s bathroom actually moved – it would be found across from the rest of the pennies on the edging.

The group packed up their equipment and called the owner to have her come back to lock up the building. The group officially left around 3:30 am.


Dining Room – 9:58 pm

Voice in Frank’s box answers name of “Sammy” when asked for name, and “With you” when asked if they’re here.

Dining Room – 10:02 pm

Tony had been asked by entity via Frank’s box to go by a nearby bathroom door and open it. Tony stood by the door and would not open it, instead choosing to instigate the entity to try and get more info about it. The entity answers back with the directive “just touch it”.

Dining Room – 12:02 am

If you listen closely, you can hear unexplained knocking noises


This location is very interesting and was a great location to investigate. The many claims of physical manipulation on almost every level of the building make each second of the investigation a chance to capture something amazing. During our investigation PIM experienced a number of strange noises that we could not explain. One of these noises was a high-pitched sound that occurred in the basement for approximately 15 seconds. The origin could not be determined and the sound was so high-pitched that it was physically painful to listen to it. Several other clips were captured while using the Frank’s Box. Although not scientific in nature, the clips represent what appear to be clear answers to questions. When PIM makes their return trip to investigate we plan to experiment further with the Frank’s box in a more controlled setting. PIM wants to thank Gloria for allowing us to investigate On The Right Track and thanks her for her patience when we stayed until past 3 am. PIM looks forward to its next investigation where we hope to gather more evidence of the paranormal activity that occurs at On The Right Track.

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