The group arrived at Paradise Theatre at approximately 6:35 p.m. Being this was the first investigation at the location, a simple investigation was planned out – meaning not as much equipment as usual would be set up.

After unloading the vehicle, the group went on a walk-through as Michael, a group sensitive, was not there during the original tour with the owner earlier that week. Karen is also a sensitive, and did her impressions earlier in the week. Both impressions are included at the end of the report.

After setting everything up, the group started the investigation in the Dining Room at 8:55 pm.

Reported Activity

  • While in the projector room bathroom, an employee saw motion between reels and then saw shadow walk in and out of room.
  • Employee saw a male in black slacks, white shirt, black tie and slender build vaporize between projections.
  • Little-old lady seen several times in top row in balcony, second seat from the end.
  • Saw man get up from far right corner of balcony walk up flight upstairs, start up second flight and disappeared.
  • Two heads seen when seats were broken off at the floor.
  • When Michael from PIM worked at the theater he stated his soda moved on the concession counter several times.
  • Michael also stated you could hear voices talking during the movie that weren’t associated with the people at the theater.


The group began their walk through at 6:50 pm – beginning with the stairwell behind the stage. Michael and Karen went around doing their impressions and electromagnetic field (EMF) levels were taken. While near the catwalk level, Noah and Karen stated they thought they heard a woman talking at different times. No activities occurred during this time, and the group then headed to the basement under the stage level.

During their walk-through, the group found a way to access to the orchestra pit where both Karen and Michael both felt energy. Karen walked over to the left side of the pit as she felt there were a few spirits in the corner. Upon asking if anyone was there who wanted to say something, the K2 meter in her hand lit up several times – it didn’t respond to any other questions after. It was not known if the meter lit up due to paranormal activities or not.

After the orchestra pit, the group then continued over to the restaurant/business area of the building and observed things for a little while. After a few minutes, they went into the basement and did a quick walk through. No activities occurred during this time.

The group decided to head to the office side of the building on the second floor. They conducted an electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) session in the recording room area. During this time, Tony thought he heard on two occasions a voice whisper “back” or “bath” – no other members heard it, and no other activities occurred during this time. There was also a moment where Karen accidently kicked one of the large pipes that were on the ground and Tony thought someone said something at the time. See evidence CD for this EVP.

Heading back to the theater, all members made sure all of the seats were up so they could document if any of the seats would go down during the investigation. They then attempted an EVP session with a gentleman Michael picked up on in the back of the middle part of the floor level of the theater. No activities occurred during this time, and the group went to lower bathroom level in the lobby area, as well as the projection room/balcony. No activities occurred.

After seeing there were a few reels of film in the projection room, Noah and Michael tried to see if they could find a projector that worked (they would have used the power packs Noah brought to run the machines). Unfortunately, they were unsuccessful in trying to find one.

Returning to the theater at 11:34 pm, Tony thought he heard something move on the floor covering what was on the stage shortly after the group decided to take a break. It was possibly the movie screen they lowered, but this was not fully determined.

The group then went back up to the office level of the building around 12:05 am and conducted an EVP session. No activities occurred.

The group then decided to wrap up their first investigation around 1:25 a.m.


Office Area – 7:06 pm

A voice is captured on our audio recorders

Office Area – 8:03 pm

A voice is captured on our audio recorders

Project Room – 6:36 pm

A voice is captured after Jay speaks, saying “Hey”

Theatre – 8:31 pm

A voice is captured on our recorder, it appears to be saying “Lydia”


The Paradise is an excellent venue that is full of history. It also is quite an impressive building. Overall, I think many investigations could be conducted here. We hope we can continue to investigate the location in the future. Although some audio evidence was captured, right now we don’t have enough evidence to label this building haunted. Further investigations are necessary in order to collect a good body of evidence that would allow PIM to label this location haunted. PIM would like to thank Jay for going above and beyond to accommodate our investigation and look forward to our return trip to the Paradise.

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