At 6:52 PM, both Brandon and Deanna arrived at the investigation location, and were let in by the clients. Clients were packing for an overnight stay with friends. There was a short discussion of further claims experienced in the time between the initial walkthrough the team performed and the investigation.

The team brought in equipment, and at 6:55 PM Deanna took outside weather conditions using a Kestrel 3500 weather station. Deanna and Brandon then took baseline EMF (electromagnetic field) readings and indoor temperature readings. These were taken with a single-axis EMF MEL-8704R.

See Environmental Data

By 7:08 PM the clients had finished packing, and left the house. At this time, the team began to set out equipment for the investigation.

Due to the claims of seeing a figure in the library, a Sony AX53 4K video camera was placed in the Living Room covering the entire visible area of the library. An IR Illuminator was placed between the camera and the library, out of shot, and pointed at the ceiling, which spread its beam more evenly across the room. The camera was accompanied by a Zoom H1 audio recorder in a faraday cage, placed on the coffee table in the center of the room.

In the Library, within the frame of the Sony AX53 4K that was placed in the Living Room, the team placed a trigger object bank. This trigger object bank included Holy Water, a Holy Relic, and a Touch Flashlight.

In the Master Bedroom, a HausBell HD5052STR Video Camera was positioned, with a view of the entirety of the hallway. This was in an attempt to capture or debunking the lights seen by our clients on the stairs leading to the second floor. The Master Bedroom also contained a Zoom H1 Audio Recorder, set on the bed, in hopes to capture any of the disembodied voices or movements that are said to occur there.

The hallway, being covered by the HausBell Camera, housed an IR Illuminator as well as the PIM Platter.

The PIM Platter is a device of our own creation, being comprised of a circular plate with letters A-Z lining the outside edge; in the center of the plate is an easy-spun indicator pointing to a letter (much like the hand of a clock). The idea behind this piece of equipment is that it would allow the same word-spelling functionality of something like a Ouija board without contamination by participants having their hands on a planchet. If the indicator is shown to move and point to letters to spell out a word, it would be remarkable evidence to capture.

Placed on the half-wall atop the stairs on the 2nd Floor Landing was a Zoom H1 Audio Recorder.

Another Zoom H1 Audio Recorder was positioned at the foot of the basement stairs.

At 7:42 PM, after each piece of equipment had been placed, timestamps were recorded onto each device, and the investigation began.

It was noted that the Clients had a very important collection of ornaments on the tree in the center of the Library, which would make physically investigating this room prohibitively dangerous to their property. With this in mind, the placement of the Living Room camera was set to clearly include this room and the trigger object bank therein, but outside of setup no investigator entered this room.



7:54:27 PM – Living Room

Deanna and Brandon begin the investigation in the Living Room, Deanna seated in a chair and Brandon across from her on the couch. At this time the team began Control Silence, followed by an EVP session, introducing themselves as investigators and beginning to ask questions.

At 8:00 PM, Brandon, sitting where the clients in the same position as the client that had seen a light on the first floor stairwell landing, noticed car headlights passing along the same wall. The front windows of the house face out onto a fairly busy intersection and car headlight produce a bright, moving light that may explain what the clients’ experienced.

Shortly after this, Brandon notices a blinking blue light coming from the hallway, and moves to investigate, considering that whatever is causing this light may have also lent itself to moving lights on the staircase landing. However, upon further investigation, the light was discovered to be that of one of the cameras brought into the home by the team. This light was covered, along with small lights on a wireless router, and the EVP session was resumed.

End Time: 8:08:57 PM

8:09:25 PM – Master Bedroom

The team moved into the Master Bedroom, Deanna sitting on the edge of the bed. Brandon sat just outside of the Master Bedroom on the stairs to the second floor. Control Silence was started, but almost immediately, Deanna alerted Brandon to a bright light filled the room, starting from the nightstand. After a moment, the team realized there was an iPad sitting on the nightstand that was face up and had received a notification, and the iPad was turned over, so as to eliminate light contamination. The team restarted Control Silence, noting a smoke detector with a low battery chiming.

At 8:11 PM, the team began an EVP Session.

Shortly thereafter, at 8:12 PM, both team members heard what was described as either a light dragging sound or a vent closing. The team stayed silent to see if the noise would repeat itself, to no avail.

At 8:16 PM, a very faint sound was heard by Brandon described as mechanical, and rhythmic. The EVP Session continues with no further activity. The team ends the EVP Session and heads up to the second floor, and at this time, Brandon removed the battery from the chirping smoke detector.

End Time 8:21:06 PM

8:22:56 PM– 2nd Floor Bedroom

The team situated themselves in the 2nd Floor Bedroom, and began Control Silence. At 8:23 PM, an EVP Session is started.

About ten minutes into this session, at 8:32 PM, Brandon noted that as a car’s headlights could be seen reflected faintly in the lightly painted stairway as it was driving past the house – this could be another possible explanation for the activity experienced by the client in this area of the house.

At 8:43 PM, the EVP session is concluded and Deanna is sent downstairs to listen for noises from the 2nd Floor Bedroom. Brandon gently dropped a number of sturdy toys, to try to replicate claims from the clients of hearing them move while on the 1st Floor. These noises were not loud enough to be heard on the 1st Floor, and in the interest of not causing any damage to Client property, the test was concluded.

With Deanna still on the 1st Floor, Brandon then tapped on a vent in the floor of the hallway, with varying levels of force. Deanna confirmed that this was the sound that she had heard earlier in the evening from the 1st Floor’s Master Bedroom. Meaning that, in all likelihood, the sounds could have been any number of naturally explainable events, including wind from the outside of the house to expansion/contraction of the vents as they adjusted to temperature changes, as the heat had been switched off before our investigation began.

After this, Brandon returned to the 1st Floor, stopping on the stairs when he heard something he thought sounded like “breathing, but mechanical.” It was noted moments later that this sound was the refrigerator’s compressor preparing to kick in.

End Time 8:43:27 PM

8:45:12 PM– Living Room

Both Deanna and Brandon find seats in the Living Room to begin an EVP Session, however, they are interrupted by the realization that there is an ambulance three doors down from the house with its lights on, shining in from the Library window.

This allowed the team to debunk a Client claim of seeing a shadowy humanoid shape that seemed to move left to right in the Library from the corner of their eye. The lights from the emergency vehicle were at an angle allowing them to backlight a neighbor’s tree and cast a very humanoid shadow onto the exterior window.

When looking straight ahead from the couch and using peripheral vision to view the shadow, it would definitely look like a person, and given that this street is tucked back into the neighborhood, it would be infrequent enough of an occurrence to seem noteworthy.

At 8:49 PM, the team began an EVP Session in the Living Room.

After fifteen minutes into the session, at 9:04 PM, Deanna heard what she described as a cat, but also remarked it could have also been the refrigerator. This noise was not heard by Brandon, seated in the same room.

At 9:07 PM, both investigators heard a slight shifting noise from the Library, however, this was very quiet and only occurred once.

Shortly thereafter, at 9:28 PM, Deanna reported hearing something akin to a cat jumping from the kitchen table to the kitchen floor – however, this noise was not heard by Brandon who was seated within ten feet of her.

At this time, Deanna moved into the Kitchen to further investigate the noises therein that may be echoing strangely into the living room, leading to misinterpretation. To help validate and compare sounds heard previously, Brandon moved into the seat Deanna had been occupying before her move to the Kitchen.

Then, at 9:32, both investigators heard a sound that was described as someone sitting on the leather couch. However, this was the place that Brandon had just moved from, and the furniture itself may have been settling.

A sudden, consistent noise came from the Library starting at 9:34 PM, and was heard by both investigators clearly. After a moment Brandon noted that this was simply an external harddrive attached to the computer in that room, spinning up.

With no further activity, the team concluded their EVP Session at 9:49 PM, moving back to the 2nd Floor.

End Time: 9:49:11 PM

9:50:51 PM– 2nd Floor Bedroom

The team took seats in the 2nd Floor Bedroom and began a short Control Silence, noting traffic sounds had increased in their time on the 1st Floor.

After this, Brandon remarks on a “fresh” scent that had wafted into the room, leaving to try to find the source of the scent. Realizing that the scent is consistently strongest in one area of the second floor landing, it was assumed that there was some form of air freshener nearby, although one was not found explicitly.

The investigators began their EVP Session at 9:55 PM, focusing on trying to get any presence in the house to move toys or make sounds in the environment.

With no activity, other than passing cars, the team concluded their EVP Session at 10:19 PM, moving back to the 1st Floor.

Ending Time: 10:19:40 PM

10:21:33 PM– Master Bedroom

Before moving on to another EVP Session, the team decided to investigate claims of someone sitting on the end of the bed when both Clients were either in it or alone in the house. To test this, Deanna sat on the side of the bed closest to the door, and closed her eyes — trying to determine each time Brandon sat down on the other end of the bed. This process was continued in a few variations, and it was determined that the mattress’ lack of movement transfer made it nearly impossible to tell when someone else moved on the bed. In this instance, the investigators were completely unable to replicate the claims.

The investigators began another EVP Session in the Master Bedroom at 10:26 PM. Almost immediately, Brandon heard a noise like a slight movement from the Library. This was noted and the team requested for this to be repeated.

At 10:28 PM, a similar noise was heard, again from the Library. At this time Brandon moved to the Living Room to try to hear the noise more clearly if it occured again, with Deanna still in the Master Bedroom to validate the noise being similar to the original. However, the noise was not heard again.

Given the position within the house was the same as when the investigators originally heard a noise determined to be the ventilation system, it stands to reason that this could have been the same effect being heard again.

The EVP Session was suspended to allow Deanna to move into the Living Room as well.

Ending Time: 10:41:45 PM

10:42:33 PM– Living Room

The team continued their EVP Session at 10:42 PM in the living room, requesting further noises and even complimenting the house’s items (as the Clients are collectors of antiques and believe that there may be a connection between their items and their experiences).

The investigators noted again that headlights were a common sight, moving in the hallway between the Kitchen and Living Room, however no further activity occurred.

The team concluded their investigation at 10:55 PM, packing up equipment and leaving the house locked.


PIM would like to thank our clients for allowing us into their lovely home, and for approaching their experiences calmly, by documenting them consistently and reaching out to us. It was a pleasure to work with them, and we hope to be able to continue working with them in the future. Unfortunately, we were not able to document any paranormal activity during our investigation. However, we were able to provide some possible natural causes for some of the claims in the building in hopes that some of their questions have been answered.

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