Several students from a class Noah taught would be included in the investigation.

Noah arrived at the location at 6:45 pm and Stephanie arrived at the location at 6:50 pm. Students from Noah’s class also arrived around the same time. The client, a past student of Noah’s, let us in and allowed us to set up base camp in a 1st floor room. The group brought in their equipment and began setting up. One student took environmental readings outside while the client and two others walked around getting the EMF and temperature readings within the building.

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During set up the client told us about the claims of activity and Noah went through with the students how we would be investigating and doing EVP sessions. He also answered questions about the equipment being used. Noah also discussed PIM’s new “Trigger Object” kit that would also be used during that night’s investigation.

The group also discussed possible explanations for the activity listed below. The shadow person seen in the auditorium seating area could have been just shadow play. The woman’s voice heard in the basement could have been someone outside but the voice came from within the basement area according to the client and was also caught on a voice recorder. The computer could have been going into hibernation which caused the screen to come on and then go off by itself.

At 9:00 pm, we split into two groups, one lead by Noah and the other lead by Stephanie and headed to different locations to start investigating.

Claims of Activity

  • A woman’s voice has been heard in the basement
  • A shadow figure has been seen sitting in the auditorium seats and someone has also been touched while on the stage
  • Footsteps have been heard on the first floor and in the attic
  • A computer on the 3rd floor went on and off by itself at the same time someone heard footsteps


3rd Floor (Attic) – 9:15 pm

Stephanie’s group – The group and the client situated themselves in the attic which is a catwalk to the light booth above the auditorium. The group observed 5 minutes of silence to get accustomed to the natural sounds of the building. We started an EVP session and at 9:27 pm, the group asked for a knock and received a good solid knocking noise. At 9:29 pm, another knock was heard and at the same time our EMF detector spiked to a 1.47 without explanation. At 9:30 pm, the new batteries in the EMF detector drained.

The group noted the sound of doors closing and men talking which turned out to be Noah’s group investigating noises they heard coming from the gymnasium. At 9:46 pm, the group heard a very loud bang noise come from within the gym. Stephanie radioed Noah and asked if they were still in the gym and if they heard the bang, they did not hear it but him and another group member checked it out. They couldn’t replicate the noise heard by banging on the bleachers and slamming doors, we couldn’t explain it. We ended the EVP session in this area and the group moved to a new location.

END TIME: 9:59 pm

Basement – 9:13 pm

Noah’s group – The group situated themselves throughout the basement. The group observed 5 minutes of controlled silence to get used to the natural noises in the building. At 9:25 pm, the group started an EVP session. It was noted at 9:26 pm, there was a noise that sounded like a toilet flushing. There was a lot of water noise in the basement area along with water pipes.

At 9:37 pm, Noah heard eight distinct footsteps which came from above them in the gymnasium. Noah and a group member went up to make sure there wasn’t anyone up there. They couldn’t find an explanation. At 9:46 pm, they heard a noise that sounded like a metal gate swinging closed; it was later explained as something from the heating/cooling ducts. Shortly after the noise was heard, Stephanie radioed Noah asking if they had heard a noise that sounded like a door being slammed. No one in Noah’s group had heard that so Noah and another group member went back into the gym to see if they could find a reason for the noise. Noah tried multiple things to try and replicate the noise but nothing sounded the same. Noah and the other group member went back downstairs to continue the investigation.

At 9:57 pm there was a noise heard that sounded like a muffled popping noise. After a few more minutes Noah radioed Stephanie and the groups met back at base camp.

END TIME: 9:59 pm

Basement – 10:10 pm

Stephanie’s group – The group spread out and observed 5 minutes of silence. After the control silence was concluded, they began an EVP session. One of the group members felt as if something poked her leg at 10:14 pm. She wasn’t sure if it was a muscle spasm because there wasn’t anything near her. At 10:16 pm, the client noted that she felt a tingling sensation on the back of her head, we checked for spider webs but none were found around her.

At 9:24 pm, the client felt a tingle from her shoulder down to her elbow; again, nothing was around her. At 10:26 pm, it was noted that there was a muffled bang. At that same time, Noah radioed Stephanie that there were fireworks going off. No other activity was reported and the group met Noah’s team after he radioed Stephanie to meet his team at base camp.

END TIME: 10:50 pm

Auditorium – 10:11 pm

Noah’s Group – After the group got situated an EVP session was started at 10:15 pm. It was noted that someone heard what sounded like a three syllable word at 10:16 pm. The group moved to the attic area at 10:35 pm and started an EVP session that lasted until 10:45 pm. No activity was noted.

The group decided to go to the room on the 3rd floor where there were claims of a computer turning on by itself. The group situated itself and again started an EVP session. There wasn’t any activity noted and the group wrapped it up and headed back to base camp to meet Stephanie’s group for a break.

END TIME: 10:49 pm

Everyone took a break to use the restroom and get something to drink. The group then discussed the investigation to this point, and decided to finish the investigation as one large group.

3rd Floor Hallway – 11:28 pm

All Groups – The group situated themselves throughout the hallway and started an EVP session at 11:30 pm. No activity occurred so the group decided to head to the auditorium at 11:41 pm.

Once at the auditorium, the group got situated and they realized that the light ball was unplugged from the wall. The group tried to see if the plug came loose and fell out of the wall socket or if someone accidentally kicked the cord. No one thought they had tripped on the cord, but upon review of the video it was noted that someone from the group had in fact tripped on the cord unplugging it.

The group then started an EVP session at 11:45 pm. At 11:47 pm, the geophone went off and there was an unexplained noise which sounded like a low grumble. Again the geophone went off and there was also a bang sound heard. No other events occurred and the group decided to head to the basement for one last EVP session.

After the group sat in silence for about five minutes they started an EVP session at 12:00 am. There wasn’t any noted activity and they wrapped up the nights investigation.

END TIME: 12:07 am

Everyone helped gather equipment and they started breaking everything down and returning things back to the way they were found. The client was notified we were done, she was thanked, and the group left.


No activity was captured during the investigation.

This was PIM’s first visit to this location and hopefully not the last. We were in this location because of Noah’s classes he teaches at the WAWM Recreational Department. This was the classes’ last “lesson” and was a perfect location as the client was a past student of Noah’s.

PIM would like to stress that the activity at the school is not threatening and nothing there should be feared by any of the employees or students there. PIM believes this location has great claims and we had things happen while we were there that couldn’t be explained but overall the activity is low.

PIM would like to thank those who made this investigation possible and would be happy to come back to do a follow-up investigation at a later date.

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